Kahani Hamari 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kahani Hamari 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Goons kidnap Kia and escape in car. Shivin tries to confront , but Ahan stops him. Shivin asks why did he stop him. Ahan says if they follow goons, they can free both Gauri and Kia. Shivin asks Ahan to sit in his car, but Ahan says no and gets into his car. Shivin sits with him. They both follow goon’s car verbally arguing with each other. Kia starts shouting at goons that they spoilt her make up, etc. Goons stop car and show her gun and she sits silently. Ahan and Shivin continue their fights and follow goons. Goons reach their den and drag Kia in.

Boss plays mandolin. Kia yells he is a bad musician and is troubling everyone. Boss ays he needs her, else he would have shot her. He asks his 2 goons to dump her in room until they sell her with other girls to Dubai customer. She is locked in with Gauri and other girl. Gauri tries to free her, but she starts yelling to stay away from her, she is Kia Kapoor, etc.. Another girl hits Kia’s head with stick and she falls unconscious. Goons hears her shout and open door, but find her sleeping. They go back. Kia gets up again to shout, but girl hits her again and she fall unconscious. They then sprinkle water on her face and she wakes up and tries to shout. Gauri shuts her mouth and says they have to get out from there.

Two goons’ jokergiri continues. Boss sends them out to get more girls. They go out and touch each other inappropriately. Shivin and Ahan realize they are homo goons. Goons leave in car and Shivin/Ahan follow them again.

Gauri breaks window and tells girls they have to escape. Kia continues showing attitude. Other girl confronts, but Gauri calms her and says she will help Kia get out.

Ahan and Shivin continue following goons and Shivin says they have to go back and try to free Gauri and Kia. They see burqa clad women and think of going to goon’s den wearing burqa.

Precap: Ahan and Shivin enter goon’s den wearing burqa as girls. Homo goons inform boss that girls escaped, but they have burqa girl with them.

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