Kahani Hamari 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Gauri goes to her home and knocks, but a stranger opens door. She asks him where is her mother. He says he bought the house 2 days ago. She calls mom and informs that a man is not letting her in. Mom says she is coming there right now and meets her. Gauri asks what is happening and why is she wearing uniform. Mom says she sold this house to pawn broker and says since Akshay needed 15 lakhs and since pawn broker was giving 5 lakhs for jewelry, she sold house. She says once Akshay’s business blooms, their problems will be solved. Gauri tells bhai betrayed them and tells all the incidents happened in Goa. They both hug and cry. Mom continues, Gauri consoles her and says they will start afresh. Mom says she is working in a house as maid and she is sure her boss will agree to let

her stay in servant quarters.

Mom takes Gauri to Raheja house and walks towards her servant quarters. Shivin comes next. Mom takes Gauri to room and says she will inform Aarti madam and she is sure madam will let her stay here. She gives letter to Gauri. Gauri gets happy seeing college letter and says this is one of India’s prestigious college and she wants admission in this college. She reads letter and gets dissappointed that she did not get select as she needs 100% scholarship, which college does not give. Mom consoles her.

Mom goes to Aarti’s room and does not find her. Head cook informs her that madam is busy with family and cannot meet her. Mom says her daughter has come and she needs permission to let her daughter stay in servant quarters.

Aarti is sitting in a hall with Prerna and Inder. Shivin comes and says he needs to talk to dad. Prerna says he is busy and he should go and rest. He insists. Inder asks what is it now. Shivin says he wants to discuss about his engagement. Inder says Kia is a good girl and they got huge profits in business after engagement news, warns him to not do mistake he did in Goa and says clients are coming, so he and Aarti should go and rest in their rooms. Shivin walks towards his room.

Shivin goes to his room and thinks if Gauri would have been there, she would have handled the situation and cheered him up. Gauri also thinks same in servant quarters.

Precap: Cook tells Gauri’s mom she cannot keep Gauri in servant quarters. Prerna passes by and shouts that poor people give birth to children like animals and force them on everyone. Shivin sees Gauri’s hair and senses her presence.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think this story is just like a korien drama i watched a long time ago.which will continued as hero’s father help the heroin to get admission the school and make her a commitment to him after knowing his son’s interest in that girl and opposes their relation later the hero after he refused to his dads proposal he decided to stay the heroin side his original maa is also his side after some time and in other hand other hero also fell in love with the girl and will become a triangle I think this story is also leading in this way……..its jus my opinion

    1. yeah it is that concept but make me clear with whom the heroin get combined with the first hero or the second one

    2. today’s epi was nice
      PRECAP shivin save gauri and her mother from your so called mom’s taunts

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