Kahani Hamari 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Gauri stands near swimming pool. Shivin comes and says he was searching her in whole house, she can call her mom, he will get her tomorrow’s ticket. She says not so soon without money. He says her brother will not return that money as goons must have snatched it or he must have spent it, money is not everything. She says that money is her mom’s hard earned money and they saved it since 5 years, she did not go to regular college and did odd jobs. He says he will drop her tomorrow. She shouts to stop acting as good, when he can betray his friend, he can betray her. He says she should not comments on something she does not know about. She says he is right, she is betrayed by her own brother and does not know what to do. He says he can understand says he will help her as she is

doing it for her mother. She thinks he is not that bad.

Shivin reminisces his good days with Ahan and gets sad. She brings coffee and says she cannot make good coffee like him, but he needs it. He thanks her and says if she remembers her brother’s clue. She says her brother told he works at Fahrenheit club. he says let us check there. They both to club and he asks her not to go in front of her brother suddely, else he will run. They both start searching. Ahan comes to perform and starts drum. He stops seeing Shivin. Gauri comes and stands between them and reminisces their fight. Ahan walks. Gauri slips and Ahan holds her. He then walks towards Shivin, but his friend reminds that their show is on. Ahan starts performing again.

Shivin and Gauri start searching brother again. Gauri sees her brother trying to give money to Pedro’s goons and calls him. He asks why did she come here, she should go back. She takes money and says not without mom’s money. He says goons will not spare him. She says she does not care. Goon warns her to give money. She runs. Shivin searches Gauri and thinks where did jhansi ki rani go. He looks at Ahan again and leaves.

Shefali tells Inder Raichand to consider alliance between her daughter Ria and Shivin and says if 2 families unite, their business will bloom. Inder’s second wife says it is a fantastic idea, Ria and Shivin are childhood friends. Inder says when they both have decided, he does not have any objection. Both ladies hug each other. Shefali says they will announce it in press conference. Inder thanks his second wife for this brilliant idea. She says wait and watch, this proposal will take their business empire to new heights.

Goons surround Ria and try to snatch money bag. Shivin interferes. Goon tries to punch Shivin, but Ahan interferes and holds goon’s hand and says only he can hit him. They both beat goons to pulp. Gauri’s brother looks at Gauri angrily and leaves. Gauri sees Shivin and Ahan fighting for her and feels sad that her brother left her alone when these 2 are fighting for her. Shivin tries to speak to Ahan, but Ahan punches him and says he told only he can beat him. He walks out while Shivin looks at him.

Precap: Pedro holds Gauri’s brother on gunpoint and warns to give money. Gauri hands him money.

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  1. Hayee..can’t get over Karan…and yaa the series is an adaptation of THE HEIRS but i think they will change it in future like they did with kyy.
    Hope this show does wonder in future

  2. wow karan wahi’s come back is just rocking i love this show from the 1st episode its self

  3. the show is good
    what a horrible brother gaurie has poor gauri
    pedro should shoot that good for nothing brother seriously lol

  4. Still the same story line as THE HEIRS ????

  5. Karan wahi what a comeback nice show and what if story is inspired from another story lets it’s INDIAN version may it turn out to be better

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