Kahani Dosti aur Ishq ki ( Tashan e Ishq and Swaragini) Episode 13

“Twinkle Kunj Sarna !! Get your lazy ass out of bed, right now !”
Twinkle just mumbled in her sleep and hugged Swara who was basically knocked out. Swara who had been watching Kdramas with Sanky for a really long time, passed out on the couch, but Strong Woman Ragini Gadodia, somehow carried and dragged her sister to bed. They were still in Maheshwari Mansion and Ragini was trying to wake Kumbhkaran’s reincarnation- Twinkle, because she didn’t want to face all the Maheshwaris all alone, because it would be awkward. She didn’t even try to wake Swara up, because she knew that it would be next to impossible.

Ragini just sighed and shook Twinkle vigorously. Twinkle just whined and shoved her off. Ragini huffed and just took a water bottle and poured all the water on Twinkle’s face. Twinkle started panicking thinking that the end of the world was near and she started screaming-” SAVE THE KPOP POSTERS AND THE PENDRIVES WHICH HAVE ALL THE KDRAMA EPISODES ! THE WORLD IS ENDING ! JUST PROTECT THEM !”
Ragini just laughed in disbelief as her best friend fell of the bed and stumbled when she tried to run and grab all the stuff. Ragini just kept laughing, while Twinkle glared at her when she realised that Ragini had just poured water on her face to wake her up and it was not the end of the world.

She was about to strangle her to death, when Swara groaned because they were being too loud. Ragini and Twinkle just stopped messing around and tucked Swara in like caring moms and rushed downstairs to go meet all the Maheshwaris.

Ragini and Lakshya just exchanged awkward- angry glances, while Twinkle was looking for her dear husband. Twinkle gasped when she saw Sanskaar clinging to Kunj like a teddy bear. And poor Kunj was struggling to walk because though Sanskaar was sleeping, but he was heavy and strong. His arms were wrapped around Kunj’s neck, so he was practically strangling him, while his legs were wrapped around his waist, and poor Kunj was basically dragging his feet to walk because Sanky was very heavy.

Twinkle and Ragini ran towards them. Twinkle was trying to talk to Kunj and ask him if he was fine, but obviously it was too awkward after all the silly stuff that had happened last night. Ragini on the other hand, was clicking pictures of Kunj and Sanskaar while smirking creepily.
Kunj who was almost crying, sighed in relief of when Lakshya came to his rescue. Ragini glared at Lakshya and pouted and said-“Why did you separate them. This was gonna be my new favourite ship- #SansKunj.”

Everyone just stared at Ragini and there was complete silence. Kunj gave her a ‘how could you do this to me, my wife and me should be your favourite ship’ look, while Lakshya didn’t know what to say and looked like an idiot who had food stuck in his throat. Twinkle just sighed and said-“Liar. Your favourite ships are WestAllen and TaeKook. And believe me, these two *pointing at Kunj and Sanskaar* are nowhere near those ships. Those ships are perfect.”

Ragini nodded and cue the awkward silence part 2. Ragini and Twinkle just shrugged their shoulders and walked away. The guys just stared at them and Sanskaar who was finally awake, pretended to sleep because he was enjoying the piggy back ride that his brother was giving him.

Hi ! I don’t even know if any of y’all even read this story, but I realised I hadn’t posted for long.
*awkward silence Coz nobody likes this story and won’t ever read it*
Hehe, if you’re here, hi anyway. Thanks for reading. I should really be preparing for sem ends, but here I am posting articles non stop. I’ll be back after sem ends(or probably before Coz I have no shame) Loads of love ??

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    awesome dear….loved it alot….New shipping sankunj hahaha….i loved all scenes dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…
    who’s said no one loves ur story….i love ur story….tkcr dear

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      Thank you soo much akka ??

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