Kahani Hamari 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kahani Hamari 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kidnappers searching for girls discuss that if they don’t get girls in one place, they can go to some other place. Shivin and Ahan wear burqa and start their nok jhok. They go and ask goons to tell where this address comes. Goon tells direction and starts chatting again. They go again and says they are new to this town. Goon says okay and continue chatting. They go back and say they heard of kidnappers in Goa and says who will save beautiful girls like them. Goon realize they came here to kidnap and ask what are their names. They say Razia and Sultana. Goons discuss boss asked only one girl, if they take two, he will get greedy. They push Ahan in. Shivin holds them both and insists to take him/her also. They take both.

Gauri asks Kia to jump out from window. She show attitutude.

Gauri asks if she does not want to wear designer clothes and wear torn dirty clothes. Kia says she wil wear only designer clothes, but cannot jump. Another girl shouts if she does not jump, she will break her head. Kia jumps followed by other girl and Gauri.

Goons bring Ahan in. He walks sensuously. Boss gets mermerized with her moves and says he did not see such a beautiful girl, though she is in burqa. He asks to show her face. Ahans says no. Boss asks what she will have. Ahan says water. Goon goes to bring water from room and sees it locked from inside. He breaks door and finds girls missing. He runs out and informs that girls escaped. Another goon says they have Sultana and Razia though. The bring Shivin in. Their drama starts.

Girls come out of goon’s den. Kia sees car outside and thinks Shivin must have come to rescue her like a true hero. Gauri asks how is she related to Shivin. Kia says Shivin is her fiance. Paanwala passes by, sees Gauri and says 2 men were searching her, both were well built and were fighting with each other. Gauri realizes they must be Shivin and Ahan and says girls that her friends must have gone to save her and they should go back to goon’s den.

Ahan and Shivin start fighting and Ahan says hey bhagwan. Boss asks why is she taking hindu god’s name. Ahan says her father is muslim and mother is hindu and taught her that all gods are same. Goon gets impressed. They both start fighting again and fall on goon. Goon sees Ahan’s face. Gauri and Kia reach goon’s den and peep via window, see Ahan and Shivin in burqa.

Precap: Boss scolds goons for bringing Ahan and Shivin and orders them to kill both. Gauri and Kia watch from window.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. very funny episode ..

  2. I am really exited to watch how both ahan and shivin will fall for gauri…
    no spoilers for KH….
    anyway lets start our fan club for KH….from today we the fans of KH can become friends…
    welcome friend…and don’t forget to comment daily..

  3. Really too funny especially the last part. !!

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