Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 5)


Hi Guys i’m Back with another episode of my ff.So lets start

SENCE – 1 :


As the Water starts to flow on both of them making them fully drenched.Swara was feeling very Nervous and Scared.She starts moving backward and stops moving backward because her back was touching the Wall.Sanskaar was busy in admiring her beauty.He touches her cheeks sensationally and kissed them making her more nervouse.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Then he leaned towards her lips but she turned towards the wall.Now sanskkar is facing Swara’s back.He touches her back sensationally She feels his touch and closes her eyes.Sanskaar kept her wet hair on her sholder and kiss there and relese hot breath making her more nervous and shiver with his touch

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

He kisses on her back 3 times and relese his hot breath on her soft skin.Swara clenched his kurti tightly.Now he make her turn towards her and makes her see in his eyes by lifting her chin with his hand.He was about to kiss her but he stopped and see Swara’s expressions and came back to senses and leaves her.

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera

He moves aways from her and see she was still nervous.He was about to go but swara’s chain(which she was wearing aroung her neck and this chain was given by Sanskaar) Stuck in his shirt’s button.Sanskaar was happy to see that chain in swara’s neck she tries to remove that chain from his shirt’s button but its not removing.Sanksaar touches her hand and she sees in his eyes and frees her button Sanskaar open that button in whom the chain was stuck and let it go and move away from her.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Sanskaar : You take a bath i’ll go and prepare something for breakfast.

Swara (Hesitantly) : B-Butttt I have no clothes to wear.

Sanskaar suddenly relise that she was saying ture and said

Sanskaar : Wait here i’ll back

He goes from there and open his cupboard and gets a white shirt and again goes towards the Washroom and said

Sanskaar : Take this and gets chage

Swara : How Can i wear this.I’m not wearing this (Before she complete his sentence she starts sneasing badly)

Sanskaar(Worried) : swara i’m warning you wear this or else

Swara(Challenging) : Or else what Mr Maheswari.

Sanskaar : Or else i have to change your clothes by myself and I Know you don’t want this thing.So better do as I say and come fast after changing.

Saying this he leaves from there lefting swara in anger

Swara (Angry in mind) : Now what should i do if I Don’t listein to him then he will (She shakes her head) No No it can’t happened.Ahhhh( She shouted) I HATE YOU SANSKAAR !!!! HATE YOU

Sanskaar who was standing outside smiles and said


Saying this he leaves from there and goes to kiten and make breakfast and again comes in the room and sees that Swara is still in the washroom.

Sanskaar(Shouted0 ; now come outside dear wiffy your breakfast is ready.

Swara (From inside the washroom) : no i’m not coming outside

Sanskaar goes towards the door and tries to open but it was locked from inside and gets angry

Sanskaar(Angry) : Swara I’m warning you come outside otherwise i’ll come inside and then what happened You know that

Swara(Laughing) : How can you come inside Mr Maheswari because the door is locked.Are You a Superman who break the door(And starts laughing loudly making Sanskaar more angry)

Sanskaar who was standing outside what to do

sanskaar(in mind) : Now how should i open the doorSuddenly he gets an idea and smiles Evilly.

Sanskaar(Teashingly) : Ok don’t open the door I Myself open the door Because I Have Duplicate keys of every room indulging there Washroom.Now its your choice Shona If You Open the door by Yourself Then I’ll Leave You But If I open the Door Then You Know What Will I’ll Do.I’m Giving you 5 mintues.

Swara who was enjoying Sanskaar’s Situation Gets tensed and Decide to open the door as she know if he open the door then he will not spare her so she open the door and comes outside.Sanskaar who was sitting on the couch gets mesmerised seeing Swara in white shirt which was on her kneels.She was looking very nervous.He was lost in her beauty but come back to his senses by seeing her tears.

Sanskaar(worried) : What Happeed shona? Why are you crying?(Goes toiwards her and place his hands on her shoulders)

Swara(Crying) : I want to go back home.Please Sanskaar Please(He clearly heared the pleading tone in her voice but stay strong)

Sanskaar sits on couch again and said : Swara have some breakfast Don’t make me angry again by talking your useless talks.Sit here and have your meal.You Are already very weak.Come Sit

Swara sees that nothing is effecting on him and sits silently on couch beside him but still weeping silently

Sanskaar(Irritated) : Swara please for God Sake stop crying I’m fed up from all these things.

Swara stops crying and gets a little scared sanskaar relise what he said

Sanskaar(Softly) : Swara I’m sorry ok leave all these things and have this (He gives a toast to her.She starts eating but actually she was not eating she was just crushing that piece in her teeths Sanskaar who saw this gets angry) Swara I Have given you a piece to eat not to play eat properly and have this juice also

Swara eats the breakfast and was sitting silently on the bed trying to stop her tears.Sanskaar who was observing her gets up from couch and goes towards her

Sanskaar : Listen Swara I’m Saying this last time.Accepet the reality from now onwards this is your house and feel free to do anything but please stop crying.I HATE TEARS IN YOUR EYES!!! (Saying this he goes towards the door and again turned to see her and said) I ‘m going to take a sleep Because i was awaking the whole night now you enjoy your feedom till than and yah don’t try to run away from here as the door is looked and don’it even dare to harm yourself otherwise i’ll not spare your mom and dad.(Saying this he leaves)

Swara who was lisenting to him again starts crying loudly

Swara(to herself) : why Sanskaar Why You are doing this.I thought You love me but i didn’t thought that You do all these things to make me yours…and maa baba i even don’t know how they are? Please God Help me please….Make Sanskaar understand that its not right.


PRECAP : Swara returns to GH……….


Hi Guys i’m glad that you all are liking my FF and please encourage me for futher twists and do comments and tell me about your views……..!!!

Credit to: Rosey

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