Kahani Hamari 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kahani Hamari 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inebriated Gauri starts crying. Ahan asks what happened now. She says she is hungry. He takes her to roadside dhaba. She asks if it is restaurant or dhaba. He asks if she cannot see around. She says dhaba. They both sit and waiter tells them long list of menu. She asks to bring everything. He says they are not ordering for everyone present around. She insists and he orders everything. She then runs and vomits near an ambulance. She hears dead body sneezing and infroms Ahan. Crowd gathers. Driver and his assistant says how can it be, they brought dead body from Mumbai and try to disperse crowd. Crowd talk that they should not listen to alcholic girl. Deadbody sneezes. Ahan with crowd catches gdriver and assistant and hand them over to police.

Ahan and Gauri continue walking then and she says she will go to bus stop now. He says he will drop her. She says she will go, checks her bag and does not find her ganapati idol. She says she will get it back from Shivin’s house. Ahan asks if she knows where Shivin’s house is. She acts confused. He shows her Shivin’s house. She goes in and searches idol, but does not find it, thinks Shivin needs bappa more than her and walks out. Security guard runs behind her and they both run.

Inebriated Gauri’s drama continues. She sits on road and makes him also sit on road. Guard comes and catches them again. Ahan takes guard aside and in lieu of talking pushes him and thye both run agian. They find someone’s open car and steal it. Gauri continues her jokergiri. Police checkpost comes and Gauri shouts they are not thieves. Inspector stops and books them for drunken driving and gets them into jeep. They run again a speed up in car. Gauri’s jokergiri continues and falls asleep. He takes her to a nearby bench and makes her sleep on it. In the morning, she wakes up and shouts what is he doing with her and why is she here. He asks if she does not remember anything. She says no and continues shouting at him.

Precap: Ria shows Gauri’s frock to Shivin and asks what is it. He says it is maid’s. She burns it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. todays epi was ok can’t understand what the writers up to did they want to combine shivin and gauri or gauri and ahaan i like the first jodi and also the clips of manu and madhav are seen by her when she is with shivin and in today’s whole epi gauri was with ahaan but when they seperate the cameras were such like that they have to meet again while i want to see shivin and gauri’s scenes instead of that ahaan and gauri

  2. its a copy of Korean series “The Heirs”. Please be innovative next time.

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