Kahani Hamari 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kahani Hamari 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivin takes Gauri aside and says what she saw is not true. She asks what. He says he and Kia are not couple. Kia comes and asks what.. Villagers come and drag them for premarriage rituals. They ask Ahan and Aishwarya to play antakshari and ask Shivin and Gauri to accompany them as they are next couple. Shivin and Gauri agree. Kia asks Ahan how can he sit with Gauri. Shivin says he is doing thisto save them. They all sit for antakshari. Aishwarya sings followed by Ahan. Kia sings next followed by Shivin and Gauri. Antakshari continues.

Shivin sees inebriated man and guard stopping him from entering. He goes and asks man to give him some liquor as he wants to celebrate his friend’s marriage. He gives bhang tablets. Shivin silently mixes bhang tablets in juice and goes back and sits silently. Servant serves drinks and Shivin signals his friends not to drink, but Kia drinks along with villagers and falls down inebriated. Shivin tells friends let us go now. Gauri says her bag is in room. Ahan runs to bring bag and sees Aishwarya there. He tells her whole story and says he does not love he and came here accidently and cannot marry her. She stands sadly while he runs out.

Shivin and friends come out of village, but village head catches them on gunpoint. Aihswarya interferes and requests her father to let them go as Ahan does not love him and without love, she will not marry him. Father leaves them and they all rush out thanking Aishwarya. Ahan and Kia says let us go home now. Shivin says they can go as he will drop Gauri home. Ahan asks why him. Gauri says she came alone and will go alone. Inder calls Shivin, shouts and then says he is sending car at airport and reach soon. Shivin gets into car with Kia and Ahan leaves in his car. Gauri stands seeing them going.

Precap: Gauri reaches home and sees someone else than her mother. Man says he bought this house 2 days ago.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Its going exactly like the korean drama…and that’s great….and i love shivin and ahan too…
    friends..can anyone tell me how to write a fanfiction …i want to write it on KH…plzz??

    1. Dear go the menu which us on the top of this page and u will see the option of submit ur article just click on that fill ur details and write the part there and then upload…
      If u get any problem do tell me

      1. Thankyou khushiji….thankyou very much….and i really hope your support

      2. U r welcome deepu….and don’t need to say ji……yr we all r same just call me khushi…..and plz do inform me about ur ff I will definitely read it

    2. Korean drama can u tell me the name that korean drama?

      1. The Heirs

  2. The name is heirs

  3. epi was nice but when this kia will quit i don’t want to saw her with shivin

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