Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 7)

Hi Guys I know that the last episode was not that much Good but i’m sure U like this very much




Seeing Shomi And Shekar Swara Run Towards Then And Hugged Then Tightly And Starts To Cry

Shomi(crying) : My Shona! Are You Fine? U Know How much Worried Were We Where Have You Been Last Night?

Shekar (worried) : Shomi Relax. Now our Shona is here with Us Now Please Relax and Make her Sit First.

Shomi : Oh Yah you Are Right.Come Shona Sit Here

Shomi Makes Swara Sit on The Sofa

Shekar : Beta Are You Fine? Priya Told Us That Some Goons Kiddnap You.Who Are They? Did They Do Anything With You? Tell Me Beta? I Will Kill Them.

Swara(Crying) : no Baba I’m Fine and Goons Kiddnap Me Because………(hesitate)

Shomi(worried) : Because What Beta Tell

Swara (Hesitantly) : Because Sanskaar Ask Them To Kidnap Me!

Shekar(shocked) : What Sanskaar?How Dear he kidnap You Now I will Not Leave Him I’ll Kill him

Swara(worried) : No Papa He Didn’t Do Anything With Me.He Just Want To Talk With Me.That’s it Please Papa don’t Do anything please

Shekar (Angry) : No Shona Not Now Before Two Years You Stops Me Taking An Action Againt Him Not now and Yah I’ll Talk To Lawyer And Ready The “DIVORCE PAPERS”.

SWara : But Papa.

Shekar cutt her off by raising her hand to stop

Shekar : Did You Forget What He Did With You.Do You Still Think That He Loves You> No He Didn’t He Cheated You.Now I Will Not Spare Him How Dare He Try To Kidnap YOu.I Will File A Case Againt Him In Police Station.

Swara (Worried) : No Papa Please Don’t Do This.Ok You want me To Give Him DIVORCE I’ll Agree With Your Condition But Please Don’t File A Case Againt Him

Shomi : Shekar Swara Is Right Don’t File A Case At Least Think About AP ji She Was A Kind Hearted And Good Lady.Please Think once Again

Shekar : ok Shomi If U Say So I drop The Idea Of Filing The Case But That Doesn’t Mean I Also Drop the Idea Of DIVORCe.

Shomi : Shona Come You Must Be tired Have Some Rest.

She leaves from there with Swara And Shekar Is Still Standing in The Hall Thinking About Something.




Shomi And Swara Enters And Shomi Make Swara Lies On The Bed SAnd Ahe Sits Deside Her On The Bed And Keep Her Head In Her Lap

Shomi : Shona You Sleep For Sometime.I’m Here

Swara ; Maa I Want Some Time Alone.Will You Please Leave Me Alone For SomeTime?

Shomi : Ok Shona I’m Going But If You Need Anything Then Call Me. Ok Beta

Swara : G Maa

Shomi Leaves From there And Swara Is Still ThinkinG About Shekar’s Word That :He Cheated You”

Swara (Crying) : Why Sanskaar Why ? Did You Chaet Me.I LOved You from The Bottom Of My Heart But Tou Cheated Me.I’ll Never Forggive You.May Be papa Is Right.You Don’t Deserve Me.

She Starts Crying and thinking about the incident which Changed her life Completely……

*******FB STARTS*******

Note: Guys its A sence when Sanskaar leaves from Swara’s House The After !1 week

Swara was sitting in her room and still Thinking About Sanskaar.

Swara(in Mind) : sanskaar said that DP uncle wants that Sanskaar give DIVORCE to Swara that’s why He created all this mess.What should I do Know.If Sanskaar is Saying True than I have to talk to him but how i even don’t know where he is?Ahhh Sanskaar where are you? Please come Back I want to belive on You please

suddenly her phone rang.Ske sees some unknown number and picks up the call

Person : Are U Swara?

Person : Its Non Of Your Business If You Want To Meet Sanskaar Then Come To Room No 202 in xyz Hotel

before Swara could ask further ther Person cut the call leaving Swara worried and Confused

Swara (tensed) : what should I do know? I think I should go and check for once may be Sanskaar needs my help.

she takes her bag and leaves for the Hotel.

After reaching the Hotel she goes towards the Room No 202 and was about to Knock but she Heard Sanskaar’s Voice.She touches the Door And the door opens as its not locked and the SENCE which she sees was Horrible for her.

A girl is kissing Sanskaar and that girl is non other than Taniyaa.Sanskaar puches Taniyaa and was about to leave than he sees Swara Standing with Shocked Expressions.

After seeing Sanskaar she starts to run from there and the tears are coming out from her eyes.Sanskaar also runs behind her.

Sanskaar : Please swara listen to me once please

He Catches Swara’s Hand at the end of the Coridoor

Sanskaar : Please Swara At Least listein to me Once.The thing Which You see its Not True.You Are Misunderstanding me Please Give Me a Chance . I’ll Ex[plain you everything.

Swara(crying) : No I don’t need any explanation.I Have seen Everything Please Leave My hand

Sanskaar : No I’ll not leave your Hand Untill You Listein To Me

Swara : No I will not i have Seen Everything with my eyes.U know Baba was Right.U Are a Characterless………


Before She Could Complete Her Sentence A mark of Hand was On Her Face.She Holds her face and feels pain and shocking looks towards Sanskaar.

Sanskaar (Angry) : ENOUGH Swara ENOUGH is Enough.U Know What Now I Don’t Give Any Explaination To You.To Hell with You And To Hell With your Dirty Mind.U think What U want to Think.

Sanskaar leaves from there angrily leaving Swar in Shock.She breaks down and starts to cry by remebring his words and act.

*******FB ENDS*******

Swara was sleeping when her Phone rang.Shekar Was Passing From Her Room and Saw her Phone ringing And picks Up The Call

Shekar : Hello

Person(Tauntly) : Oh Mr Shekar Gagodia How Are You?

Shekar : Who Is This?

Person : I didn’t expect this from You Mr Gagodia

Shekar(angry) : How Dare you call my Daughter.I Will Not Spare You Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Mr Gagodia Relax Swara Was your Daughter but now she is my Wife and I Have Full Rights on her.You Can’t Stop Me

Shekar(angry) : How Dare You Call Swara as Your Wife.I am applying for DIVORCE now i’ll see how You Get Swara

Sanskaar(calmly) ; Mr Gagodia Don’t waste Your Enegy Please Save it for Your Lovely Daughter’s “BIDAAI”.Now Please tell Me when will I come To Take My Wife ?

Shekar(angry) : ENOUGH i’ll Never give my dauhhter’s Hand to a shamless and characterless Person Like You

Sanskaar(angry) : Bsssss Mr Gagodia I ‘m Listeing to You That doesn’t mean You can say anything about my Character.And yah i don’t need any character Certificate from You.I Am asking You Final Time Give Me The date OF swara’s “Bidaai” Otherwise What will Happened then Don’t Blame me.

Saying this he cuts the call

Shekar (angry) : I will Not Spare That Sanskaar.How Dare He Talk To Me Like This.I’ll Show Him Who Is Shekar Gagodia.




everyone is sitting on the Dinning table and having Breakfast.Then they Hear the ringing bell of the door.

Swara : i’ll see U Sit Mom

Swara goes and open the Door and sees the Person becomes Happy

Swara(happy) : Priya How are U Know

Priya : Swara Are U Fine? I was so worried For U.Who are they goons who kidnap You.

Swar : First come inside i’ll tell U Everything than

They go inside and sat on the Dinning table

Shomi : Priya bata How Are U And U Here At Morning Is everything ok at your House?

Priya : yah Anty I’m Fine and everything is also fine at Home.I come here to pick Swara.

Swara : Where are we going?

Priya : Sorry Swara I forgot to tell You That today is Shanaya(Priya’s Cousin) Birthday and I want to buy a Gift.And You Know na Yor Choice is Best So Will U Acompany me

Swara Yah Sure Why Not.

Shekar : Be Careful Beta If something Happens Then Call Me

Swara : ok Papa

They Leave From There And Reach The Shopping Mall.




Sanskaar is sitting on the dinning table and having brakfast.Suddenly his phone rang and see the caller ID rahul

Sanskaar : Yah Rahul Tell What Happened?

Rahul : Sir Mr Gagodoia has Filed the DIVORCE case for U and Bhaabhi

Sanskaar : What?? Are You Sure That this Information Is Right?

Rahul : yes Sir

Sanskaar : Ok And Yah Rahul Is Swara At Home Or Not?

Rahul : No Sir Bhaabhi is not at Home She has gone out With her friend.

Sanskaar : Rahul can U Tell me that where she Has gone?

Rahul : Yah sir She Has Gone To xyz Shopping Mall

Sanskaar : ok Bye

He cutts the call thinks for sometime and after a determined mind he get up from the chair and Drove towards the Mall




Swara and Priya are shopping and Priya buy the gift for Shanaya and they were enjoying there Lunch in the Cafe and Priya’s Phone Starts Rinnging.She takes the call and after cutting the call she comes to Swara.

Priya : Swara I need to go I have a Important Work I am Sorry I can’t Drop You At Home.

Swara : Its Ok Priya I Will Manage U Go

Priya : ok Bye Take care

saying this Priya leaves from there and Swara also comes out from the Mall And is waiting for a Texi at Road.Just than a Black Car Comes and stop infront of her and A Handsom Person comes out from it.Swara first becomes Shock to see the Person Later Her Eyes Trun to red with Anger.

Swara was about to go From There but That Person Hold Her Hand

Person : Swara Sit in The Car I Want To talk to You.

Swara : No Mr Sanskaar Maheswarri I Am not going with You.

Sanskaar(Angry) : Don’t Creat A seen at the Road sit in the Car Silently other wise i have to make u sit in the car.

Swara heard warning in her Voice And Sat in the Car Silently.sanskaar also sit beside her at front seat and Starts to Drive The Car.

Swara : I want To Go Home Please Drope Me At My Home.

Sanskaar : Ok But First I need To told U Something

Swara : Say

Sanskaar stops the Car At A Silent Place and turns Towards Swara

Sanskaar ; Listein Swara Ask Ur Baba Not To Interfere in Our Matter Otherwise things get Complicated and…….

Swara cutt off his Words by saying

Swara : He is My Dada And He Has Full Right to interfere in this Matter And Yah Mr Maheswari We Are Getting DIVORCE so Please Stop Following Me I will never Live With U Because U cheated Me

Sanskaar becomes angry and held Swara’s Arm tightly Making her feel pain

Sanskaar : Enough swara I Am Warning u Last Time That don’t Try To act Smart With Me as U KNow me Very well now.I’m Not That Old Sanskaar Who Can Tolerate Everything I Will Not Tolerate If Anyone Insults Me.And U R My Wife and Tell Your So cold Dad That Give Me The Date Of Ur “BIDAAI” Otherwise Don’t Blame Me What will happen Next.

Swara who was feeling pain in his Grip said

Swara : Sanskaar Leave me its Paining

Sanskaar realised what he done and leave her arm and agin starts to dive towards GH and stops the Car infront Of GH.

Before Swara Get Down From The Car

Sanskaar : Swraa Remember My words Don’t Try To Creat Complications

Swara simply nodes her Head and runs inside the GH………..


PERCAP : Swara’s BIDAAI With ……..DHAMAKA…….????? Guess Guys till than Bye.!!!


I hope I’m Entertaining U All PLease Leave Ur Periouse Comments…..!!!!

Credit to: Rosey


  1. Nice……but please don’t separate swasan….I know u will give a biggest shock…..but please make the no jok romance between swasan but not separation…..I like the character of sanskar in ur ff

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