Kaha jaye ye dil (Kanchi fs) – by Niyu (intro)

Hi dear readers & silent readers, Niyu is here with the teaser of my next fs .This fs teaser is Diwali gift for u all  from my side. I know it’s too late but still post it for u guys. I have fever nowadays that’s why post my fs irregular….Hope u understand & support me as  always?


This story revolves around a beautiful day-dreamer Sanchi Mishra( Swardha Thigale) an only child to very rich parents. She is a student of fine arts who makes the sculpture of the man of her dreams and falls head over heels in love with that sculpture & always lost in his dreams but what happen when she find all qualities of her dream man in Kabir(played by Vikram Sakhalkar) who is her teacher & deeply in love with a girl name Maya.

Character Sketch –

Sanchi Mishra (24 year old) : She is a  daydreamer .A kind, innocent,beautiful & sweet girl.(played by Swardha Thigale)

Kabir Kapoor (26 year old) : He is determined, passionate & kind guy. He is career oriented person.(played by Vikram Sakhalkar).

Veer Malhotra(26 year old) : He is cute , naughty prankster & best friend cum brother of Kabir.( played by Varun Kapoor).

Isha Negi (23 year old) : She is beautiful girl. Bff & classmate of Sanchi.
(played by Sharan Kaur).

Pragya Yadav (24 year old) : She is cute, bubbly girl. She is also Bff & classmate of Sanchi.(played by Neha Bagga).

Maya Singhaniya (24 year old) : She is  beautiful & a ambitious girl belong to very rich family. (guys suggest any actress who suited on her role).

( Author’s note : I am posting  this fs  then only ,when my last one fs (When destiny become cupid) is completed. My last fs is going to end in next 5 shots . I will be irregular with this….so bear me).

I already told u the story plot but still u have to read this fs for one question.

Is Sanchi get her love ????

Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors. I know many of u angry from me that i am showing the love triangle but it is needed for storyline. Don’t forget to drop down ur comments & suggestions in comment box. Tell me if i continue this???
Be happy & Stay Safe guys.

Keep Smiling

Happy Diwali to all



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  1. Niyaaa

    Hey niyu awsome super duper intro nd sorry per abhi itna time nahi h mere pass sochne ka but kal soch kar bataugi maya ke liye koi naam abhi m sone jaa rahi hun warna kal late udhi to mmy meri bamd naja degi hope u understand bye kuch typing mistake ho gayi to dekh lena mujhe ni d aa rahi h bye gud ni8???

    1. Niyati

      Hey di , thank u so much for ur comment…Glad that u like this….Ye key itni raat km Kong jaagta hai…mummy to daantegi hi na …..Good afternoon di & TC….lots of love & ya, will post Rahasya today only….so be prepare Kathie Darr kar gir na jaana….hehe…just kidding.

  2. Neha7873

    Interesting Niyati ! Please continue

    1. Niyati

      Thanks di for ur comment….Glad that u like this….Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

  3. awesome epi di and happy diwali

    1. Niyati

      Thanks for ur comment dear …glad that u like this…lots of love & Happy Diwali lil sis.

  4. Riyarocks

    Niyu yaar, kamaal hi kar diya tune…..innings ke pehle ball par Maxwell & Gayle ki tarah hi sixer maar diya…..haha….. abt maya, mere iss chote se dimaag mein kayi naam aaye jaise ki sanaya pithawalla ya phir priyal gor ya phir kritika kamra………..these r my opinion, tu jo chhahe, tere saari choices sarr ankhon par……….meri chota packet, bada dhamaka(cpbd….haha)……luv u dherrrrrrr saaraaaaaaaaaaa sweetieeeeeeeeee……………

    1. Niyati

      Hey di, thank u so much for ur comment ….Glad that u like this….ya, will update soon & lots of love to u….I will think about ur choice didu??

  5. Khamoshi

    Interesting concept dear.. and i think Shilpa Anand (Riddhima of Dil mil gaye !!) Will suit the character of Maya.. nai to jennifer winget.
    As ur wish..just a suggestion ? post soon

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Mitu for ur comment sweetie…Glad that u like this….Ya, Jenny is good choice & lots of love to u.

  6. awesome
    name is maya then why don’t we take maya(jennifer winget) if you don’t have any problem

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment….glad that u like this….Ya, will update soon & lots if love to u….Jenny is good choice dear.

  7. Start it soon….plot(maya is ambitious….will go to foreign….settle there…kabir heartbroken and serious after that….sanchi will try to help him…kanchi will become friends…later kabir will know about sanchi’s feelings…kanchi moments…maya’s return to take revenge from sanchi as both’s parents are business rivals….kanchi vs maya….maya will realize her mistake….happy ending) will you write on this plot? TITLE suggested:-(SANCHI’S DREAM-> KABIR)

    1. Niyati

      Hey thank u dear for ur suggestion…I will try to fulfil ur wish dear….but I am really sorry as I don’t change title ….Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

      1. No problem…no need to change title….#readersRwaiting #kahaJayeYeDil ☺ i’m also on instagram…

      2. Ok.thanks niyu.

      3. Niyati

        Don’t say thanks dear we are friends..& I must say u have amazing plot,,….I like it more if u registered in TU & write by yourself bcoz I am sure u hide a great writer inside u ??

  8. Ziyarasheed

    Sounds interesting. Can’t wait….?. And what about Riya. Why don’t you make Riya instead of Maya. Anyway kabir will leave her for sanchi…??

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Ziya dear for ur comment….glad that u like this…I don’t want Riya’s interference in real show even in my fs.Ya,will update very soon & lots of love to u.

    2. Dhruti

      good idea dear ?????………….niyati Ziyarasheed ka idea superb he

      1. Niyati

        Hahaa….di ….har bar riya hi kyun phase…??

  9. Dhruti

    superb and interesting concept……………post next one soon and tc your health………

    1. Niyati

      Thanks di for ur comment….glad that u like this….ya, will update soon & lots of love to u….Ya, I will take care

  10. Interestig…. Update soon

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment….glad that u like this….ya, will update soon & lots of love to u.

  11. It looks interesting.. Post soon… Take care…

    1. Niyati

      Thanks sweetie for ur comment….glad that u like this…Ya, will post when my first one fs is completed….I will take care of mine….lots of love to u & take care

  12. Fntstic,,cncpt.. Update soon…##

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear for ur comment…..glad that u like this….ya, will update very soon…take care.

  13. Fntstic,,cncpt.. Update soon…##

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear.

  14. Anee

    hey Niyu….my dear lil sis plzzz continue it….& about Maya…really intersting to read this from u……loads of my dear….

    1. Niyati

      Aww…my sweetie pie thanks for ur comment.,.glad that u like this….ya, will surely update very soon & lots of love to u sweetie?

  15. Miss-Golgappa

    Hey bestie ✋….this intro is just suuupeeerbbb…..hm Maya should be a positive one so you can opt mugda chaphekar( Meri gher aayi ek Nanni Si Pari) or any other ….it’s your choice….I would just suggest you to take….mugda or drasti dhami as they are perfect for the role….both can play a Positive character very well…..take care sweetie

    1. Niyati

      Hey my bestie,…..thanks for ur such a sweet comment…..glad that u like this….ya, dear will think about ur choices….lots of love to u & take care my dear??

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