Kahani Hamari 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shivin and Ahan continue fighting in Goon’s den. Inder and Shefali call Shivin and Kia, but their phones are not reachable. Wadera calls Shefali and she disconnects it. She goes out and scolds Wadera over phone that to help his lame plan, she risked her daughter’s life. She accepted for this alliance to destory Inder’s business. If something happens to Kia, she will expose him.

Maid hears Shefali’s plan and informs Aarti that Shefali along with Wadera trying to destroy Inder’s business via this alliance. Aarti asks if she is lying. Maid says why will she lie, she is a loyal employee of this house.

Shivin and Ahan’s jokergiri continues. Ahan says Shivin is his enemy and he wants to beat him before goon kills him. He starts fighting and snatches boss’s gun. He keeps it on boss’s forehead and orders goons to back off and let them go. Gauri plays police siren on her mobile and goons panic and run. Shivin and Ahan see Gauri and Kia outside near window and shout why did they come back. Goons see them and start following them. They all 4 run in car and goons follow them.

Aarti informs Inder about Shefali and Jagmohan Wadera’s plan, but he yells at her and asks who informed her. She says their maid. He shouts he did not think she is so dumb to listen to Maid. Maid tries to speak, but he shouts and asks her not to interfere in this family issues and orders to get out from there. Aarti tries to explain him, but he gets adamant.

Shivin, Ahan, Gauri and Kia rush in car. Shivin and Ahan’s fight starts again. Shivin says they should take highway, but Ahan says he knows that he is doing. Their argument continues and car fuel gets over and car stops.

Precap: Aarti tells Inder if termites attack, even a strong wall falls down. He should breaks Shivin and Kia’s alliance which Prerna fixed. Inder says he fixed this alliance and not Prerna.

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  2. Is this story really based on kDrama The Heirs??? I read it in wikipedia!! If so it wuld b grt!!

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