Kahani Hamari 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shivin drops Kia home. She continues yelling that because of Gauri and Ahan their intro party got spoilt. He says bye. She says it is only 10 p.m. and she is going to night club with her friends, even he should accompany her. He says no. She insists. He says he will park car. She gets off. He speeds his car. She falls down.

Inder comes home speaking over phone and ordering imported car for Shivin. Jagmohan calls him repeatedly. He picks call and asks why did he call. Jagmohan asks him to watch news. Inder sees Shivin fighting with Ahan for a waitress in intro party.. Jagmohan laughs that he will destroy him. Inder says let us see who will destroy whom. Jagmohan enjoys liquor and hears sounds from Ahan’s room and rushes there, sees whole room shattered, asks what is happening. Ahan asks why did he give his and Shivin’s fight to media.
In the morning, Gauri comes back to Raichand house after job interview and sees Shivin passing by. She thinks if it was really Shivin. She then goes to Shivin’s room and starts cleaning, finds his shirt and his perfume smell and thinks why is she feeling Shivin even here. She cleans room and goes back to her mom’s servant room. Mom shows her news about Shivin fighting with Ahan for a waitress. She is shocked to realizes Shivin is Raichand’s son and gets worried that her mom will know she was the waitress. Reporter further says they could not reach waitress. She relaxes and thanks god for saving him. Mom says poor girls should not fall between rich people’s fight.

Precap: Gauri thinks if Shivin is good luck or badluck in his life, whenever he is with her, he solves her problems but falls into problems himself. Shivian passes by. She hides under table. He drops mobile and bends to pick it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Fanficoholic

    Hey guys i too luv tis serial and i actually love shivin and gauri’s pairing. And mannat where did u read that tis serial is gng off air? One more thing i think tis serial is the indian adaptation of heirs- a korean drama which is a veryyyyyyyyyy popular one. I am thinking so because the storyline of heirs and tis serial is almost similar. And guys if u r interested pl watch heirs Its an awesome korean drama with 20 episodes i think. Nt sure of the epi number.

    1. yeah it is the adaptation of that serial

    2. Yes its a 20 Episodes drama
      the heirs 🙂


    So sad this show is going off air.it’s last episode will air on 24th june.

    1. ayush don’t say this plz when it will go off air we get to know but don’t spoil present episode by telling this now no one will say any thing about this matter

  3. ahaan should understand that as his father gave his and shivin’s fight video to reporters shivin’s mother can also leak the news of ahaan’s mother and shivin is not a bad guy but unfortunately he is a guy with no mind or heart/believe

  4. happy to know that gauri got to know that it’s shivin house but we also want shivin to know that gauri is living in the same house he living eagerly waiting for gauri and shivin face to face meeting in their house please bring them face to face writers please please please

  5. Its a shame this series is going to go off air, I enjoy this series and found some episodes to be comical. Especially when Shivin and Ahan dress up a girls to save Gauri. Really like to see Gauri and Shivin pair, hope Shivin and Gauri finally acknowledge each other in the house, rather than missing all the time.

  6. But why this serial is going off air..?do anyone know its reason

    1. the trp

  7. Ya i to like this drama and especially shivin and gauri part

  8. Somebody please update 16 June episode.

    1. nothing major happens in 16’s june episode
      the episode starts with the taunting of shivin by his father and so called mom he didn’t replies and goes after some time then his so called mother taunts his original mother and their fight starts his father says them that if they didn’t correct their behavior then he will take decision which will not in both of them’s favor and leaves shivin mom goes to him he fights with her and tell her to leave as he has to study she leaves from there shivin’s so called mother says her that his son hates her as he thinks that the original mother leaked aahan’s mom news but it was the so called who did it now she will know the pain when a person which we feels to be our’s leave us gauri thinks about shivin that is he good luck for her or bad luck as he saves her all the time and where shivin is present problems also came there shivin’s father goes to his clg and give fund for the positive publicity of clg by giving admission to eligible students aahan thinks that he shouldn’t misbehave gauri as his fight is with shivin and gauri always behaved good with him and got to know that his hired detectives are still fail in finding his mom the episode ends on gauri and her mom’s hug as she got admission in imperial clg/the clg of aahan and shivin

    2. sorry i updated very very very late but i checked this page at 2;45 then wrote half or above to half story 2 times but befro posting i have some bad things to happen it was my 3rd time to write the story i didn’t know the precap will shivin could know that gauri is living in his house?

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