Kahani Hamari 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kahani Hamari 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aarti gets worried for Shivin and cries. Shivin comes and says she does not have to cry and he realized it is She comes out in hall. Prerna taunts some people are shameless. Shivin comes and tells Inder that he does not want to marry Kia as he loves someone else. Prerna says he should not tells it is maid’s daughter. Shivin says her name is Gauri and he loves her. He knows she may not come back, but he will wait for her. Prerna starts yelling at Aarti. Shivin warns her not to blame mom.

In the morning, Aarti sees frontpage news about Inder’s illegitimate affair with Aarti and their illegitimate child Shivin. She shouts. Shivin, Aarti, and Inder gather. She shows newspaper to Inder and starts blaming Gauri to spread this news.

Jagmohan congratulates Ahan for spreading this news in media and says his son is a step ahead

Prerna then starts blaming Aarti for spready news and says she has to go out of this house. Shivin says Inder if he can believe mom can do this. Inder says he does not have any other option. Shivin says he will also leave this house if mom leaves. Prerna continues throwing tantrums. Aarti falls unconscious. Doc checks her and says she got a mild heart attack and should be taken care well. Inder holds Aarti’s hand and cries that he cannot live without her. Shivin sees this.

Jagmohan informs Ahan that with his news, Inder’s muse got a heart attack and is on her dead bed, he prays that she dies soon. Ahan asks how can he think like this. Jagmohan says again that his son is more ahead in taking revenge. Ahan feels guilty and thinks of calling Shivin, but then thinks when Shivin did not apologize, why should he. Shivin comes there and says he did not give his mom’s elopment news, but will try his best to bring her back, at leaast with that his mom may get well. Ahan asks if he really did not spready his mom’s elopment news. Shivin says no and leaves. Ahan feels much guilty.

Precap: During Shivin’s engagemet, Ahan tells Shivin that he should cancel this engagemnet as his dad with Shefali plans to destroy Rajichand family. Kia says Ahan is lying. Ahan’s mom comes and says Ahan is telling truth.

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  1. Yashal

    So cooooooool

  2. now its cool

  3. Krissan barreto disgusting act.she is irretating just the way she did in kaisi yeh yaariaan.

  4. So sad this show is going off air soon…I won’t be able to see shivin…

  5. So good track

  6. Episode was good due to confession of shivin’s love for gauri,care of his father for his mother and shivin’s and aahan’s patch up hope that now they will not fight for gauri and aahan also knows that shivin has feelings for gauri
    Precap is good this will save shivin and his family from Kia and aahan’s father jugmohan

    1. The episode was good because of shivin and his mother’s patch up too

  7. Thanks for the update MA

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