Kahani Dosti aur Ishq ki ( Tashan e Ishq and Swaragini) Episode 12

Now Twinkle who thought that her dear husband was a ghost, got scared and screamed.Twinkle screamed soo loudly that Sanskaar who had just fallen asleep after Ragini’s atyaachar, felt down. He started crying like a small kid and then suddenly he got up irritated.Twinkle on the other hand thought that the way to get rid of a ghost was by tackling it to the ground.#twinklelogic. Kunj who immediately recognised Twinkle’s voice hearing her scream ran towards her and covered her mouth. Twinkle who thought that Kunj was possessed by the ghost, immediately pushed Kunj and tackled him ‘wwe’ style. Kunj felt like his intestines had been ‘fractured’ screamed-“Twinkle ! What are you doing !” Twinkle smiled and said-” Thank god Kunj !! The ghost went away !! I was worried that it would consume your soul and you would just be a Zinda laash” . Kunj in an irritated tone said -“There was no ghost Twinkle !! It was me only !! I was sitting in the dark because I had no where to go !”

Now everyone(only youngsters) had come to the hall. Sanskaar clapped his hands excited and went and started watching the dramas. Lakshya went over to Ragini to start his lecture, while Swara stood there not knowing which drama to enjoy- Kunj and twinkle’s ,Ragini and Lakshya’s or the one on the projector. Lakshya showed Ragini her phone and asked -“What the hell is this ?” Ragini immediately widened her eyes and then snatched her phone from his hand saying-“Its nothing okay !” Lakshya snatched the phone back and pointed at the screen screaming -“Why the hell are all these naked men your screensaver ? Should I tell your dadi about this !!” Ragini immediately gulped and said in a really cute tone-“Lakshya !! There is no need to take rash decisions ! Don’t tell dadi anything ! I’ll explain na !! And also …

they are not naked baba ! They are only shirtless !! I am not so sharamless !!” Lakshya looked at Ragini with a ‘oh wow like half naked is any better than naked’ look. Ragini smiled and started explaining -” See, this is Kim Woo Bin – Korean actor, this is Derek Theler- American actor, this is Mike Angelo-Thai actor, understood ?” Lakshya just stared at her blankly and then yelled-” Why the hell are they your screensaver Ragini ?” Ragini looked at him as if he had asked for her kidneys and then said -” Because I love them ! I’m a fan … ever heard of a fan ?”. Lakshya raised his eyebrow and said-“I have never heard of such kind of fans that have shirtless images of actors as their screen savers !” Ragini gave him a ‘dude have you been living under a rock all this time’ look and said-” Uhhh !! The awesome kind of fans do that !! Now give me my phone”. Lakshya gave her the phone muttering random stuff under his breath. He was in for a bigger shock when he saw Ragini’s password-‘grantgustinisbae’. The biggest shock of his life was when he saw her home screen, it was grant gustin. He was a flash fan, so he obviously knew who he was, but now he started to hate the poor guy. He continued the argument asking useless questions and demanding explanations.

Swara and Sanskaar were the smart people in this situation. They decided to watch all three dramas while stuffing food in their face. Sanskaar in all this chaos forgot that he had to still act and started laughing and commenting about their fights. Swara immediately looked at him and screamed “Tum Paagal nahi ho !” Luckily, the others were so busy in their quarrel that they didn’t hear what she said though she was extremely loud. Had they heard what she said, Ragini would have had slow cooked Sanskaar for breakfast the next day though she was a vegetarian. Sanskaar immediately made a run for it. We all know Swara, don’t we ? So we know that she ain’t giving up that easy ! She started running behind Sanskaar all around the living room. So the scene was like this, 6 youngsters yelling and creating chaos in the hall, two of them running in circles, two of them having a stupid fight about ghosts,which somehow had info about their married life and two of them screaming and fighting about actors and fandom. Swara finally caught up to Sanskaar and pulled his hair while screaming-“You cheat !! You cheat !!

You acted all this while !! Bechare papa !!” Sanskaar somehow convinced her to leave him and spoke to her. He told her the truth including Ragini’s plan. Swara blew the single strand of hair on her face back to place and said-“Fine ! I forgive you. But Ragini should not know that I know that she knows that you are mad ! Okay ?” Sanskaar stared at her blankly with an expression that showed he was clueless.Swara just smiled wickedly as she thought of something and said-“Look Sanskaar ! Just like you are helping Ragini in making jeeju jealous, you need to help me in making your brother jealous !” Sanskaar just said-“Aniyo”(meaning no)Swara just laughed and said ” Ole, my sweet wittle Sankybooooo, don’t try to show off just because you learnt one word from Korean drama,okay ? I have been watching such dramas for years !! So I know much more than you ! And don’t you dare say no….Tumpe bhaari padega !” Sanskaar stared at her and said-“Fine !! I won’t show off !! But what do you mean bhaari padega !!

Your sister has already blackmailed me by making me think of my butt disappearing !” Swara smiled and nodded her head in agreement saying-“Ya she is very innocent na ! Toh she blackmailed you with such a tiny thing ! But me ….mwahahahaha(evil laugh)” Sanskaar gulped and said -“What do you mean small thing ? There couldn’t be any bigger blackmail than that !” Swara pinched Sanskaar’s cheeks as she said-“Don’t challenge me Sankyboo !! Now think okay ? I like a very innocent person who is worried about you becoming alright, go and tell taklu-I mean dp uncle that we should give you shock treatment. Now, you can’t tell them you are fine because -1) Ragu will kill you,2) Your butt will disappear. Sooo, you will have to undergo the shock treatment and then you will actually become paagal. Now you will ask me what’s in it for me. You see when you actually become mentally unstable , it becomes 10,000 times easier to manipulate you. So chup chaap do what I say !” Sanskaar started crying like a baby. That was when they noticed the rest of them were still fighting.

Swara asked Sanskaar to start crying even more. Listening to his loud besura out of tone crying everyone went stopped. Now Swara shouted-“Now that I have your attention ! Go and sleep everyone !! Kunj jeeju !! Just go with Lakshya ! And Lakshya don’t you dare fuss now !!” Everyone started talking and complaining when Swara took the played a scene where gunshots were heard and increased the volume, everyone stared at the projector and then looked at Swara’s scary face and gulped. And with that, the peace of Maheshwari mansion was restored as the 4 of them ran to their rooms and Swara smiled happily while Sankyboo was still making faces. She glared at him and then asked in an extra sweet tone-“Are you going to sleep or do you intend to sit her and overact. Unless…… you want to join me and wanna watch !”-she said as she pointed at the projector. Sanskaar smiled happily and nodded and the two of them sat there stuffing their faces. When Swara had a genuine doubt-“Sankybooooo !!

Yeh tumhara pura khandaan kya haathi bhej kar soya hai ? None of them woke up when so much hungama happened !!” Sanskaar looked at her and then shrugged his shoulders and said -“Who cares Swara ! And stop calling me Sankyboo okay !” Swara smiled at him and nodded her head in no. Sanskaar just sighed and said-” Okay ! I’m gonna think of an equally embarrassing name for you !! Don’t complain that time !” Swara smiled sweetly and said-“You can give me embarrassing pet names ! It’s what friends do !” And they smiled thinking about the crazy yet unique bond that the 6 of them had formed in such a short period.

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  1. Asra

    fabulous dear….it’s soo hilarious dear…day by day it’s make me crazy….omg everyone r fighting for crazy thing….naked photo and ragu explanation superbbb dear….Sanky pet name superbbb…poor kunj twinkle beat him….wwe pose superbbb…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !! I’m glad you are liking it ! ?

  2. Jayanti

    loved the episode…haha..hilarious it was like always…so swara knows about sanskaar interesting …..waiting for the next one…..unite twinj soon

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much !! ?

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