Kahani Hamari 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Don Pedro points gun at Akshay and asks Gauri to give him money packet. Akshay requests her to give money, else don will kill him. Gauri gives money and don leaves. Gauri asks her brother not to return in their life as they cannot bear his lies again. She walks away. Shivin angrily looks at Akshay and leaves. Gauri walks on road reminiscing her brother’s betrayal with Shivin following her. A speeding car rushes towards her and Ahan rescues her. He tries to hit Shivin again, but Gauri asks him to stay away from Shivin. Ahan says Shivin is untrustable. Shivin takes Gauri back to his home.

Shivin’s mom on news sees Inder announcing Shivin’s marriage to his business partner’s daughter Priya and thinks how can he take decision without her consent. Servant

asks if she happy hearing this good news. Mom shouts and warns her to be in her limits. Servant thinks why madam is so angry instead of being happy.

Priya tries to call Shivin, but his phone is not reachable. She calls her mom and complains. Mom asks her to see her sent clip. She sees Inder announcing Shivin’s marriage with her and happily thanks mom. Mom says she knows she loves Shivin. Priya asks if Shivin agreed for this alliance. Mom says yes. Priya continues thanking mom.

Shivin asks Gauri her name. She says she forgot to tell him and says she is Gauri. He goes to bring water for her. She finds his written peoms on table and reads it. He comes back and she asks if he does poetry also. He says he just express his emotions. She says why Ahan is angry on him. He says he got misunderstood and only he will calm him down. Gauri says Ahan is awalys angry and does not want to listen. Shivin stands silently. She says she will go home now. He says it is midnight and she will not get any bus now, she should wait till morning. She says it is good, mom will know about brother’s betrayal late.

Shivin’s mom walks into Inder’s room where he and his first wife are busy talking. First wife congratulates mom for Shivin’s alliance and feeds her sweets. Mom says she is happy as Shivin’s life will settle. Inder says it is good she did not overreact. Mom says in front of world they are Shivin’s parents. Inder leaves. First wife taunts mom that she knows she is acting. Mom says she is happy instead and reminds her that she did wrong by forcing her to give Ahan’s mom’s letter to media and made Shivin hate her. First wife fumes.

Ahan walks on road inebriated and reminisces Gauri and Shivin’s proximity. He thinks he will find out who that girl is and why she is so close to Shivin. His friend comes on bike and says they will party tonight and leave for Mumbai in the morning. Ahan says he will ride now itself. Friend says it is dangerous to drink and drive. Ahan reminisces Shivin driving when he is drunk.

Precap: Shivin jumps in swimming pool and asks Gauri to jump in. She says no but slips and falls. He holds her and their eyes lock.

Update Credit to: MA

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