Kahani Hamari 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Lady takes Gauri to her brother’s given address. Gauri is surprised seeing a bungalow. Lady says she is a rich girl and should feed her something. Gauri says, it is her brother’s house. She enters in and sees a few men there. They ask if she is Akshay’s sister. She says yes and asks where is her brother. Boss says he is Pedro and Akshay took drugs from her. Gauri does not believe him and jokes. He shows her Akshay’s drug taking pics and even calls his college where principal says Akshay was suspended in drug peddling case. She stands in a shock crying. Boss orders his goons to lock lady and girl in a room. They do same.

Gauri prays godthat Akshay is safe and is not drug addict. Her mom calls her. Lady asks her to tell truth to mom. Gauri picks call

and says brother has gone out. Mom says she got a job and has to stay in owner’s house for some days. Gaura disconnects call. Lady asks why did not she say truth to her mom. Gauri says she does not want to trouble mom. Lady says she should have given brought money and saved herself. Gauri says this is mom’s hard earned money and she will not waste it to clean Akshay’s dirty linen. Boss orders goons to keep girl hostage until Akshay brings money.

Akshay entes wearing sari with eunchs and while eunchs keep goos busy, he frees Gauri and lady and silently slips off. One of goons sees them and they all 3 run. Akshay asks Gauri to go back home. Gauri runs on street and clashes with Shivin. Their eyes lock. Bheegi bheegi palkon…song..plays in the background. She sees goons and run again. Goons follow her. Shivin’s friend asks if he knows that girl. Shivin reminisces their earlier incident but says not really.

Ahan plays drum and reminisces Shivin’s betrayal and his dad telling his best friend is his biggest enemy. He gets a call from his friend who invites him for Goa festival, but he says he will not come and disconnects call.

Gauri continues running. Akshay stops her and asks if she bruoght money. She says she will not give it as it is mom’s hard earned money, even she worked since she was 16-year-old to support mom. She will inform mom about his lies. He snatches money and runs. Shivin hears their whole conversation and enters after Akshay escapes.

Ahan’s dad scolds him that a business tycoon’s son wants to play music instead of handling business. He asks to stop wasting time and money, etc..Ahan calls his friend and says he is coming to Gia tomorrow. Friend says he did not want to come. Akshay says he changed mood.

Goons surround Gauri. Shivin after a bit of drama beats goons and saves her.

Precap: Gauri asks Shivin where are they going. He asks her to get into car or face goons. They both leave in car.

Update Credit to: MA

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