Kahani Hamari 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kahani Hamari 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivin, Ahan, Gauri and Kia escape from goons and rush in car. Car’s petrol gets over and it stops. They get out of car and run in jungle. Goons see car empty and run in jungle searching them.

Aarti tries to explain Inder about Shefali’s plan of destroying him, but he yells that she hates Prerna, so she is trying to break Kia and Shivin’s alliance which Prerna fixed. Aarti says Jagmohan is behind Shefali, but Inder even being a business tycoon acts dumb and asks her to go to her room and cut this topic right there.

Goons continue searching Shivin and friends in jungle. Ahan asks Kia to give her jacket to divert goon’s attention. She says it is custom made jacket and she will not give it. Gauri tears her frock piece and gives it to him. He sticks it on

tree in opposite direction and they all run. Goons see cloth on tree and run in opposite direction. All 4 find a dirt and make footsteps all around to confuse goons. Goons get confused.

Aarti asks maid if she really heard Shefali talking to Jagmohan and describing her plan. Maid says yes.

Shivin and friends get tired running in jungle. Kia says she will save them and via her mobile GPS says there is village 3 km away from here. They reach near village, but Ahan yells where is village. They all 3 smile. He asks why are they smiling, turns and clashes with a village woman and falls on her. Woman gets shy seeing him over her. Woman’s parents and few villagers come. Pandit says woman’s bad luck is over after getting her married to a mango tree and now she got a man to marry. Father says Ahan he has to marry his daughter Aishwarya. Kia jokes that her personality and name does not match. Ahan resists, but father who is also head of village warns with dire consequenes and orders his armed men to capture Ahan. Shivin says he will convince Ahan to marry Aishwarya. Marriage arrangements start in the evening. Gauri tells woman’s mother that she should not force Ahan to marry Aishwarya and they came here by mistake escaping from goons. Mother says nobody can touch them as their village head was a dacoit and will slit goon’s neck. They all 4 get afraid.

Precap: Ahan yells at Shivin that he plotted against him and is tricking him to marry fat woman.

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  1. Hope gauri will help ahan to escape from the marriage…and then he will start to fall for gauri..
    no regular comments:(

  2. this season is good
    radhika manu story was unbearable
    stupid story

    1. but madhav and manu’s story were just awesome their friendship and love was so good

  3. yar yeh kya pange shuro kr die hain hm gauri aur shivin k scene dekhna chahate hain jo kia ki presence tk impossible hain oopr se yeh aahan wala pnga finish it yar

  4. Good that it is based on heirs!! So Lee min ho’s role is played by Karan wahi,Shin hye is gauri and kim woo bin is aahan!!! Great!!
    Kyy was also based on boys over flowers but there were many chnges in the serial!! Wish they keep kahaani hamari short and sweet jus lyk heirs without much change 🙂

  5. Awesome episode

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