Kahani Hamari 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Inder reads people’s comments on social media websites that Inderjeet Raichand did not teach his son manners. He scolds Aarti why did not she teach some manners to her son and why she protects him always. Prerna starts next and scolds Shivin and Aarti. Inder gets college dean’s call and asks him to meet. He yells at Shivin that he fought for waitress. Aarti asks him to calm down and gives him water. Prerna gets jealous and starts yelling at Aarti and taunts her that Shivin is Inder’s illegitimate child, even then he has Inder’s name. Aarti confronts and tells Inder Shivin respects him. Inder says everyone respects him and wants to become like him, if they come to this house, they will know what he is going through, he is fed of both women, he has wealth and luxuries

but no peace. He warns them to mend their ways, else he will take a tough decisions which they will repent.

Gauri walks in corridor thinking Shivin always helps her and gets her out of problems , but is surrounded by problems himself. She sees Shivin passing by and hides under table. Shivin drops his mobile by mistake and bends, but does not notice her and leaves. She relaxes.

Ahan’s friends discuss about yesterday’s party and one of them says he told he will confront Shivin, but media reports that Shivin fought with a poor boy. Ahan reminisces tearing Gauri’s blazer by mistake and pushing her and feels guilty. Detective calls him and says he could find any clue about his mom and suggests to find clue in his home. Ahan asks him to search mom at his level and thinks how can mom live without him.

Aarti comes to Shivin’s room and asks why did not he think about his father’s prestige before fighting in front of media, why did not he think about his mom. He says why did not she think how a son feels when her mom’s name is rumored in media and asks why did she give Ahan’s mom’s news to media. Aarti asks if he will not forgive her. He says nobody care about her and are bothered about themselves, asks her to leave as he has to study. She leaves teary eyed.

Aarti walks in hall crying. Prerna stops her and taunts that she snatched her husband from her, so she snatched her son from her.

Inder meets dean and other trustees and says he is ready to compensate for Shivin’s mistake and gives 10 lakhs cheque for deserving students who need scholarship. Other trustees says this will help erase negative publicity. Dean accepts cheque. Inder says we should foget this incident and have a fresh start. Dean thinks at least some students will get educated. He finds Gauri’s application form and sends her admission letter.

Gauri gets college letter. Mom says this is Imperial college’s envelope. Gauri opens it and finds her scholarship and admission letter. She happily informs mom.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Adaptation from Heirs..?…………. do these people know anything other than copying and stealing articles from other creators. Bollywood copies from Hollywood, and now serial copies from Korea. A day will come when this shameless people will start copying articles even from Pakistan……………. and the best thing is that the dumb public keeps enjoying. Funny people funny country.

    1. Itna ghussaa rha hai to yeh b yad rakho k hmain ksi k bare main aisa nhi kehna chahiye aur waise b agr woh copy krte gain to value un Ki gire gi na k hmari aur age hm serial dekh Kr khush ho ja te hain to iss main burai hi kya hai waise b zndgi tensions se bhari pri hai dj tashi k pta nhi koi aur kehte hain khush rha kren chahe khush fehmi me hi mje shi dialogue to nhi yad pr kch aisa hi Tha may be it was FM 89.6

  2. Main yeh bilkul nhi kehti k wo ache hain lakin dare bure nhi hain bs Jin logon se hmara waasta prta hai un main kbhi kch bure kch moderate kch ache aa jate hain it depends on our luck or destiny that what it had

  3. Roze kaise guzr the hain?

  4. its not that way.. Even hollywood copies from bollywood… There is a movie made that is based on vicky donor….talking about pakistan zindagi channel is already featuring some of their shows which far way better than ssk and sns where they hav turned a whole human into a housefly… Sometimes it is better to copy than to watch original nuisance…

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