Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 8)

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Swara ran inside the GH and reach in hall just than Shekar saw Swara’s scared face and asked

Shekar : Swara what happened beta is everything fine?Why are you running like this?

Swara(tensed) : Nothing Baba eveything is fine.

Saying this she was about to leave from there but Shaker Stopped him.

Shekar : Don’t lie Shona tell me what happened?

Swara(fumbels) : Wo papa wo…..

Shekar: what???

Swara : Papa Sanskaar….

Before she complete her sentence

Shekar : Now what he did? Does he again try to kidnap you? If that so I will not spare him this time tell me Swara tell me….

Swara : No papa he didn’t do anything.He just… Just

Shekar : What just?

Swara : He told me to inform you that he wants the date of my “BIDAAI”.

Shekar ; Whattt????

Swara: Yah papa and he told me if you try to interfere in our matter than he will do what he want.

Shekar: How dare he ??? What he think of himself I will not tolerate his Nonsense

Swara : Papa I think U should become agree on Sanskaar’s condition.I don’t want to risk ur reputation.I …..

Shekar cutts her words

Shekar: No Swara I will not let u to ruin your life.I will see that Sanskaar Maheswari.

Swara : But papa….

Shekar : Enough now no more talks about this topic you go and take some rest.

Swara with tensed face leaves from there.





Shekar was in His Room then His Phone starts Ringing.He sees the Caller ID Unknown Number.He Picks Up the Call

Shekar : Hello Who is This?

Person : Its Me Mr Gagodia Your One And Only One Son-in-law.

Shekar : U How Shameless U r I Have Insulted U Many Times But U Didn’t Have Self Respect Thats Why U Always Call Me To Insult U.

Sanskaar : Yah I M Shameless If Getting Back Ur Wife Is Shamelessness Then I m Shameless.(angry) Listein Mr Gagodia I M Warning U Last Time Give Me The Date Of Swara’s BIDAAI Otherwise Don’t Blame Me What Happened After That

Shekar : Do What U Want I Will Not Agree With Ur Nonsence.

Sanskaar ; Ok Then Mr Gagodia Be Ready For Swara’s BIDAAI

Saying this he cuts the call ………..




Sanskaar After cutting The Call Is Thinking Something And then He Again Dial A Number

Sanskaar : Hello I need Ur Help.

Person : Yah Ofcouse Tell Me What I can Do For U

Sanskaar : Time Has Come To Full Fill Our plan Is Eveyhing Is Ready?

Person : Yah Everything Is ready U just Order Us.

Sanskaar : ok We Will Meet Tomorrow.

After Cutting The Call

Sanskaar (in Mind) ; now You Will see Mr Gagodia Who Is Sanskaar Maheswari? Get Ready For Tomorrow.




The Next Day Is Passing With Pease And Happiness Just Then Someone enters the Gagpdia House.Shekar Who Was Sitting In The hall And Becomes Furious After Seeing The Person.

Shekar(angry) : What R U Doing Here in My House? Just Get Out From Here.

Sanskaar(Smrikls) : What’s The so Hurry Mr Gagodia.I am Here To Take My Wife With Me.

Shekar : She Is My Daughter Not Ur Wife Now Get Lost And…………..

Befofe Shekar Could Complete Her Sentence Police Enters In The GH

Shekar : Its Good That U R Here Inspector Sir.Please Arrest Him.

Inspector : No Mr Gagodia We Cant Arrest Him Infact We should Areest U As U R Forcing Ur Daughter To Take Divorce From Her Husband Because U Don’t like Him.

Just Then Swara And Shomi Also Come In The hall and Shocked To see The Sence Infront Of Them.

Shekar (Shocked) : What Are U saying Inspector I Didn’t Force My daughter For Divorce Infact It’s Her Decision.If U Don’t Belive Me then U Can Ask From Her?Swara Tell Them That What Is Truth?

Before Swara Could Told Them Somthing Inspector Cut Her Sentence……….

Inspector : Mr GagodiaWe Dont Meed To Ask Her As We Already Know Her Decision

Saying this he Handover The Papers to Shekar.Shekar become shocked After Reading the,m and looks Towards Swara Angrily.

Shekar(Angry) : What Is This Swara?

He Handover The Paper To Swara Who was Confused From her Father’s Behaviour Reaads the Papaer and lokks Towards Sanskaar With Shocking Expressions.Sanskaar Smrikls seeing her.Then Swara Remember That She Signed The Papaer Which sanskaar gave To her and She Didn’t Read Them.Shekar angrily Left The Hall And Goes Towards His Room.

Inspector : Now Mr Gagdia let Us Do Our Duty and Don’t Interfere(to Sanskaar).Mr Maheswari Take Ur Wife And Come Outside.

Swara was Standing like a Statue After Reading The Papers Sanskaar Goes Towards Her And Helgd Her Hand.

Shomi(Crying) : Plz Sanskaar Take Care Of My Shona. Don’t Hurt Her.

Sanskaar : Don’t Worry Maa I Will.

Sanskaar makes Swara Sit In The Car And Starts The Car.Swara Was Weeping Silently.Sanskaar Who Saw Her weeping Trun The radio On.


Mat aazmaa re, phir se bula re
Apnaa banaa le, hoon beqaraar
Tujh ko hi chaaha, dil hai yeh karta
Aa betahaasha tujh se hi pyar
Hasaratein baar baar baar baar yaar ki karo
Khwahishein bar bar bar bar yaar ki karo
Chaahatein baar baar baar baar yaar ki karo
Mannatein bar bar bar-bar yaar ki karo..

Sanskaar Starts to enjoy The Song And Starts Lipsing Making Swara Angry.She Stops The Radio in Anger And Throw Out The Cd From Car’s Window.

Sanskaar Understand Her Anger And Stops Wishling And starts Driving Seriously.After Sometime They Reach The SH And Sanskaar Stops The Car In garadge And Open The Door For Swara.

She Didn’t Utter A word And Goes Towards The Room(Where She Stayed Before When Sanskaar Kidnap Her).Sanskaaar Goes Behind Her And Shocked To see The Sence.

The Whole Room was Messed All The Things Are On The Floor, Vase was Broken, Bedsheet is on the Floor, And Pillows Are Also On The Floor And Moreover Swara Is Sitting on The Floor And Crying Instanly.After 30 Mintues Sanskaar Gives Her A glass Of Water And She Immediately Drank The Whole Water as She was weeping From Very long Time.she Sleeps after Drinking water On The Floor And Our Hero Picks Her Up And lie Her On The Bed and Sat Beside Her.

*******FB STARTS*******

Sanskaar’s Point Of View

Oh Man She is Weeping From A Long Time If She Didn’t Stop Weeping Then It Will Affect On Her Health I Have To Do Something To Calm Her Down.Then He Suddenly Got A Igea And Mix A Sleeping Pill In water And gave It To Swara.

*******FB ENDS*******


PERCAP : Swasan Noke Jhoke And Jealously…………..!!!!!!!


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