After so long I am writing an OS that also on our favourite couple ” SWASAN ” . The name is only sufficient to increase my heart beats from her normal rhythms .

Actually this one is a challenge OS on basis of a lyrics in watty where @ShiningPearl16 had tagged me to participate on it . I really loved this video . And I want to write an OS on this lyrics taking our heavenly couple #swasan .

So now I am stopping my bakbak and starting my one shot on our heavenly couple #swasan ?????.






#TIME :- 10 PM

A big bungalow is showing where two persons are talking in the lawn .

AP : You have remembered na from tomorrow Adi’s holidays are starting.

Man nodded his head positively in agreement and said looking at the sky : I have remembered and I will leave to fetch him at morning . So I will reach at the right time . You don’t worry mom ( said turning his face towards the lady’s direction and placed his left hand on lady’s shoulder) kal Adi hum sabke bich hoga . Bohot raat Ho chuki hai ( examining the sky ) aap ab sojayiye . Warna bimar hojayengi aur aapki Adi ko yeh bilkul pasand nahi hoga Ki uski princess apni khayal nahi rakh rahi hai.

AP laughed a little and nodded her head in agreement . ” PRINCESS ? ” her Adi call her on that name or should tell , this name has given by him . When he first time heard the word ” PRINCESS ” from his dad , he asked the meaning of the word ” PRINCESS. ” . And When he knew the meaning, he also demanded a PRINCESS for him like his dad. And from that minute she made his Adi’s ” PRINCESS “.

Like dad his son is also having same possessiveness about on her . Both dad and son have inherited the same possessiveness , passion , madness and love for their respective ” PRINCESS ” .

She chuckled remembering Adi’s last encounter with Dhrub . When his cousin brother had held her hand and how badly he bit Dhruv’s border line palm . For which he took a TT vaccination . After that he has never dared to come near her .

She picked up a family photo where a couple has sitted on a swing happily and a 6 years old boy has stood at their front making a tiger face like he is roaring and his both hands ae swinging on air making a claw like a tiger .

AP : I MISS YOU ALL ( Caressing the frame in her glistering eyes )





First man: I won’t go back there.

Second man : Till when you will run away from the truth . Why don’t you accept it and tell it to Adi . You don’t think ,Adi is having all rights to know about the truth, about his mom. . Please tell him the truth .

First man was going to tell something but interpreted by a little boy who came near running towards him where a puppy was following behind him.

He said cheerily embracing first man’s leg : I am first …i am first where the puppy sat beside the man’s foot and caressing his face on his foot palm .

First man : ( holding boy’s ear ) why you were running like this . ( looking towards the puppy )

Boy : sorry dad ( said in a heavy patting voice making a cute face ) Jago and I were racing with each other .

First man : Jago ???? ( in a questioning voice)

Boy : ( sat before Jago freeing his ears from man’s hold ) yes…. JAGO , I have given this name to him . Nice name na dad ( said excitedly ). Dad , meet my new friend ( again looking towards Jago ) SORRY Jago to troubling you like this . ( bite his tongue recalling something) I am taking back my ” Sorry ” ok . Kyun Ki dad humesha kehte hain ” dosti main NO THANK U AND NO SORRY ” . Tum toh mere dost hona ( caressing his upper body ) toh main tumhe ” SORRY ” kyun bolun ( said in his cute soft voice ) .

Boy : Arey yaar ( placing his left hand on his head ) Maine toh tumse abhi tak friendship hi nahi Ki hai . Toh tum mere dost kaise bonoge.

Hi , I am Adi ( forwarding his right hand ) now shake your hand with mine Jago . ( jago did the same which Adi told him to do. )

Adi : Now eat it . ( fed a dairy milk silk to Jago ) you know mamma always said , ” Khushi ko humesha chocolate kha kar celebrate karna chahiye ” . And today is the most important day for both of us . After all today you has made my friend . ( said taking Jagu in a bone crushing hug )

The second man : ( said placing his hand on first man’s shoulder ) Sanskar bhai ( first man is Sanskar and second man is Laksh ) he is the carbon copy like both of you and Bhabhi .

Sanskar vigorously nodded his head and kneeled down before Adi .

Sanskar : ( caressing his hairs and face ) from today your vacation is starting. Your Laksh chachu has come to fetch you with him . Be a good boy ( where arranging his collar ) won’t irritate your PRINCESS and Dhruv too ( in a warning voice ) . He is your little brother. I don’t want to hear a single complain from anyone about you ( said strictly) .

Adi : Ok dad said kissing on his cheek . You won’t come with me ??? ( in a questioning voice raising up his both little eyebrows )

Sanskar : No , not today . I will come there after some days . Ok and till then you will take care of yourself.

Adi : Ok dad kissing his another cheek. And please dad this time bring mamma with you. From six months mamma hasn’t come to meet with me ( said making a sad pout ) . After one week , my birthday is coming . That day I want my mamma . If she is busy on her work then take me to near her. I want to meet her with my new friend Jago . ( picking up Jago on his hand ) you want to meet mamma na say to dad where jago nodded his head positively. See dad he also want to meet mamma.

Sanskar : ( said caressing his hairs ) This time dad will surely take you to near your mamma said in a determining voice.

Adi : Thank you dad and love you ( kissed his cheek again )

Sanskar: Laksh take Adi with you ( Laksh was going to tell something but interpreted by Sanskar ) I will reach on home Adi’s birthday . So leave to worry about me . Saying it he turned his heels and walked away from there leaving Laksh and Adi with Jago ….




Sanskar : Why you do this with me ? Why you leave Adi and me alone here ? What will I answer his questions which i haven’t with myself? Why you leave me ?

Maine kaha tha na , tum mere liye bohot special Ho Swara . Aur main chahti hun humari story Bhi bohot special Ho . Aur humare Jane Ke baad Bhi logo Ki juban par ” SWARA AUR SANSKAR” Ka naam Ho. ” . Then why you leave me alone here where we promised with each other we live with each other and die with each other. Then why did you break that promise.

You said that na , humara rishta bohot pure and strong hai…. bade se bade tufaan bhi aye na humain koi alag nahin kar payega.

Then why did you break your promise? Why you left me here alone ? Why ? Why Swara ? Why????

Crying loudly placing his face inside his palms .

At that time he heard a koyal voice , who was singing in her sweet voice reminding to all that , the spring is coming , the romance is also coming behind following its path .

Flashback starts *********************

Swara: Arey main keh rahi hun na ,It works

Sanskar: Matlab tum koyal Ki awaz sun kar koi bhi wish mang lo toh tumhari wish Puri Ho jayegi .

Swara : Haan , you know mere sath yeh bohot baar hua hai , aur meri sari wish Puri hui hai

Sanskar: Haan isiliye uski awaz main itni dard hai. bicchari ro ro kar kabse bol rahi hai , ke Swara mujhse abb kucch wish matt mangna main Puri nahi kar paungi .

Swara : Tum dekhna, ek din tum bhi wish mangoge . ( in a determining voice )

Flashback end **********************

Sanskar : Jab iss baat par bhorosha nahi tha tab mangne Ki itccha bhi nahin thi , par aaj jab Biswas karna chahta hun toh chahkar bhi nahi mang sakta . ( painfully closed his eyes where some fresh tears slide down on his cheeks )




Adi : Dad why have we both come here ? ( asked examining the place )

Sanskar: After sometime you know about it .

Pointing towards a grave , Sanskar said : Go and give this flower on that cement floor ( forwarded a bouquet of roses )

Adi : But who is there ?( questioned in his soft sweet child voice )

Sanskar: Your granddad means your princess’s prince .

Adi : ( in an understanding way ) ohh and took the flowers bouquet from Sanskar’s hand and ran towards the grave and placed the flowers on it.

Joining his both hands said : Namaste dadu? . How are you ? Princess always misses you so so much ( showed enlarging his both hands ) .. Me too ….i mean dad also misses you . We all miss you without Jago because he has never seen you na . Today is my birthday and you know what now I am going to meet mamma . Dad has promised me , today i will meet with mamma . ( said happily)

Sanskar:( placing his hand on his shoulder) now let’s go . Mamma must be waiting for you .

Adi : Ok ( holding his dad’s hand ) daddu … Now I am going . I will tell my princess that, you are also missing her . Take care of yourself and bye ( waved his hand before the grave .

Both dad and son walked away holding each other’s hand.





A girl has slept peacefully on hospital bed . Many tubes , salines and machines are attached on her body . Her head is banded on a bandage cloth .

Sanskar and Adi entered inside the room. When Adi saw the girl he ran near her happily and hugged her tightly in his little hands .

Love you mamma … Adi missed you so much : Kissed on her cheek

Adi : Dad, why mamma are not talking with me ? Why she has slept like this ? You know na mamma doesn’t like hospital. When she will wake up , she must be quarrelled with you ?( placing his both hands on his hip )

Sanskar: I know ( picking up Adi in his arm ) but today mamma is tired . She needs some rest .

Adi : Then why didn’t she sleep in her room ? ( interrogated to Sanskar by his question)

Sanskar: Because there your dad will be present, who will disturb your mother sleep but no one here who will disturb her sleep .

Adi nodded his head in an understanding way

Adi : Ok . So let’s go dad, neither mamma will be waken up from her sleep and be angry on us .

Sanskar: ( landed him on floor ) you go .. Am coming behind you ..

Ok : Adi kissed his mamma’s cheek for the last time and Then left from there .

Sanskar: ( caressing her hairs lovingly ) please come back PRINCESS. Main aur nahi Sambhal sakta Adi ko . He needs you . Please back for him ….for me …we both need you … Without you we can’t live . Please humare promise ko todne matt do. …humari kahani ko aise end matt karo ….. Usse milkar hum dono ko special banani hai na …. Uske khatir bapas aa jao … I miss you and love you too ….he bent down little where his lips softly touched on her temple which was showing his longing and emptiness.

Screen froze on Swara and Sanskar’s kiss position where other hand Adi is playing with Jago at outside ………










************ THE END *************

So here I completed the lyrics challenge… It’s a very heart touching song …so I couldn’t stay away me from this challenge.

Thank you @ShiningPearl16 , to tagging me on this challenge.

On 29 Jan , I will complete my one year on writing. I was wanting to give all of you one OS at that time . But I think now it’s not possible for me . So this OS to all of you for my one year completion with #swasan fandom . Love you all for your all support which you have all showered on me and my books. Thanks alot for your love ❤.

Thank you ?

Have a nice day ?

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