Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 6)

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Swara is crying and remebering their past moments.The moments when they spent the quality time.The moments in which their hole world lies in between them.


Sanskaar : Swara you know you are my life.The time from when you came into my life my life become beautiful and I want to spent my whole life with you.

Swara : No Sanskaar it’s not me who made your life beautiful.Its you who make me complete.U know the time when I saw U first Time my heart began to beat fast.At first I didn’t realise it that it is LOVE but with the passage of time I started to feel for you more and then I relise that I can’t imagine my life without you.You are my soul Sanskaar.A human being can live without food water but he can’t live without its soul and my SOUL is you I LOVE U SANSKAAR I LOVE U SO MUCH.Please never leave me otherwise I will become a body without soul.

Sanskaar : Shhhh (he places his index finger on her lips) never ever try to say that again.I will never leave you never and I promise that.

*******FB ENDS*******

Swara sleeps while rememebering their past moments but the sign of tears are still visible.




Sanskaar comes inside the room and see Aware is sleeping but her tears marks are still there.He slowly touches his face and miss on her forehead.

Sanskaar(sad) : I am sorry Shona. I know you are very sad but I can’t let you go if you from here then I know your father will never give your hand to me.I am doing all this because I can’t live without you and moreover I promise to my mom that I never ever leave your hand in my life untill the time l am alive.I hope one day you understand me and forgive me whole heartdly.I LOVE U SHONA.

Saying this he places a soft kiss on her forehead.Aware smiles on her sleeps as she feels the touch of her husband.He thinks the Day when he propose her and bcomes happy.

*******FB STARTS*******

Sanskaar Blindfold Swar and takes her to a place.

Sanskaar : Stay here i’ll be back in 5 mintues.

Swara stands there and wait for Sanskaar 5 mintues but when he didn’t come back she becomes panick and started to call her name and remove the cloth on her eyes.As the whole place was dark so she was unable to see the things.

Swara ; sanskaar sanskaar Where are U Please come out.U Know That How Much I scared From Darkness Please Come out.Its not a Time To joke please

Saying this she Starts Moving And Suddenly She hits her leg with Something and was about to fall but two strong Hands Catch Her.She Sees its Sanskaar And said

Swar : where Have You Been Sanskaar and…………

Before she could say further the Place Lights up And it Was beautifully Decorated With roses and lights and Candles.She sees that its Sanskaar’s Farm House.

Swara : sanskaar it…….

He places his Index Finger on her Lips

Sanskaar : sssshhhhhhh Come

He takes her towards the swwing pool where a table is set for two persons and in the mid of the Pool Its was written I LOVE YOU with rosepetals and the Diyas are Floating on the pool making it beautiful.Swara becomes over welhmed by this and hugs him

Swara : Its beautiful Sanskaar i Loved it.

Sanskaar : So lets have some dinner first then I’ll show you rest of the suprise.

She simply nodes and they sat and begin to eat Dinner then Suddenly It starts Rain and they ran inside the Farm House.Swara starts Squees badly and Sanskaar ask her to chage and give her his shirt.

Sanskaar : swara U Change Your Clothes here take this shirt and come out.

She goes from there and gets chage…………

Sanskaar was mesmerised to see her in that shirt and was about to kiss her

Sanskaar : swara I never cross my limits before marriage I Promise

Saying this he kiss on her forehead softly and they sat and talks for hours………



*******AT EVENING*******

Sanskaar is sitting in the lawn and watching the tv.In the other side Aware wakes up and sees the time and again becomes sad.She thinks for a while and then decide to talk to Sanskaar for a last time.She step out from the room and hear the sound of tv so she moves towards the Hall and sees that Sanskaar is sitting on the sofa and watching tv.She silently goes towards him and stands behind him.She was gaing courage to talk to him.Sanskaar feels her presence but shows that he is busy ibn watching tv as he know that for what purpose she has come here.

Finally she gains some courage and said

Swara(hesitantly): Sans….sanskaar!!!

Sanskaar turns her hear towards her and looks with questioning expressions.

Swara: I want to talk to you.

Sanskaar : yah tell me.I’m listening.

Swara(feels her gauze) : I….I want to go home.(before he could say something she cut off by saying) Please first listein to me then talk.I know Sanskaar you are hurt by our parents act.They try to separate us but this is not the right way to do all these things.My maa baba must be worried about me and moreover the people will talk badly to them by saying that their daughter ran away with his loverMeans they think that I m characterless

Sanskaar becomes angry by listening the word characterless

Sanskaar (angty) : How can they say like that you are my wife and I have full rights on you.Who the he’ll they are point in your character.

Swara ; Exactly Sanskaar see you can’t even hear this word then how can you face them and my maa baba did you ever think about their situation.Please Sanskaar try to understand this BIDDAI has some rituals and we have to perform them(when she see that her words are affecting on her she carry on) Sanskaar I know you love me very much but please try to understand the situations please

Sanskaar : Ok if you want this then ok. But I have a condition .

Swara(happy): What???

Sanskaar : You have to pick up my call whenever I call you ok and you have to convince your baba for your official BIDDAI ok.

Swara (happy) ; ok I will

Sanskaar : That’s like my girl.Wait here I’ll be back.

Saying this he leaves from there and after 5 minutes come back.He has done documents in her hand.He handover those papers to Swara.

Sanskaar : If you want to go home then sign on them

By listening word home she immediately sign in them and didn’t read what’s written in them.Sanskaar was observing her expressions.

Sanskaar(in mind) : How happy she is I think I never be able to understand her.These girls ahhhh please God help me.

As soon as she sign on the paper Sanskaar snatch the paper without giving her the chance to read.

Sanskaar : Now let’s go.I’ll drop you at your home(saying this he moves forward but she didn’t follow him.He stops and sees her with question look)now what??

Swara ; Sanskaar how can I go home like this(she point in her situation as she was wearing Sanskaar’s shirt).At least five me 5 minutes to change the clothes.

Sanskaar : Ok I’m waiting outside near the car come fast(saying this he walks out of the hose)

Swara happily goes towards the room and change her clothes and goes towards the car where Sanskaar was already standing seeing her he sat in car and she sat beside him and drive towards the GH.After sometime he stops the car in front of GH.As soon as he stops the car she immediately ran inside the house without uttering a word and Sanskaar also leaves from there.

As she enters the housee she shouted

Swara( happily shouted) : Maa Baba where are u???Look your shona is back.

As soon as Shomi and Shekar heard her voice come out from there room and becomes happy to see their daughter and ran towards her and but her…..




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