Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 2)


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In MM:

Sanskaar reaches MM and he was going towards his room but suddenly DP called him

DP : Sanskaar come here i want to talk with you on an important matter

sanskaar goes towards DP and sat on the sofa

Sanskaar : g Papa tell me

DP : sanskaar do u remember MR Mitra’s project?

Sanskaar : Yes.But what happened Dad? Is everything fine?

DP ; Yah everything is fine.Actually Mr Mitra had given us a very important and banificial deal.He said if agree to this deal then he ill give us 50% of his company’s Shares and i’m agreed to his deal.

Sanskaar : What’s The Deal Dad?

DP : Sanskaar do you remember Taniyaa?

Sanskaar : Yah Taniyaa Mr Mitra’s daughter right?

DP : yah i have fixed your marriage with Taniya

Sanskaar(Shocked) : Whattttt? How could You Do this Dad.You Know very well that I Love Swara and she is wife.I am already marrired.How can i marry with Taniyaa? This is impossible(Angree too)

Dp(Shouted) : Sanskaar!!! You Have to marry Taniya and rahi baat Swara Ki Toh Give her Divorce.i’ll already inform the lawyer to ready the Divorce papers

Sanskaar(angrily) : Enough Dad.Swara is My LIFE.How can you even think about that i’ll leave hin.Noo I will never ever give her DIVORCE and i’ll not obey your stupid condition for your socold Business Deal.

DP : Sanskaar My decision is final.i’m warning you if you don’t marry with Taniyaa then i will remove you from my property.Choice is yours!

Sanskaar(calmly) ; Is that so Dad then i’m agree with You Condition.

Dp(happily) : I know this You Will Never Reject My Decision.I’ll Inform Mr Mitra that You Are ready to marry Taniyaa

Sanskaar : wait a minute Dad.Who told you that i’m ready to marry Taniya

DP(Confused) ; Then about what condition are you talking?

Sanskaar : I’ll agree with Your second condition leaving the house.(saying this he was about to go his room but suddenly he turned around and said) Dad i never expected this thing from you.At least for Mom’s sake you should respect mine and Swara’s Love but you choose your Business not my Mom’s lat wish(saying this he goes from there)




Sanskaar is holding his mother’s(AP) pic and talking to her

Sanskaar(to AP pic) : Mom did u see that? What dad did to me?He is trying to brak his Son’s Marriage.The Marrige which was your last wish


AP is in Hospital as she was suffering from Lungs Cancer and its her last stage.Doctor’s also said that she has not more time


Sanskaar is standing near the bed and talking to Ap

Sanskaar(cryingly) ; Mom nothing will happened to you.Everything will be fine.

Ap(Weakly) : Sankaarrr!!

Sankaar : yah Mom.Tell me what You want?

Ap(weakly) : I want to see your Marriage with Swara.

Sanskaar holds Ap’s Hand ; Yah mom i’ll Marry to Swara But Please U Don’t go.

Ap(smiles weakly) : Shekar g can you give your daughter’s hand in mine Sanskaar’s Hand.i’ll asure you that he will be a good husband as he is a good son

Shekar : G Ap g We have no issue with it.

so finally the elders decide the marriage date and decide till now they marry both Swara and Sanskaar but Swara’s bidaai will be kept after her master complete.So finally Swara and Sanskaar married with all the rituals when they were taking blessings from AP.

Ap : Sanskaar promise me that you will always keep Swara happy and never ever leave her hand in your life.Promise me that you Love her from your heart and keep her Happy………..(saying this she diad)

Sanskaar(crying) ; Mom i’ll promise i’ll always love Swara and keep her happy please come back please mom.

Everyone present in the hall of MM Is crying.


Sanskaar(to AP’s Pic) : Mom i’ll fullfill my promise.I will always be with Swara.



IN GH(Gagodia House):

Shekar : DP G is everying ok? what are you doing here at this time?

DP(Fakly Worried) : Shekar g i don’t know how to tell you that ………

Shekar(Worried) : That what Dp G ?

DP(acting) : Sanskaar is cheating Your daughter Shekar g.I know sanskaar is my son but Swara is also my daughter and i can’t see My son to ruin your Innocent daughter’s Life.I am really Sorry Shekar g.Please forgive me please(saying this he folds his both hands in front of shekar)

Shekar(Shocked and hold Dp’s hands and said) : Dp g its not your fault.Infact i’m happy that you told us about your son’s bad doings.Now i’ll never send my Swara with that Sanskaar and i will apply for Divorce.Ill never give the right to any one to spoil my daughter’s life.Thank you once again for Your concern Dp g

Dp(Evilly in mind) : Now i will see how u will refuse to marry Taniya.Sankaar if you are my son then i am also your dad.

DP : Ok Shekar g now i’ll take a leave.Bye and take care.

Shekar : G ok Bye.

PRECAP : 2 Years leap and Swara………


So Guys tell me whther you like it or not?

Credit to: Rosey

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