Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 17)


Hi Guys As Ur Demand I M Writing A Romantic One So I Apologize To One Who Don’t Like It Please Forgive Me In Advance….!!!


RECAP : Sanskaar Shouts On Swara N She Gets Sad




Swara Came Into The Garden N Sanskaar Becomes Mesmerised To His Beautiful Wife In His Given Gifted Saree.She Was Wearing A White Shifon Saree With Silver Blouse N Silver Boder The Saree Was Rarely Covering His Belly N In Ears She Was Wearing Diamond Earings And In Hands She Was Wearing White Simple Crystal Bangels.She Was Looking Like A Fairy Who Just Come Directly From MooN To Meet His Lovely Husband.

Swara Sees Sanskaar N Goes Towards Him N Waves Infront Of His Eyes.

Sanskaar : U R Looking Beautiful Oh Beautiful Is Quite Little U R Looking Divine.Come

He Holds Her Hand N Took Her Towards The Other Side She Sees The Garden Is Decorated With White Roses N Curtains.She Becomes Happy N Hugs Sanskaar In Excitement.He Also Hugs Her Back N Becomes Happy That His Lovely Wife Is Finally Talking To Him

Swara(Still Hugging) : Its Beautiful Sanskaar I Just Loved It Thank U For These Things.

Sanskaar Broke The Hug N Cups Her Face

Sanskaar : U Don’t Need To Say Thanx As I Did A Mistake So To Rectify My Mistake I Did All This I M Gald That U Like My Arrangements.Swara i M Sorry Please Forgive Me

Listeing his Swara Again Comes To Reality N Decide To Forgive Him

Swara(calm) : sanskaar I Want To Say Something I Knpw How Much U Love Me N I Also Love U I Don’t Know How People Think About Me Whether They Love Me Or Hate Me But The Real Thing Is I Only Love U N Will Always Be I Didn’t Get Angery On Ur Over Protective Behavior I was Angry With U That U Behave Rudely with Me Just B/c Raj Sir What Was My Falut In All These Thing Sanskaar.I M Forgiving U This Time But P;lease Next Time Don’t Behave Rudely With Me It Hurts Me Badly.I Hope U Understand Please Don’t Repeat It Again.

Saying This She Looks Towards Sanskaar Who Was Seeing Him With Love N Tears In His Eyes He Hugs Her Tightly N She Also Hugs Her Back

Sanskaar (Still Hugging & Emotinal) : I Promise Shona I’ll Never Repeat My Mistake Never Ever.

He Breaks The Hug N Swara Said

Swara : I M Hungry As I Was Angry On U So I Didn’t Eat My Lunch

Sanskaar(Worried) : How Many Times I Told U Not Show Ur anger On Food But U Always Do This Now Come

He Takes Her Nears A Table Which Was Decorated With White N Red Clothes N A Red Rose Was There At Its Center He Make Her Sit On The Chair N Said

Sanskaar : So Madam What U Want In Dinner.

Swara : Why R Standing Sanskaar U Also Sit We Et Together.

Sanskaar : Ok

He Sat Beside Swara By Pulling His Chair Near Her N Serves Her N Said

Sanskaar : eat N Tell How Is It?

Swara(suprised) : Do U Made This?

Sanskaar : yah Now Taste It N Tell Me How It Is?

Swara : If U Made It Then U Have To Feed Me With Ur Hands

Sanskaar Becomes Happy N Starts To Feed Her With His Hands N She Also Feeds Her

Swara(Excited) : So Now What Next?

Sanskaar : U Wait Here Shona I’ll Be Back.

Saying This He Leaves From There N After 10 Minutes All The Lights Which Are On In The Garden Dets Off N Swara Gets Scared

Swara : Where Did He Go He Said He Is Just Coming N Now Lights R Also Off What Should I Do I Think I Go There N Check

She Starts To Move Towards The Swiming Pool N Just Then She Notice Some Light N Sees N Some Lights N Shimering In The Water In Swiming Pool It Was Looking Like Pearls N It Was Written I LOVE U SHONA.She Becomes Happy Just Then She Hears Some Voice.

Sanskaar Goes Towards Her N Asks Her For Dance She Said Yes N The Song Starts

Hua hai aaj pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hoon
Tumhe dekha toh jaana ye
Ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon

He Holds His One Hand N His Other While Singing N Led Her To The Swiming Pool There Was A Glass On The Whole Swiming Pool That Anybody Can Walk On It.Sanskaar N Swara Are Standing At The Mid Of Swimining Pool Swara Was Suprised By His Act.

Ye jaan lekar ke jaa meri
Tumhe jeene main aaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon

Just Then He Puts His One Hand On Her Belly Under His Saree N Pulls Her Towads Him N The Othe Other Hand In Swara’s Hand Swara’s One Hand Was At Her Shoulder N Other In Sanskaar’s Hand.

Zameen se aasmaan tak hum
Dhoondh aaye jahaan saara
Banaa paaya nahi ab tak
Khuda tumse koi pyaara

He Makes Her Twirls N Hugs Her From Back N Romantically Careses His Soft N Milky Arms With Her Hands While Swa’s Grip On Her Dress Becoms Tight.

Baaton mein teri hain badmashiyan
Sab bewajah ki hain taarifiyaan

She Turns Towards Him The Both Of Their heads Are Touching N Swara’s Hands Were On His Face While Sanskaar’s Hands Were On Her Belly.

Main likh doon aasmaan par ye
Ke padh lega jahaan saara
Huaa na hoga ab koi

Just Then Rain Starts N Swara Freed Herself N was About To Go But Sanskaar Holds Her Saree’s Pallu N She Becomes Nervouse N He Slowly Moves Towards Her While Singing

Main duniya bhar ki taarifein
Tere sajde mein laaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon
(Rab se laaya hoon.. Rab se laaya hoon..)

He Reaches Near Her N Now Her Whole Saree Was Stick With Her Body N Making Sanskaar More Carzy He Knes Down N Kept His Head Around Her Belly N Kisses There She Cleunched His Hair In Her Fits.

Tu hai jo rubaru mere
Bada mehfooz rehta hoon
Tere milne ka shukrana
Khuda se roz karta hoon

He Again Stands Up N Swara Hugs Her Sanskaar Broke The Hug N Stares At Her Rosey Pink Lips Who R Drenched With Rain Drops N Places His Lips On Hers N Stars Kissing Her She Also Resprirocate Them N After Some Time They Broke The Kiss She Hugs Sanskaar In Shyness.He Also Hugs Her Back

Humko pata hai yeh nadaniyaan hain
Aawara dil ki hai aawariyan

He Lifts Her Up In His Arms N Goes Towards The Room N make Her Lie In The Bed.He Came On Top Of Her N Removes Her Pallu N Kissed At Her Belly N She Feels ButterflyIn Her Stomach.

Yeh dil pagal bana baitha
Isey ab tu hi samjha de
Dikhe tujhme meri duniya
Meri duniya tu banja re

He Slowly Comes Upward N Then He put her hairs in one side n hide His face in her nape n pecked her nape n bite it slowly.. As soon as He bite her she let out a moan with His name… He went crazy after hearing His name from her mouth in such tone… He started sucking the bitten area hardly. . She held His short which is the dress He wearing.
Then He Moves Towards The Other Side N Did The Same Thing After Kissing At Her Nape He Again Stares At Her Rosey Lips N Was About To Kiss Her But She Turned Her Face In Shyness Now Sanskaar Is Facing Swara’s Back He Kisses On Her Back And Release His Hot Breath On Her Soft Skin Which Maks Her Shy And She Clenced The Bed Sheet In Her Fits.He Then Open The Hook Of Her Blouse Which Make Her Shiver.He Slides The Top From Shoulders And Kiss Thir Smoothly And Relese Her Breath Making Her Shiver
He Removes His Top N Soon They Both Were Fully Naked.

Hoon khushkismat jo kismat se
Tumhe aise main paaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon

He took a full view of her beauty.. Her hand reach for blanket but He stopped her n went on top of her and kissed her every part of her body… Not even a single part is unleft without His kiss and touch.. All the while she was mourning in pleasure n her mourning gave Him pleasure too… Now she can’t take it anymore.. She pushed Him n came on top of me n started kissing Him and bitting Him.. N she too marked Him as her.. Yes He Is only hers.. N she is only His Beautiful Wife….He was mourning in extreme pleasure…
Then after sometime again He came on top of her… N made love to her… When He started she shouted His Name Which Make Him More Crazy N Uncontoll.Soo soon He Was into her.. Tears are flowing from her eyes..Soon her pain vanished… She started enjoying and mourning… They both are enjoying.. After many hours They stopped as They are exhausted… N He lay down beside her n got her in His embrace.. She tightly hugged Him.. They both doze off with full satisfaction..

The Moon Stars Rain N Beautiful Nature Is The Witness Of Their Union Once Again……………….!!!



AT Morning:

Swara Woke Up N Saw His Beautiful Hubby Sleeping Like A Innocent Chold N Kissed On Heis Forhead N Wrap Herself In Her Saree N Goes Towards The Washroom For Freshup.When She Came Out She Saw Sanskaar Waking N Seeing Him He Goes Towards Her N Said

sanskaar : Get Up Its 9;00AM N U Also Hae To Go To Office. Wake Up Hurry Up

Sanskaaar(in Sleep Tone) : Swara I M Not Going Any Where Let Me Sleep

Saing This He Again Pulls The Blanket On His Face.Just The His Mobile Rings N Picks Up In Sleepy Position

Sanskaar(in Sleep Voice) : Hello

He Imdiately Get Up From Bed With Shocked Expressions

Sanslaar(Shocked) : What???

He Cuts The Call N Swara Sees His Worried Face

Swara : Sanskaar What Happened?

Sanskaar(Fumbles) : Swara Wo wo……….


PERCAP : Accident………….


So Friendz I Write A Romantic One On Ur Demand I Hope U All Like It

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Credit to: Rosey

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