Kahani Dosti aur Ishq ki ( Tashan e Ishq and Swaragini) Episode 7

Episode 7
Twinkle had texted Kunj that she would meet him at the store to buy him a new laptop . He smiled broadly looking at the message . Saying that he was happy would be an understatement . He was ecstatic. He would be meeting his wife and they would go shopping . They would be able to spend some quality time together . Like a date.(wow perfect idea for a date Mr. Sarna)Well, little did he know that he was wrong . He happily entered the store and started browsing . He was so busy in dreaming about his wife that he didn’t realise when she came and stood next to him with Sanskaar . As soon as he saw her , his joy knew no bounds. And that joy in his heart changed into something else when he saw her holding Sanskaar’s hand . He turned on his jealous husband mode and went and stood in between Sanskaar and Twinkle . He said -” Yeh kaun hai ? Yahaan par kyu layi tum is excess baggage ko ?”(Who is this ? Why did you bring this excess baggage with you ? )

“Kunj behave yourself . What do you mean by excess baggage …. Golu bura maan jayenge….(Golu will feel bad )” said Twinkle almost whisper screaming as she didn’t want to create a scene . Kunj gaped at her open mouthed and then said -“Go…lu ….? Golu ?? GOLU ? Why do you have such a sweet pet name for him when your pet name for me is Sadu Sarna ?? Yaar Twinkle …..”. She was getting annoyed now , she was on babysitting duty of Sanskaar and how her husband was also behaving like a child . Two grown men acting like children- well that, she could not handle . “Quit your whining Kunj , I already have to take care of a kid and if you start acting like this …. I am gonna go crazy now .” -said she warning her hubby. But Mr. Kunj Sarna will never shut up , will he ?He immediately questioned her-”

Yeh kaunse angle se tumhe baccha lagta hai ?( From which angle does he look like a child to you )In fact I look like a kid compared to him .”
While Twinkle was explaining the situation to Kunj , Sanskaar was eyeballing Kunj . He felt insulted when Kunj said that . He thought to himself -” Main isko buddha lakta hu kya ? Paagal aadmi . ( I look old to this guy ? Mad man .) Game on buddy .” Kunj having finally understood the situation realised that he had been quite mean and apologised to Twinkle . When he apologised to Sanskaar , he gave Kunj the cold shoulder and pointed and Twinkle and said -” Tum tum meri dost ki friend ho na ? Toh tum meri bhi dost ho . (You are my friend’s friend right ? So you are my friend as well ). So , let’s go play . I don’t like this place .

Twinkle agreed in a heart beat and Sanskaar kept following her to the exit saying Twinki Twinki . Kunj who was not comfortable with all this spoke up and said -” Twinkle when Yuvraj was in the same situation and he would call you Twinki and follow you , you would get so annoyed and now -“Twinkle cut him off and said curtly-” Yuvraj was acting , remember how I tried to convince you and you didn’t trust me ? But well Sanskaar isn’t acting .” Kunj felt bad when she brought that up , but he immediately tried to defend himself and said -” He could be acting too you know ….” That’s it Twinkle lost it and she started lecturing Kunj, Kunj stood there with a cute puppy dog face, while Sanskaar glared at Kunj for almost blowing off his cover . Kunj was praying that something would distract Twinkle so that she would stop her lecture . He thanked all the gods in heaven when his phone rang .

It was from home . His already jolly mood – jolly mood because he was saved from his wife’s lecture was converted into super happy, dying with joy mood . He immediately hugged Sanskaar and started jumping around in circles while Twinkle stared at him in shock . Just then Twinkle’s phone vibrated as well , it was Bebe who had sent her a message which brought a broad smile on Twinkle’s shocked face . And she clapped her hands and said -” Such good news na Kunj .” Sanskaar who was caged in Kunj’s bone crushing hug was shocked and well embarrassed to be seen with these two in public . They were standing at the entrance of an electronic store and while Twinkle and Kunj were ecstatic and thanking god , Sanskaar stood there, cursing Ragini . Kunj who had hugged Sanskaar now had happy tears and kissed Sanskaar’s cheek. As he was sooo overwhelmed, he didn’t know what he was doing .

This brought Twinkle out of her happiness and she stared at her husband in shock again . Kunj now left Sanskaar and rushed to Twinkle and spun her around. Sanskaar who was disgusted when Kunj kissed his cheeks now finally got an idea of what was happening . They had won a lottery , yes surely that was it . He went to Twinkle and asked her the same while she replied wiping her tears -” Nahi Sanskaar . Papa ji , he is fine , he gained consciousness. ” Sanskaar pouted very cutely and said -” So isme itna khush hone ki kya baat hai . I don’t get any share in lottery na . ”

” Awwww Sanskaar , so cute …..” – said Twinkle punching his cheeks and almost kissing his cheek . When Mr. Aspiring jealous husband , Kunj Sarna saw that , he basically power tackled Sanskaar and said-“Twinkle I’m so happy you can finally come home now .” And with that the whole atmosphere darkened . Sanskaar even imagined that there was lightening and to him it seemed like a storm was approaching , so he had decided to flee while these two spoke . Twinkle on the other hand , remembered the promise she had made to never step into that house and realised that she couldn’t meet papa ji . Kunj who was waiting for her reply , realised that something was wrong when he saw her face . He cupped her face and asked -” Kya hua twinkle ? What’s wrong ?” Twinkle pushed him away and just stormed off .

Sanskaar who had just escaped successfully, decided to go back home and give Ragini a big class and tell her that he was never going to help her . As he was walking , he reached a park , the park which was Ragini’s ‘thinking spot’ . He stood there staring at her face . She looked like a mess . An emotional mess . He didn’t know what had happened in this one hour that caused her to turn into this emotional wreck . He thought of approaching her , but he realised that she probably needs to be alone , which is why she is not with her sister , who can never be separated from her . He just kept walking. Though he was concerned about her safety , he knew that he should not impose himself . Ragini on the other hand was thinking about what she overheard . She had been right after all . She should have been praising the intuition of her heart , but her brain said that she had fallen in love with an idiot .

Kunj found his wife staring into the distance at a lonely alley . ” Sunan galli main , kalli raat main kaha bhatakti hui ja rahi ho siyappa queen ?” ( Where do you plan to go by walking on this deserted path at night ?) . Twinkle just gave him a weird look and said ” The clock struck twelve only few hours ago Kunj . It’s not even dark yet .” Kunj gave her a so what look and said -” It doesn’t matter , you’re basically living in a music video right now, like -‘ I walk a lonely road’-” , he was cut off by his wife who sad in an irritated tone -” Is it funny ? Like seriously Kunj ? ” . Kunj realised that she was not in the mood for jokes and said ”

Twinkle , let’s go home na .” Twinkle just smirked in a crooked way , well it was a sarcastic smile . Only 2 people knew what that look meant and they were her best friends of course -Swara and Ragini . To put it in Swara’s words -” She is gonna go bad shit crazy right now .” If only Kunj had known this , he wouldn’t have annoyed her .

First of all , I’m sooooo sorry for the late update . And this epi is probably quite short , but I realised that I haven’t posted in more than 2 weeks , so I decided to just post it .
I’m very sorry if it’s not up to the mark either .

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  1. Sohi

    Episode was amazing and awesome dear
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    And jealous kunj was nice
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    Sorry actually I have never read this ff before. Is their swasan in it? If there is then no swasan scenes? 🙁
    Nice episode though!

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    Ncie love twinj little scene.

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    Hey mittu…
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  5. Amazing????and lovely and funny? well too many ands?post soon??

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    Mittu u finally posted
    Loved it
    Specially kunj sanskar ko hug karne wala scene was hilarious
    Love u keep smiling

  7. Asra

    fabulous dear…kunj jealous scenes awesome….oh twinkle manage 2kids at a same time…..Sanky run away from kunj twinkle that scenes superbbb dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  8. amazimg..epi

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    Amazing awesome

  10. Amazing episode

    1. Awesome episode

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