Kahani Hamari 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kahani Hamari 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aishwarya’s mother tells Ahan and his friends that Ahan will become village head after marrying Aishwarya and will be in village forever. Ahan and everyone are shocked. They are shown rooms to get ready. Boys give Ahan and Shivin kurta pajama and girls give Kia and Gauri Maharastran saris.

Ahan starts blaming Shivin that he is in trouble because of him. Their argument starts. Shivin removes his shirt to wear kurta. Ahan throws kurta from window. Girls come to Kia and Gauri’s room and seeing them in maharastrian saris say they are looking beautiful. They ask them to come out soon and leave. Kia starts showing her tantrums and yells at Gauri that they would have escaped, but she did not let her go. Gauri says in this critical situation, even strangers help, being

Ahan’s friend how can she think of leaving him alone.

Shivin goes out and clashes with Gauri. They both say sorry. He asks how is she. She says he remembered her after a long time. He says they did not meet after she left from his house without informing. Their chat continues. He picks kurta from floor. Gauri walks away. Kia comes and asks Shivin how is she looking. Shivin gets irritated seeing her and says he has to change. She comes near him closing her eyes, trying to kiss him. Ahan gets tensed. He sees Gauri passing by and pushes her. Kia shouts what the hell, how can he push her during their intimate moment. Gauri says sorry and leaves. Kia says Shivin she loves him more now and will wait for their intimate moment. Shivin leaves angrily and entes room and clashes with gauri again. They both fall on floor. Mere sanam re tera hua re….song…plays in the background. Girls enter and they get up shyingly. Girls joke it is someone else’s marriage and they are romancing here. They both leave embarrassed.

Aishwarya comes to Ahan’s room with food. Ahan says he is not hungry and gets irritated. Aishwarya she is not beautiful and nobody dares to tell that as everyone are afraid of his father. She continues expressing her love and Ahan gets irritated. Her father comes and warns Ahan that he does not want to see tears in his daughter’s life and will kill him if he troubles her.

Gauri sits with girls. Girls asks if she and Shivin are married. Shivin comes and calls her. Girls joke that he cannot stay away from her even for a min. Gauri gets embarrassed.

Precap: Shivin takes Gauri aside and says there is nothing between Kia and him. Kia hears and shouts Shivin.

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  1. Shivin and gauri…love their part …floor romance….
    what will be the next???

  2. Shivin and gauri looks good but actually shan is also nice

  3. Watching this serial just for Karan wahi and the romantic track between shivin and gauri….. Only think I feel the serial is missing is the pace to move forward soon and not showing the main characters so much and their kahaani ☺️☺️

  4. today’s best thing shivin and gauri’s scenes epi was good only because of them

  5. I love Karan Wahi. So good to see him back in fiction after such a long time. This is such a great show. Dont know why its not popular!

    1. because it’s story is taken from a korean serial which many had seen

  6. Nice episode

  7. Nice episode

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