Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 9)


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Swara is sleeping peacefully and Sanskaar is thinking about there past and happy Moments which they Spent with each other without any Ristrictions and Harted.

Sanskaar is looking at Swara

Sanskaar(in mind) : I Know Swara U R Hurt But I Have To Do It as There Is No Other Way To Keep U With Me.I Really LOVE u But I Don’t Know How To Express This.Why Why U Hate Me So Much? I Did Alll This For U And U Think That I Separated U From Ur Parents.I Promise Swara My Love Will Fill All Ur Wounds And U Again Become My Bubbly Swara Who Always Use To Tease Me And Enjoy All The Moments.

While Saskaar Was thinking about Swara he sees some movement in Swara’s hand And Sees That He Is Gaing Conciouseness.

When Swara Open her eyes at first she sees Sanskaar with blank expressions as she was trying to understand what happened.Then she remebered her Biddai And All The Drama created by Sanskaar and immdiately got up and sit on the bed with silent Expressions

Sanskaar Who was Observing Him said

Sanskaar : Go To Washroom and Change Ur Clothes As U R Looking Dull And I Don’t Want My Wife Look Dull.Go And Take A bath and yah Ur Clothes Are In Cupoard Take Them.

She didn’t utter a word and silently leaves for Washroom after taking her clothes from cupoard.

While he leaves for Washroom Sanskaar sat on the bed and waits for her to come out.

After Half an Hour she comes out and starts to comb her hain Sanskaar sees her from top to bottom she was wearing pink Saree ang looking Gorgeouse.

Tu hi haqeeqat khaab tu, dariya tu hi pyaas tu
Tu hi dil ki bekaraari tu sukun tu sukun
Jaau main abb jab jis jagah paau main tujhako uss jagah
Saath hoke na ho tu hai rubaru rubau
Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera
Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera

He Get up from the bed and moves towards her and hugs her from back.He Dugged her face in her wet hair and starts to smell her Hair.He put her long silky hair on her right sholder and kiss on her left Sholder which make Swara blush and Nervouse .

Aa tujhe inn baahon mein bhar ke aur bhi kar loon main kareeb
Tu juda ho toh age hain aata jaata har pal ajij
Iss jahaan mein hai aur na hoga mujhasa koi khushnaseeb
Tune mujhako dil diya hai main hoon tere sabase kareeb
Main hi toh tee dil mein hoon, main hi saanson mein basu
Tere dil ki dhadkano mein main hi hoon, main hi hoon
Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera
Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera

He Makes her turn towards him and kisses on her forehead then her teary eyes which are already closed.

Kab bhala abb yeh waqt gujare kuchh pata chalata hi nahi
Jabase mujhako tu mila hai hosh kuchh bhi apana nahi
Uff yeh teri palakein ghani si, chhanv inaki hai dilnashi
Abb kise darr dhup ka hai kyun ki hai yeh mujhape bichhi
Tere bina na saans loon tere bina na main jiu
Tere bina na ek pal bhi reh saku, reh saku
Tu hi haqeeqat khaab tu, dariya tu hi pyaas tu
Tu hi dil ki bekaraari tu sukun tu sukun
Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera

He caress her cheecks romentically and kisses them and then at her nose.

Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera
Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera
Tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera

He looks at her face which turns into red due to Shyness and said

Sanskaar : Finally I Got You Swara Now U R MINE only MINE and now No One Can Separate Us.

saying this he leans towards her lips and was about to kiss her.she came into her sences and pushed him back

Swara : Sanskaar U Only Got Me Not My Heart And Don’t Try To Come Near Me.You Can Use Ur Rights On Me But U Cannot Force Me To LOVE You.U Will Not Win My Heart Never Ever.

Sanskaar got shocked by Swara’s this statement and becomes angry

Sanskaar(angry): Fine Than Now I Only Come Near U When U Urself Ask Me To Come Near U Till Than I’ll Never Cross My Limits.

Swara (Smrikls) : Limits??? Look Who Is Talking About Limits.First U Forcefully Get Me Here And Now U R Trying To Show That How Great Are U By Not Touching Me?

Sanskaar(Angry) : I Am Not Showing Off And Now Its My “ZIDD”(Strubboness) That I Will Only Touch U When U UrSlf Ask mE For That.

Saying this he leaves from there and Swara sat on the Bed with Blank Expressions.



Sanskaar’s Room:

Sankaar is thinking about Swara’s words and becomes restless

Sanskaar : How can She Think about me.She thinks that i only want her body to satisfy my LUST.Why she can’t see y LOVE for herself in my Eyes.I LOVE HER MADLY and she is calling my LOVE LUST.I will never forgive u for this swara never.

Sanskaar(iner voice) : She doesn’t think about that she is just upset and she needs Time to Accept all these things.

Sanskar : May b U R write She needs time to Accept All These Things And I Will Give Her Time.



Swara’s Room :

*******Swara’s Point of View*******

What Happened to me why i can’t resist when he is Near to me.Why i always loose my Control.

How Can I forgot That what he has done.

First He Cheates me.

Second he forcefully took me here

Third He insult my Maa Papa in front of the whole Society by coming with Police.

No I will not forgive him so easily.I Hate Him.Now Wait And watch MR Maheswari what will i Do To Teach u A Good Lesson.

Just now u r facing a sweet and Week Girl But From Now On wards U Will Face A Brave And Independent Swara.

Get Ready Mr Maheswari for Ur Torture which U Give me Earlier And Now Its My Turn.





Swara was sleping in her Room just then she Hears Some noise.She get up from Bed And sees the time.Its 8:00 Am

She walks towards the Washroom and Take a bath.When she comes out from Washroom She sees A beautiful girl cleaning the Room.

Swara (to that girl) : Hi U Who R U? And What R U Doing In My Room?

Girl : Mam I M Suhana And I Work Here.Sir Had Appointed Me For The House Sholdes

Swara (in mind) : She is so young and beautiful.How can Sanskaar Appoint a Girl.Ahhh Mr Maheswari U R Getting into My Nerves.Well I have to Do Something To Get This girl Out From This House What Should I Do? Yah Idea

Suhana who was seeing Swara losts in her thouhts asks her

Suhana : What Happened Mam? Is There Any Problem?

Swara came into Sences

Swara : No….No There is Nothing To worry U Carry On.

Saying this she leaves From there and sat on the Dinning table for Breakfast.

After Sometime Sanskaar Also comes There Ans Sat on The Chair.Swara saw her and again losts in her thoughts.

Swara(in mind) : Wow He is Looking Handsom.I Feel Like Kissing Him.Wait What I Said I want to Kiss Him No No It Can’t Happened.Ahhhh Swara Control Ur Emotions And Focus On Ur Mission.

She came back To Sences Hearing Sanskaar’s Voice

Sanskaar : Suhana Suhana Where Is My Breakfast get it Fast I Have An Important Meeting.

Swara(in Mind) : How Mean He Didn’t Ask Me How I Am And Starts To Shout That Suhnaa’s Name.I Will Not Leave that girl.

Suhana comes from kitchen holding Sanskaar’s Breakfast

Suhana : Sorry Sir I’m Little Late

Sanskaa(smiles) : Its Ok.

Swara who was seeing all this becomes furious and said

Swara : Suhana will u Please Excuse Us I Want To Talk My Hubby Privatly.

Suhana : Yah Sure mam I M Going

Sanskaar becomes Shocks by Hearing swara’s Word

Sanskaar(in mind) : What Happened to her? Why He Is Behaving Like this(sweetly) There must be Something Cooking in her Mind.Sanskaar Beta Be Careful.

Swara waves her Hand infront of her

Swara : What Happened? Where u Lost?

Sanskaar : No…Nothing U Tell What U Wanna Talk To Me.

Swara (Fumbels) : Yah Wo…wo Actually I Wanna Say That……..(Takes a deeph Breath) U PLease Fire This Suhana I Don’t Like Her.

She sees Towards Sanskaar who is seeing her with Widen Eyes

Sanskaar : What she has done that U Don’t Like Her.

Swara : I Just Just Don’t Wana see Her Around U.I Don’t Like When She Comes Close To U

She said without realising what she said and then realise what she had done

Sanskaar(smiles) : So U R Jealouse Of Her

Swara : No….No I’m Not Jealose And Why Shold I. I Just Say For Ur Betterment But If U Don’t want To Listein To Me Then Do What U Want To Do.

Saying This She Leaves From There.

Sanskaar (Smiles) : Wow Miss Swara Gagodia Oops Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheswari Is Feeling Jealose From A Maid.I Must Say I Enjoyed It Very Much.It Mean She Still Cares About Me.Now U Wait And Watch Mrs Maheswari How I Make U Mine.

Saying this he leaves From there and goes towards the Gradge.




Sanskaar was About To Sit in The Car Just Then Swara Came There Running

Swara : Wait Wait

Sanskaar stops by hearing her Voice

Sanskaar : What?

Swara : I’m Also coming With U I Have A Job INterview.

Sanskaar : What??? Job Interview But Why ? What’s the need Of This.If U Want Anything Then Tell Me I will Give it To U.Why U Want A ob?

Swara : Oh Hello Mr Maheswari Who Said That I’m doing this Job For Money.I M Doing This To Divert My Mind As I Can’t Sit Here All The Day.

Sanskaar (in ind) : I Think she is Right She Need A Change and by Doing Job She Can Feel Better

Swara : Oh Hello Where U Lost?

Sanskaar : Ahhh Nothing Come Lets Go

They both Sat In The Car And Drove Towards Their Destination…………..


PERCAP : A New Entry AnD Swara …………….


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