Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 4)

Hi Friends i’m back and sorry for wait noe let’s start
Shomi(crying) : My Shona!!! Where are you? Please Come Back Please.Shekar My Shona Please Do Something Please (Shaking Shekar who is worried and calling Police)
Shekar(Worried) : Shomi Please Be Calm.I’m Trying please stay Silent
Shomi(crying) : How can I Stay Calm Shekar.Here our Shona Is Missing and You Are Saying Me To Clam.Bhagwaan Jaany Meri Bachi Kiss Condition Mein Ho Gi.Please Shekar Bring My Shona.If Something Happened to Her Then I’ll Also Die(Crying more loudly)
Shekar : Don’t Worry Mishti.Nothing will Happen to our Shona.She must be fine.We will find her(try to consol Shomi)

*************Swara’s Point Of View***********
I feel that I’m lying on a cosy and soft bed.I’m Feeling Headach.I try to open my eyes but due to Headach i can’t.I Slowly open my eyes but i didn’t see anything because the place is dark.I start to remember everything and suddenly i got scared and get up from the bed.I put my Legs down from the bed and starts to walk as the room is still dark so i’m unable to see things and suddenly I heard a voice from outside like someone is coming.I got very scared and go towards the bed and ley down in same position in which i was before.I Heared the sound of opening the door and immegiately closed my eyes and pretends that i’m still unconsiouse.I feel someone’s presense as i was scared but i stay calm.I feel someone holding my hand and talking to me.I found that voice familiour and slowly open my eyes and i was shocked to see the person in front of me.
*************Swara’s Point of View Ends******

Swara(shocked) : YOU????
Person : Yah me! How are you Feeling now?
Swara is shoked and num to see the person and can’t even react
Person (Shaking Swara) : Are You Alright Shona? (Saying this he cups her Face)
Swara came into sences and Jerks his Hands and stand up
Swara (Angry) ; What are You doing here Sanskaar? And how i did come here.
She was trying to understand and continously thinking and holds her head in both hands like its paining.She was going to fall but Sanskaar holds her and make her sit on the bed.
Swara (Jerks His Hands) : Don’t Touch me Tell me How I came here? (Sanskaar is still Silent) Tell me Dammit. I’m Asking you something.
Sanskaar : I brought you here.I Haire some goons to kiddnap you and bring you here.Now if you got your answer than stay calm I’ll go and bring something for you to eat.

Swara is shocked by his statment and become angry
Swara (Angry0 : how Dare you to Kiddnape me and bring me here.I’m Leaving from here right noow (Saying this she goes towards the door and tries to open it but her bad lucl the door was looked(
Swara(Angry and Shouting) : Give me the Keys and let me go
Sanskaar sit on the sofa and said
Sanskaar(Calmly) : So You want to go back Home? Right?
Swara simply nodes her head in Yes
Sanskaar : If You want to go back Home so you have to follow my Conditions then i’ll let you go to your Home.
Swara(Confused) : Which condition?
Sanskaar stood up and goes towards Swara And said in her Ear

Sanskaar(Romantically) :You have to become my complete Wife
Swara doesn’t undetstand him and still confused
Swara (Confused) : Sanskaar what are You Saying? I’m already Your Wife I can’t understand what you are trying to say
Sanskaar holds Swara from her waist and pulls her more closer.Swara was shocked by his act and tries to free herself but he didn’t let her go
Sanskaar (In a Husky Voice ) : Then i’ll make you understand (Saying this he kissed on her cheeks romantically.Swara was breathing heavily and pushed Sanskaar with his all force)
Swara(Scared) : What is this Sanskaar? I’ll Never ever do this Never…….
She starts crying vigrously.Sanskaar tries to consol her but she didn’t let him to come near her
Swara(Crying) : Please Sanskaar let me Go.Maa Baba must be worried for me.I Want to go home.Please let me go
Sanskaar Becomes angry by listeing Baba word from Swara’s mouth and said
Sanskaar : Sorry Swara I Can’t let you go.From now onwards this is your Home and make it clear in your mind.You consider this as you “Bidaai”
Swara (Shocked) : BIDAHII no it can’t happened.(she goes towards her and held her hand0Please sanskaar don’t do this.My Maa Baba will die.Please Let me go home please
Sanskaar : Swara you are still taking your maa baba’s side who tries to separate us.No I can’t let you go (romantically) and yah today is our “Suhaag Raat”(Golden Night).I’ll go outside and bring some bridal clothes for You.
Swara was numb and sees towards Sanskaar with Horrible expression and before Sanskaar could understand something she faints.Sanskaar holds her and picks her up in his arms and make her lye on the bed.

Sanskaar(Worried) : Swara Wake up (trying to wake her up)
Then he callss someone and again sits beside Swara by holding her hand.Aftersometime Doctor comes inside the room with a person.Sanskaar stand up and go towards doctor
Sanskaar(worried) : Doctor Pleses check her.She gets faint when we were talking.
Doctor: please clam dowm Mr Maheswari.Let me check her(Saying this the doctor checks swara and said she is weak and i think she got a shock that’s why she faint.I’ll inject her she will be fine and take care of her.She needs proper meal and just good Care.I hope you understand Mr Maheswari.
Sanskaar : Yah Doctor Don’t worry I’ll take good Care of her.(Sanskaat to Rahul) Rahul Please drop the Doctor.
Doctor leaves from there after that sanskaar sat beside Swara and again hold her hand.The whole night he was awaking and taking care of her.Suddenly he feels movement in Swara’s hand and Patted on her cheeck
Sanskaar (Lovingly) : swara Wake up! Its morning wake up
Swara slowly opens her eyes.At first she didn’t understand whats happeneing then she remebr about last night and immegiately cover herself with blanket and moves little backward on the bed.Sanskaar understands her fear and stands up from bed.
Sanskaar : Get up and take a bath and I’ll prepare breakfast for you.

Sware didn’t move a inch and remain silent by sitting on bed.Sanskaar notice her and again said
Sanskaar : Swara i’m saying you something.Don’t You Listen to me
But Again Swara shows no intrest.Now this is the limit for sanskaar and he goes Towards swara and picks her p in his arm.Swara was shocked at his act and tries to free herself but Sanskaar didn’t let her go and take her inside the washroom and makes her stand under the Shower.Swara gets scared
Sanskaar(Teasingly) : I told you to take a bath but you didn’t listen to me so i thought….. (Sanskaar Didn’t complete his sentence)
Swara looks towards Sanskaar and said (Scared) : Th-thought wwwwhattttt?
Swara tries to go from there but sanskaar didn’t give her a chance to go
Sanskaar : What’s the hurry Dear Wiffy?
saying this he moves towards Swara and she moves backward and in this process the Handle of showe gets on which make both of them fully drenched….

PERCAP : Swara Sign on Some Documents……….!!!

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