Kahani Hamari 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kahani Hamari 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri gets letter from college and gets happy that she is being selected. Mom congratulates her. Gauri reminisces Kia’s misbehavior and thinks Kia will not like a poor girl joining her college.

Shefali enters Kia’s room and sees her party dress on floor. She asks why did she throw such a costly dress on floor. Kia says Shivin was playing some prank and spoilt her dress, so she threw it on floor. Shefali says she should lure Shivin and keep him under control and gives some tips.

Ahan in his home thinks sorry for Gauri. Shefali meets Jagmohan and he says she should force Inder to get Kia and Shivin’s marriage. They continue discussing how to destroy Inder when Ahan passes by and notices them together. Jagmohan gets embarrassed.

Event management company manager calls Shivin and requests for payment. Shivin says he will come personally and give payment and asks to gather all his staff, thinking of meeting Gauri. He reaches office and waits for Gauri. Manager calls Gauri repeatedly. Gauri finally say she does not need Shivin’s money. Ahan comes there and says he knew he will be here to find Gauri and asks why he wants to meet Gauri even after getting engaged to Kia. Their fight starts. Shivin asks manager to give Gauri’s number and takes phone. Ahan breaks phone.

Powers goes off at Raichand house. Gauri enters Shivin’s room by mistake. Shivin enters room and finds a girl there. Gauri tries to leave and slips. He holds her. Power comes and Shivin is surprised to see Gauri.

Precap: Shivin holds Gauri’s hand and asks how she knows he stays here. She says she stays in his house in servant quarter and her mom is his mom’s maid.

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  1. to me there face to face and in each others’ it’s it’s just a miracle when i saw the precap before commercial i really start praying that they meet and they met it was just fabulous
    precap is nice

  2. Producers directors and channel head don’t go this serial off air instead of this u can go off air the serial yeh kahan aa Gaye hum we love this serial specially gauri and shivin’s Jo di so plz don’t do this with us

  3. today’s episode wa stotally boring before gauri and shivin scene but that scene made the episode unforgetable and another imp. thing ahaan understood that shivin is very interested in gauri while he is not a bad guy in girl’s matter now understand that shivin loves gauri and stay away from her

  4. why copy so much from others at least use something from your brain

    1. For u they copy as u watch the real one but we don’t watch that so allow us to watch it happily because we like it

  5. It was really a fabulous scene. Plzz don’t go this serial air off. This is not so boring like other daily soaps

    1. agreed

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