Kahani Hamari 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kahani Hamari 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivin gets his dad Inder’s call who asks if he liked his engagement surprise and asks him to reach home soon for official engagement, he will find ticket in airport. Gauri walks in dhaba waiting for bus when 2 goons ask her some address. She says she is new to Goa and is not a localite. Goons kidnap her. Shivin and Ahan’s friend Natasha who is in same dhaba thinks she should reunite Ahan and Shivin, clicks her pic, and tags it with Shivin and Ahan’s pic on facebook. Ahan gets facebook alert and sees Gauri being kidnapped in the background. He murmurs that Gauri always finds trouble for herself and rushes towards dhaba.

Gauri is brought to kidnapper’s den where their boss does some jokergiri and kills somone. Goons say they caught a girl who is not a localite.

Boss says he will sell Gauri in brothel and if she resists will send to some cheap pimp who will sell her after satisfying himself and so on, says she will be sold along with 3 other girls. Goons take her to a room where other girls are tied and sees 2 girls missing. Boss scolds them and orders to find or kidnap 2 girls at any cost.

Shivin is driving car with Kia and gets Natasha’s facebook alert. Kia sees Ahan and Shivin’s pic with Natasha and asks who is this. He says his friend. She starts yelling and showing possessiveness for him. He sees Gauri being kidnapped in background and says he will take her to dhaba. She gets happy. He stops at dhaba and says he will bring water and then goes to paan shop. Kia thinks he is buying her mouth freshner for their first kiss and happily applies lipstick. Ahan also comes there and asks Shivin what is he doing here. Shivin says he knows the reason. Their argument starts. Shivin asks paan wala if he saw someone kidnapping a girl. Paanwala says he did not and does overacting. Ahan sees Kia being kidnapped and taunts Shivin that his girlfriend is being kidnapped and he is worried about other girl. Shivin sees goons dragging Kia and tries to rush, but Ahan holds him. Goons kidnap Kia and escape in car. Shivin scolds Ahan why did he stop him.

Precap: Shivin calls his dad for help. Ahan taunts that he is taking dad’s help now and starts fighting. Shivin says it is not a time to fight and asks if he is with him or not. Gauri tells kidnapped girl that they should escape from here. Kia is brought there.

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  1. nice episode waiting for next eagerly if any one see korean serial the heirs then tell me with whom gauri will paired

    1. According to korean serial “the heirs”.. gauri will pair with shivin…
      but we can expect more rwist and turns from our hindi serial

      1. thanks deepu what ever the twists r but i want shivin and gauri to be paired

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