Kahani Hamari 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kahani Hamari 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shivin reaches college and gets out of his car. Kia joins him. Ahan looks at Shivin and smirks. Dean takes their first class and gives all students a test. He asks one student to college everyone’s answer sheets. Ahan draws puppet on answer sheet. He collects everyone’s answer sheets and writes his roll number on Shivin’s sheet. Dean sees answer sheet and scolds Shivin. Ahan smirks and thinks he will see till when Shivin will maintain his patience.

Shefali comes to Raichand house to discuss about Shivin and Kia’s engagement. Prerna says they will keep it low profile. Shefali thanks god and thinks she does not have money to spend on lavish party. Prerna says engagement will be after 5 days as they decided. Aarti hears her conversation and confronts how can she fix her son’s engagement without her knowledge. Their argument starts. Inder enters and asks them to keep quiet. Aarti goes to her room and picks phone to call Shivin. Inder enters and Aarti says she will not let anyone ruin her son’s life. Prerna enters with Mangal singh cook and says waitress for whom Shivin fought with Ahan is Aarti’s maid’s daughter and Aarti wants Shivin to marry maid instead and is planning to break Kia and Shivin’s engagement.

During next class, teacher asks all students to make house model. Everyone makes model and Shivin makes a beautiful one. Teacher asks everyone cover their model till Dean comes and sees it. Shivin gets Aarit’s call and moves aside. Aarti asks what will he have in dinner. He asks she called him just to ask that. Dean comes and asks Shivin to show his model. Shivin removes cloth and sees broken model. Dean yells at him continuously and shouts he will restrict him if he makes mistake again.

Prerna shows saris to Aarti and taunts that she may not need them as she does not go out of house and even will not attend engagement, says she is hiding such a big secret from her son that his engagement is after 5 days. Shivin enters and stands in a shock.

Precap: Kia decorates class room to celebrate Shivin’s birthday. Ahan ruins everything. Shivin comes and catches him red handed.

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  1. Ooshi Akbar

    where’s gauri didn’t she know that they had class tests or do she left the college missing her and shivin scenes and aahan his character is becoming too bad and shivin is tolerating his deeds and having scolding from dean for the pranks aahan playing with him all over not a good episode

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