Kahani Dosti aur Ishq ki ( Tashan e Ishq and Swaragini) Episode 10

Now let’s go and see what has happened with our handsome hunks now , shall we ?
Kunj who was angry, had to now calm down and go meet his dear dad . Little did he know that there was completeeee chaos back home . When he got home , he saw Mr. Vella still mourning the death of his poor car. He had the number plate in his hand and he made a crying face while holding it . Awwlee he looked so cute , but yet a little stupid. Kunj ignored him and went in trying to compose himself so he could meet his dear dad .

It was as if Kunj had entered at the perfect time . Usha was standing there with tears in her eyes , Bebe was standing with a really weird expression – which was a combo of happiness, pride , sadness and what not and she made no attempt to console Usha who had now started weeping . As soon as Manohar saw Kunj , he spoke -” Look Usha ! Tumhara ladla bhi aa gaya. Kunj , I’m so proud of you beta ! You did exactly what I should have done to your mother long time ago . I agree that I hadn’t been the best husband , or best father .

But Twinkle had helped me change that . But now I think all that is of no use. I was a terrible husband and I believe you promised her that you would be a really good husband. But what have you done Kunj ? All thanks to your mother. I should have kicked her out of the house long time ago. Probably then we could have prevented all this from happening. My daughter- Twinkle would still be here. I feel horrible Kunj . She did everything to protect me and your mother snatched that away from her in a second. Why didn’t you stand up for her Kunj ?” – he paused briefly and looked up and Kunj . Kunj was crying, he was already guilty and Manohar’s words were piercing his heart. He fell to his knees and continued crying. Manohar looked at his son and he could see himself in Kunj at that moment. Manohar had been really guilty for hurting Usha too. Manohar spoke in a really calm voice-” Kunj ? Beta , look at me . Did you apologise to her ?”

Kunj nodded still crying and complaining like a small kid-“Papa, she refused to come home. And and she’s right in her place . What do I do, papa ? ” . This was the first time Kunj’s father was by his side when he needed him . He was there to give him fatherly guidance and advice. Usha just had to ruin their moment and reveal that Twinkle had promised to never return. Bebe who was already aware of this finally decided to take matters in her own hands and dragged Usha from there . She had decided to make Usha realise that she had been a horrible mother in law to Twinkle. She wanted to remind Usha that this is what she had faced earlier and it was wrong on her part to make someone else suffer, after being through the same and knowing how it feels. Bebe knew that Manohar’s words had already made Usha guilty .

So, she just had to get her to realise where exactly she went wrong . She explained to her with a calm mind, how she should have actually done things and it seemed to work as Usha realised that she treated Twinkle exactly how a typical mother in law, treats her daughter in law. Instead she should have treated her like her daughter . Kunj on the other hand had finally calmed down and Manohar had told him what had to be done . Manohar knew that Twinkle was probably not angry at all and that she was just pretending so that things would change for the better . So, he decided to nudge his son in that direction.

Sanskaar successfully made it back to Maheshwari mansion. He went to his room and rested for a bit to wear off the effect of the long,weird day. He freshened up and went to the hall where he saw Swaragini convincing Durgaprasad to let them and Twinkle stay the night . He wondered what this was all about and made up his mind to talk to Ragini about his revenge plan. Little did he know that she was doing the complete opposite .

Lakshya on the other hand was panicking . He was wondering why the girls wanted to stay the night. He was worried about how he would handle himself in front of Ragini . With everything that had been happening , Lakshya wasn’t able to sort out his feelings and he had thought of doing that tonight by contemplating. But now he would probably just end up staring at Ragini and acting like a crazy stalker.

Back to the gals !
While the two sisters were busy in making resolves and planning , their best friend was lying in bed exhausted after performing the Herculean task of fighting with her husband . Twinkle was drained out , both physically and emotionally . There was a war going on between the voices in her head . No matter what she said , no matter how she had reacted , she was in fact very happy that Manohar was fine . She had this urge to rush over to Sarna Mansion and go see him . She didn’t care about what she had told Usha , she just wanted to meet Manohar once . She had to force herself to not think about it and there was only one way that she could do that . She sent her best friends the message of code K-the girls basically had separate codes from A to Z. Now the girls who were both in Maheshwari mansion were shocked to see this message and immediately told Twinkle to head over to Maheshwari mansion .

Swara using her power of influence , convinced taklu uncle to let them stay the night , of course with a little help from Ragu’s puppy face. While Ragini looked for Sanskaar to tell him the truth , Swara started preparing for Twinkle’s arrival , when she saw Kunj’s message -“Any idea where Twinkle is ? Need to talk to her ASAP.” -she huffed in annoyance . Great now she had to convince taklu uncle to let one more person to stay . She texted Kunj the address and delegated the task of convincing taklu uncle to Ragini . Now it was Ragini’s turn to get annoyed . She thought to herself -“Why am I even the one trying to tell Sanskaar the truth and resolve things . These guys should make an attempt to do something ! I mean it’s their family matter.” Still annoyed and irritated, Ragini convinced Dp to let even Kunj stay the night. She now went to Sanskaar to talk to him . Sanskaar who was looking for Ragini was glad to see her and took her to his room so that no one would interrupt their talk.

Ragini decided to tell Sanskaar everything , but Sanskaar raised the topic first. He said-“Ragini, I think ab our families will plan to get Swara and Lakshya married. You see they need to convert their ‘friendship’ into ‘rishtedaari’ and the only way to do that is to get their kids married. I don’t care about my revenge, but what about your feelings ? You love Lakshya na… and I don’t want you to be sad. So, we should try and stop their wedding and ruin it. What say ?” Ragini gave Sanskaar her most sarcastic smile and said ” No Sanskaar ! Actually I have a really nice idea. I mean you are saying that we should ruin the wedding just for my sake…..Arey Sanskaar we can fulfil our family’s wish and make them double rishtedaar. You see if Swara and Lakshya get married, I’ll marry you ! I mean that’s the simplest solution ! I can stay close to my sister and my love…. smart na ?”

Sanskaar stared at her blankly while he thought to himself-” Manipulate mujhe karna tha isse, aur yeh mereko manipulate kar rahi hai . Sirf dikhti innocent hai ……yeh toh badi chaalu ladki hai bhai….” As if Ragini could hear what he thought, she said -” Haan, hum chaalu hai . Now leave all this planning-plotting bull shit and shut up and come with me . Twinkle and Kunj jeeju are coming and I need you to try and make jeeju jealous. You don’t really have to put in much effort, just sit next to Twinkle. That’s enough .” Sanskaar looked at her with his ‘what the hell’ expression and asked-” Dude ! How is sitting next to her going to solve anything . That won’t make even the most possessive dude jealous yaar !” Ragini smirked -” Beta Sanskaar, wait and watch okay ! Just wait and watch !”

As soon as Twinkle reached Maheshwari mansion, Swara and Ragini dragged her to the hall, where they had set up their projector. It was quite late and all the elders had already crashed. So basically the youngsters could have fun, as long as the volume was low and didn’t wake them up. But let’s be honest, the Maheshwari folks are such heavy sleepers that even an earthquake wouldn’t wake them up. Ragini went up to Twinkle and they had to make the most difficult choice , which Korean drama should they watch . Yes, that’s what code k is . Watch kdramas the whole night and drool over the men. They decided to watch -“Descendants of the sun” simply because Ragini and Twinkle were basically crushing on the lead like crazy fan girls. Swara reluctantly agreed and they sat down to watch the Korean drama .

Ragini strategically made Sanskaar sit in between her and Twinkle, Swara was sitting beside Ragini and Lakshya was just walking around the place and spying on them. It was at that moment, that Sanskaar realised what Ragini meant. Twinkle had put her head on Sanskaar’s shoulder, her hand was wrapped around his arm and she had a million dollar smile on her face . Ragini started clapping like a crazy person when the military soldier met the doctor . Swara sat there not that interested as she would have rather watched -“Uncontrollably fond”. She was actually quite shocked that her sister was in a mood of watching a Korean drama . She wondered why Ragini didn’t protest or say that she wanted to watch something like arrow or flash. Swara was eating popcorn making all kinds of faces. Sanskaar on the other hand was basically unable to breath . He nudged Ragini and made it clear through his expressions that he did not like being trapped like this. Ragini glared at him and indicated that he should not disturb her ever , while she was watching a Korean drama. Sanskaar gulped looking at her expression and just stare at the projector . He thought to himself,-“These girls are crazy .

I mean they even set up a projector to watch these dramas …. so maybe I should just shut up and watch too…” . Sanskaar, Twinkle and Ragini were sooo engrossed in the drama by now , that they didn’t realise when Swara got up and Kunj came in. As if on que, the scene where the male lead was shirtless came on, Ragini and Twinkle squealed like crazy people and Twinkle literally pushed Sanskaar in her excitement . She started clapping and said -” Wow Ragu , he’s soooo hot na…” Ragini nodded in agreement, Sanskaar who was now on the floor kept munching the snacks while staring at the screen, Swara widened her eyes hearing Twinkle’s statement and gulped when she looked at Kunj who had his eyebrow raised and was walking towards her. Swara didn’t know what was going to happen, but she knew that it had to be recorded. She took her phone out, while Lakshya who was patrolling, came and stood there with the most clueless expression on his face . Kunj came and stood in front of Twinkle, blocking her view. She just shoved him and continued watching . Annoyed, Kunj carried Twinkle off the sofa and made her stand, such that she was unable to see the projector. She tried to turn , when she noticed Kunj . Swara pressed record, while Sanskaar and Ragini were watching the drama, without any clue of what was happening around them .
Twinkle- What are you doing here Kunj ?

Kunj- I basically came here to talk to my WIFE and like beg and apologise and make amends. But I see that my wife is staring at some random guy –
Twinkle- He is not some random guy okay ? He is the love of my life !
Kunj- What the hell do you mean by love of your life ? He’s an actor ! A fictional character okay !! I am supposed to be the love of your life.
Twinkle-No no no no !! He’s not fictional okay ! He’s real !! And and I love him ! He’s the love of my life !

Kunj- You know what !! It’s your fault our relationship wasn’t working out properly !! Because you’re going around staring at other guys abs !
Twinkle -Usme kya galat kiya maine ? He is the love of my life ! I’ll stare at him how much ever I want !
Kunj- No ! He’s not the love of your life okay ?
Twinkle- What the hell ? Then who is the love of my life ? Is he hiding somewhere ?
Kunj – No ! He’s right in front of you !! Me !

At that moment , everyone stopped what they were doing , Swara looked at them in shock , Lakshya whose expressions were already adding a hilarious touch to Swara’s video, blinked his eyes repeatedly, Ragini who was watching the drama with lot of interest kind of got paralysed in the same position and Sanskaar’s mouth was hung open, basically because he was trying to stuff food in his mouth . Now that he had stuffed some food in his mouth, he tilted his head and then hung his mouth open again , this time in shock. Twinkle and Kunj looked around awkwardly and ran in awkward directions. As soon as they left , Sanskaar threw food in the directions that they went , annoyed that they interrupted his newly found hobby . Swara and Ragini looked at each other . While Lakshya just walked to his room, trying to shake it off as a bad dream(quite literally shake it off).

Sooo idk what I even wrote okay …. like I don’t know ….. I basically mixed up my hobbies and gave it to you on a platter …. what do you guys think …. let me know please ….

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  1. Ritzi

    Wohhoo….I really can’t tell ….how much me nd u r similar ! Nd u hv fulfilled my one more wish….I always wanted sanskaar nd twinkle to be paired up together nd make kunj jealous…. I nearly didn’t expect tht my silly dream was ever going to cm true….all thanks to u yaar…..I lovvveeeddd this…but pls now…don’t take so long nd post the next asap

    1. Mittu

      Thank you sooo much dear !! Next one will mostly be out by tomorrow !! I actually always wanted Sanskaar and Twinkle to be paired to make Kunj jealous !! I’m glad we r similar and both our wishes could be fulfilled !!

  2. Super duper amazing . Enjoyed very much reading plz keep updating regularly . Really missed it these many days .

  3. Super duper amazing . Loved it very much and even enjoyed alot reading plz keep updating regularly . Really missed it these many days .

    1. Mittu

      Thank you dear !! I’ll try posting regularly now !

  4. Jayanti

    hahahaha….the episode was sooo lovely and hilariuos…I was literally laughing my head off…..specially the last scene imagining it…..so amazing yaar….next part really soon….I really missed this ff

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    Ragini tho she is a silent killer ?
    And swara bechari ko kitna kuch karna padha
    And in the end the episode was a blast of laughter
    Do continue and post soon plz I can’t wait more
    Luv u

    1. Mittu

      Thank youuu sooo much dear !! I’ll post the next part as sooon as possible…. Luv u dear !! I’m sooo glad you liked it !

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    superb friend

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