Kahani Dosti aur Ishq ki ( Tashan e Ishq and Swaragini) Episode 11

After the awkward stuff that had happened, everyone finally went to their respective rooms, except for Sanskaar . He sat there unaffected watching the drama. Ragini who had gone to his room to tell him the truth, came to the hall to look for him. After calling his name almost 10-20 times,she had to shake him in order to grab his attention, but that didn’t work either. Sanskaar just shoved a little popcorn in her mouth and continued watching. Ragini was shooting daggers at him at this point. She paused the episode. Sanskaar was annoyed and he just played it again. Ragini pulled his hair paused the episode and pulled him to his room by his ear. He kept protested and anyone who saw them would not be able to tell that Sanskaar had been acting like a six year old . Because one would think that he was actually six years old. Ragini locked the door and turned to look at Sanskaar who was sitting on the floor, with his arms folded and a cute pout face. Ragini smacked his face and whisper yelled -“What’s wrong with you ? Did you get sooo engrossed in your acting that you actually became a kid ?” Sanskaar pouted like a kid and said -” I was watching …. it’s really sooo interesting and you ….. you interrupted me !!”

Ragini stared at him with a really weird look. Suddenly she smacked his head again and said -“I’ll give you our whole Korean drama collection okay ? I’ll give you the pendrive which has the downloads ! Now shut up and concentrate and listen to me !” Suddenly Sanskaar started meditating. Ragini asked him what the hell he was doing when he opened his eyes and replied- ” You said concentrate na !! So I’m trying to find some peace to concentrate !!” Ragini who was already annoyed after all the events that had taken place, kicked Sanskaar such that he ended up lying down on the floor in his meditation position. Ragini then sat down in front of him and said -” It’s about your family Sanskaar !” and she revealed everything to him. Sanskaar was heartbroken because he realised that Kavita was the one who had betrayed him and not his brother. He felt guilty and stood up and decided to go tell the family that he is fine and apologise to them. Ragini immediately pushed him on the bed when he said this. He sat up and covered himself and said -” Chii Ragini ….. I didn’t think you would do something like this, don’t do anything to my izzat please….” Ragini turned her face to him in slow motion and glared at him, Sanskaar simply gulped and then nervously smiled and asked why she was stopping him. “Look Sanskaar , you saw a how cute jeeju was when he was jealous.

If he gets more jealous, he will plan some grand gesture and propose Twinkle rather than using those stupid plans of his. And he won’t be jealous if Twinkle is not close to you . Twinkle is letting you chipkofy to her because she thinks you are a chotta bacha. If you tell everyone the truth, none of these things will happen and jeeju will propose to Twinkle in the most unromantic way possible. And I can’t let that happen. So shut up and go to sleep.” Sanskaar was not happy with her explanation-” That is none of my lookout ! You do what you want ! I am telling everyone the truth !” Sanskaar stopped in his tracks when Ragini said dramatically -” Fine ! If you wanna tell everyone the truth, tell them everything ! Tell them you came to take revenge from Lakshya. Lakshya , the darling of the house – except for Dp uncle. Do you want to know how your mother , Sujatha Aunty will react ? I’ll show you ! Wahan dekh na !!”

Sanskaar looks at the direction Ragini was pointing at and he gulps. What he say really terrified him. Sujatha was running behind him with a jadu, and cursing him and talking about her failed upbringing. Sanskaar ran and jumped on a pillar like a monkey and Sujatha took the jadu and hit him and she kept hitting his bum. Ragini brought him back to the real world when she said -” Arrey Aunty aaram se !! Warna his butt will break !” With that, she gave Sanskaar a victorious smile, while Sanskaar narrowed his eyes at her mumbling -“This girl only looks innocent, horrible human ! Making a man think of his butt disappearing ! Chudail aurat !” Ragini smiled at him as said through her teeth -” Stop cursing me or I will really go tell Sujatha Aunty everything and she will make your butt disappear !” Sanskaar jumped on his bed and nodded his head in no innocently and went to sleep.

While Ragini was tormenting Sanskaar, Swara was busy thinking about tormenting his brother. Lakshya who was already confused because of everything that happened today, didn’t know that Swara was going to make it worse. Seeing Kunj jealous, made Swara think, what if she made Lakshya jealous the same way. I mean all she would need would be Ragini’s phone. She just grabbed Ragu’s phone and ran to Lakshya’s room to torment the poor guy who was trying to sleep. Swara shamelessly just barged into Lakshya’s room. What she saw, frightened her. Lakshya was shaking his head vigorously trying to shake things off . *sigh* If only things worked that way dear Lakshya ! If only ! Swara thought that some ghost had possessed Lakshya and went and started hitting him with a book.#swaralogic. Lakshya being Lakshya took another book and started hitting Swara. Swara thought the ghost was copying her. So she pinched her nose to see if the ghost would do the same. Lakshya gave her a really weird look and said-” What the hell are you doing Shona ?” Swara smiled and said ” Yay Lucky !! You are back ! We missed you so much ! We thought you would die !! I had even planned on taking your bike if you do because i knew that you don’t have a will !

But you are fine Lucky !! I’m sooo proud of myself !” Lakshya had forgotten that his best friend was weirder than him. So when he saw Swara like this, he just hugged her happily and said-“Thank you so much Swara ! You are the live embodiment of hope for me ! Now I know that I will not be the first one to be killed in a zombie apocalypse! You will die before me !!” Swara jerked and freed herself from his hug and gave him a glare which silenced him. She then smiled and said-” See na Lucky !! I wanted to unlock Ragu’s phone to watch some other Korean drama because I couldn’t sleep but I’m not able to unlock it, so -” her statement was cut by Lakshya who said – “So you thought you can come and eat by brain ! Haina ?”. Swara nodded in no very cutely and said -“First even I thought I’ll do the same thing !! But then I thought ki our two mastermind brains put together, we can figure out the password.” Two masterminds ? Ya right ! Swara was the mastermind here. Lakshya was dumb enough to believe that SWARA didn’t know RAGINI’s phone password. Their swaragini for god sake ! They knew everything about each other ! Well except for the secret missions they had right now !! Everything !

Swara didn’t really have to convince Lakshya, because he just agreed happily because Swara called him a mastermind. He took the phone from Swara’s hand and Swara smirked crookedly. Had Lakshya seen that expression he would have thought that some ghost had possessed her. But his concentration was on the phone. He looked at the screensaver and turned his face to Swara in shock. Swara immediately concealed her happiness and looked at Lakshya with a very innocent and clueless expression. Lakshya first asked Swara -” Are you sure this is Ragini’s phone ?” Swara nodded yes very innocently. Lakshya looked at the phone again and kept staring at it in shock.

While the two sisters were tormenting the Maheshwari brothers, their best friend was waiting for them in the room still blushing thinking about what had happened. She was happy to see Kunj there, but she was embarrassed because of his weird confession. But she couldn’t help but blush thinking about him. Kunj on the other hand was sitting with a cute pout ( Awle , soo cute) and thinking about Twinkle. Somehow he was jealous of an actor. He was basically annoyed because Twinkle had never praised his abs and had never stared at his chest. She was basically drooling over the guy, but Kunj felt he had a better physique. Kunj didn’t really know where to sleep so he was sitting in the dark pouting like a baby. Little did he know that his wife who was looking for her best friends would look at him and think he was a ghost. Aahhh these people are quite obsessed with ghosts aren’t they ? The chaos caused by them earlier was nothing compared to what was going to happen.

Hey guys !!! Sorry if the update is a little shorter than the previous !! I just wanted to post it asap !!

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  1. Sohi

    Really it was a crazy episode
    With our crazy heroins
    Making their heros mental
    Hehehe bechare kunj, laksh, and sanskar
    Again a amazing and funny episode
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much dear !

  2. Jayanti

    everything was just amazing…..rofl….from the start till the end….ragsan….swalak…twinj…hehehe…..bichare hamare heros…getting tortured….haha…would love to read the next twist so next part asap haan…no problem if short but asap…take care

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! ?
      Already submitted the next one !

  3. Asra

    mittu dear it’s super hilarious update…omg poor sanlakunj…ragsan swalak twinj scenes superbbb dear….swaraginkle made our sanlakunj mental…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear ! ?

  4. It too good yaar . Enjoyed it just like bela´s ff . Loved it very much .

    1. Mittu

      Thank you soo much !

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous fantastic

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much ! ?

  6. Btw forgot to ask , what was ragini‘s screensaver and when are you going to update next part .

    1. Mittu

      I actually just submitted the next one ! I hope TU doesn’t reject it ?

  7. Presha

    Just loved it..
    Too good…

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear ! ?

  8. Ramya

    Awesome mittu
    Just amazing superb
    It was so cute

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