Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 19)

Hi Guys I M Back With My Last Episode I Know U All R Bit Angry n Disappointed With Me But I {Promise I’ll Be Bck With Its Season 2 Now Please Smile N Wish Me Luck For My Exams…!!!

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RECAP : MU Gets Clearsd Between Swara N Her Parents




Sanskaar Picks Sawra Up In His Arms n Runs Outside N Cll Doctor Nme Loudly.

Saskaar : Doctor Doctor

Doctor : What Happened Mr Maheswari

Sanskaar : Doctor Please Check My Wife She Gets Faint

Doctor : U Come With Me

They Goes Towards The Room N Sanskaar Ly Swara On The Bed Shomi N Shekar Also Follow Them.

Doctor : U All Pleae Wait Outside N Let Me Examine Her

They All Leave From There N After A While Doctor Comes Out

Sanskar : Is Everything Ok Doctor How Is She Now?

Doctor : Relx Mr Maheswari She Is Fine She Is Just A Little Week N In This Condition It Happened U Have Take Care Of Her Properly

Sanskaar : What R U Saying Doctor? In This Condition I Can’t Understand

Doctor : Congrates Mr Maheswari Ur Wife Is Expecting

Sanskaar : What R u Saying True I M So Happy Did U Listein Maa I M Going To Be Father Yeeeeeeeeeeee

Doctor : Plz Control Mr Maheswari This Is A Hospital

Sanskar : Sorry Doctor

After Doctor Leaves From There They All Go Inside N See Swara Who Was Still Unconsiouss.Sanskaar Sat Beside Her N Holds Her Hand Shomi N Shekar Understand That They Should Leave Them Alone.

Shekar : Sanskaar U Stay Here With Shona We Go To Ur Dada As He Will Also Be Worried

Sanskaar : Ok Baba

Saying This They Leave From There N Just Then Swra Regains Her Consioussness N Smiles Seeing Sanskaar She Tries To Get Up N sanskar Herlps Her In Sitting On The Bed n Hugges Her

Sanskaar : I M So Happy Shona U Have Given Me Great Hppiness Of the World I Love U Soooo Much

Swara Broke The Hug N Looking Confused

Swara : Sanskaar What R U Saying I Can’t Understand

Sanskar Cups Her Face In His hands

sanskar : Swara U R Going To Be A Mother N I M Father

Swara : What??? R U sying True?

SWanskaar : Yes Swara

She Hugged Him N Says

Swara : Thank U Sanskaar Thank U So Much For Making Me Complete N Giving Me This Good News I Love U

Sanskar : I Love U Too Swara

Swara Broke The Hug N Sees towards The Room N Then Towards Sanskaar

Swara : Sanskar How I came Here N Where Is Ma Baba

Sanskaar : Swara U Fel;l Unconsiouss So I Took U Here N Maa Baba R With Dad.

Swara : Ok

Sanskar : swara U Take Some Rest I’ll Bring Something For U To Eat I’ll Be Back Just Stay Here Ok

Swara : Ok Baba I M Here I’ll Not Go To Anywhere Else

Sanskaar Leaves From There




Shekar N Shomi Enters In Ward N Dp Asked Them

DP : what Happened Shekar G Is Swar Fine?

Shekar : DP G Relax She Is Absolutely Fine N Yah There Is A Good News For U

DP Good News What

Shekaar : DP G U R Going To Be A GrandFather

DP : Wow R U Serious I M So Hppy Shekar G U Too Congrats

Shekat : Yah





Its Swra’s Baby Shower Ritual Held At Evening N The Hole MM Was Decorated Like A Bride

Swara Is Sitting On The Sofa N Sanskaar Beside

Sanskaar : Swara I Can’t Wait To Hold My Bbay In My Hands

Swara : Sanskaar Be Pteince There R Still Two Moths

Sanskr : I Know n That’s Why I M Upet But Don’t Worry I’ll Wait

Swara : Good

*******AT EVENING*******

Sawra Is Sitting On The Chair N Everyone Bless Her With Good Wishes There R Only Ladies N Sanskar Was In His Room Doing Some Official Work

Suddenly Swara Feels Pain N tries To Control It But When She Can’t Control She Screamed

Swara : Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Maa

Shomi N All The Ladies Gets Tense

Shomi : Shona Relax I’ll Call Snksar

Just Thn Sanskar Arrives There N Gets Tensed Seeing Swara Screaming In Pain

Swara : Swara Don’t Worry I M Here We R Going To Hos[pital Plz Stay Wit Me

SAying This He Picks Her Up In His Arms N Goes Towards The Car N Dtrove Tpowards The Hospital




Sanskar Is Walking Restlessly Outside The OT N Everyone Is Sying Him To Relax

Shekar : Relax Bet Everthing will Be Fine

Shoimi : Ya Bet Shekar Is Right Shoina N Baby Both Will Be Fine

Shomi Places His Hand On Sanskaar’s Shoulder N He Sat On The Bench

After Sometime They Heard The Sound Of Baby Crying N All Become Happy.Just Than A Nurse Came Out N Said

Nurse : Congrats Its A Baby Girl

Saying This She Hands Over The Baby To Sanskr N He Took Baby In His Arms Very Cearfully Just Tha He Rememberd About Swara N Asked

Sanskaar : How Is Swara Nurse

Nurse : She Is In Critical Situation As his Delivery Is Happened Before Time Plz Pray For Her

Sanskaar N All The Others Become Numb N He Sat On The Bench With A Thud



AFTER 5 Years


The Whole Mention Was Decorated With Beautiful Flowers N Ballons N Lighteining As Its The Birthday Of Their One N Only Princess.
Swasan Get Ready N Goes Down Where Everyone Was Present Expect Their Princess

Sanskar : Swara Where Is Our Princess

Swara : I Don’t Know Sanskaar I Didn’t See Her

Just Then They Hear A Sweet Sound Coming From Up Stairs All Look At That Direction

Princess : I Want To Say Something To All Of U I Want To Thank My Mom N Dad Who LOVE Me So Much N Gave Me Everything Which I Wish I LOVE U MOM I LOVE U DADA U R WORLD’S BEST PARENTS

All Get Teary Eyes Seeing Her

Swara : Now Come Here Chahat We Have To Cut The Cake

She Comes Down They Three Cuts The Cake N Feed To Each Other.All Were Sitting In The Hall Just Then Chahat Says

Chahat : Mom Dad U Always Give Me What I Want Right

Sanskar : Yah Princess

Chahat : So Dad I Want A Little Brother

Swara Was Damn Red

Sanskaar : Then Ask Ur Mama For That Wish If She Agree Then I Don’t Have Any Problem

Chahat : Mama Promise Me That U Will Bring A Brother For Me

Swara : But Beta

Shomi Shekar Dp : Yes We Also Want A Grand Child As A Boy

Swara Runs From There In Shyness N Snaskaar Also Follows Her


Sanskaar Comes In Room N Hgged Her From Back

Sanskar : So Tell Me Mrs Maheswari When Will U Fullfill Our Wish

Swara ; Soch Lo Mr Maheswari U Have To Bear All My Torchers Once Again

Sanskaar : I M Ready

Swara : U R Very Shameless

Sanskaar : So Is This A Green Signal

Swara Becomes Cherry Red N Tries To Free Herself But Sanskar Didn’t Let Her Go


SwaSan R Sitting In The Lawn With DP Shekar N Shomi N Chahat Is Playing In Garden N Swara Is Holding There Little Prince

Swara : Be Careful Princess

Chahat : Mom Don’t Worry I M Fine

Just Then She Runs N Comes Near Swara

Chahat : Mom I Want To Hold Baby Can I

Swara Yah Sure Princess Come Sit Here With Me

Swara Places The Baby In Her Lap N She Caress Her Hair With Her Hands

Chahat : Mom He Is So Cute

Sanskaar : Yah Princess After All It Is Ur Brother

Chahat : Yah Papa U R Right

Swara : So What Should We Cakll Him

Chahat: Prem His Nme Is Prem

Sanskaar : Wow Prem Nice Name

All Talk Happily N Live Hppily Ever After


I Know Guys Its Bit Boring I’ll Try To Write My Best I Hope U All Understand…!!!!
And Please Pray For My Exams…!!!

Credit to: Rosey


  1. Neha

    All the best for ur exams and yeah be back with season 2 or a new ff… It’s not boring but u finished it in hurry but happy with happy ending

  2. Yeah rosey we can undrstand…. it ws superb lovly epi…. i loved ur ff so much nd its differnt frm othrs… bt i din expect u wil finish diz so soon… bt it ws complete ff… waiting for season 2..
    ALL THE BEST FOR UR XAMZ rosey…. do well….

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