Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 16)


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RECAP : SwaSan Romance And Jealously




Sanskaar still holding Swara’s Hand Movs Towards His Car Just Swara Freed Her Hand From His Grip

Swara (angry) : Sanskaar What Kind Of Behaviour It Was?

Sanskaar (Angry) : What???

Swara(Calmly) : How Did U Behave Infront Of Raj Sir What He Will Be Thinking About Us That U Don’t Have Mannrs

Sanskaar(Frustrated) : U Know What Swara I Don’t Car What He Thinks About Me N U I Only Have Concern With U Not With Anyone Else

Swara : Sanskaar What Happened To U Why R U Behaving So Rudely With M What Have I Done Now?

Sanskaar Calms Himself And Looks Towards Swara Who Was Seeing Him With Confusd Expressions

Sanskaar : Swara I Don’t Want To See U This Office Again ReSign Now

Swara(Shocked) : What R U Saying Sanskaar N What Happened To U Is Anything Wrong?

Sanskaar Holds Swara Tightly From Shoulders

Sanskaar(Frustratd) : Do As I say Do U Understand.

Swara(Scared) : Sanskaar Plz Leav Me Its Paining

Sanskaar Relaised His Action N Leave Her She Starts Crying N Ran Insid The Office.Sh Gives Her Resignation Latter At Recpetion N Came Back In Parking Area N Sat In The Car Without Uttering A Word.

Sanskaar Also Feels Guilty For Hurting His Swara N Sat In Driving Seat N Starts Driving.He Thought To Talk To Her But Sh Was Busy In Weeping Silenlty This Made Her Feel More Guilty N He On The Radio

The Song Starts

Dard dilon ke kam ho jaate
Main aur Tum agar hum ho jaate
Main aur Tum agar hum ho jaate

Kitne haseen aalam ho jaate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate

SwaSan Both Looks At ach Other N Then Swara Broke The Eyelook N Sees Outside From The Window But Still She Has Tears In Her Eyes.
She Didn’t Se Towards Sanskaar Again While Sanskaar Was Seing Her While Driving.

Tere bina na aaye sukoon
Naa aaye qaraar mujhe
Door wo saare bharam ho jaate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate

Ishq adhoora duniya adhoori
Khwahish meri kardo na poori
Dil toh yehi chaahe
Tera aur Mera ho jaaye muqammal ye afsaana
Har mushqil aasaan ho jaati
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jate

He Remebers Their Marriage Their Washroom Romance Swara’s Care N At Last Thir Intimate Sence N Fels Sad For Hurting Her V Badly.
On The Other Side Swara Also Remebers Their Fight N Nok Jhok Sencs Swara’s Jealously With Suhana N Recent Moments When Sanskaar Behaves Rudly With HEr N Feels More Sad By Thinking His Rude Behaviour Towards Her.

Kitne haseen aalam ho jaate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jaate
Main aur Tum gar Hum ho jaate

The Car Stops At The Gate N She Without Uttering A Word Ran Towards Her Room N Sits On Th Bed While Crying.
While In Paking Loudge Sanskaar Also Sits There About Thinking His Stupidity.

Sanskaar(in Mind) : Oh Shit What Have I Done I Punish Swara Without Any Reason.Raj Likes Her Its Not Her Fault.But What Should I Do I can’t See Swara’s Image In Anyone’s Eyes Expect Me.I Have The Right To Love Her Not Anyone Else.But What’s The Falut Of Swara In This What Have I Done.

He Bang His Hand With The Wall Angrily And Moves Towards The Room.Swara Heard His Foot Steps N Lay Down On The Bed N Closed Her Eyes N Pretents To Sleep.

Sanskaar Opens The Door N Saw Her Sleeping He Gos Towards Hr N Kisses On Her Forhead

Sanskaar (Emotional) : I M Sorry Shona I Shouldn’t Bhave Like Thiis Plz Forgive Me.

He Ses The Tears Marks N Wipe Then With His Thumb N Goes Towards His Sight N Lay Down On The Bed By Looking At Her Back.He Slowly Moves Towards Her N Hugs Her From Back By Keping His Hand On Hr Belly.Swara Feels His Touch But Didn’t Show Anything.The Love Birds Sleps Like This Sad.





Sanskaar Wakes Up N Sees The Time Its 8:00Am He Sees The Swara Was NOt There N Thought Might Be She Was In Kitchen.

He Gets Up From The Bed N Goes Towards The Washroom For Freshup Aftr Taking Bath He Came Out N Goes Towards The Dining Table.Swara Comes From Kitchen N Kept A;ll The Items Of Breakfast At Table N Sat On The Chair.

Sanskaar Notice His Silent Behaviour N Tries To Talk To Her.But She Didn’t Pay Any Hed To Him So At Final He Thought To Tease Her

Sanskaar(in Mind) : She Is Not Talking I Think I Over Reacted Yesterday What Should I Do Now I M Dying To Hear Her Voice But She Is Sitting Silently.Do Something Sanskaar IDEA! I Will Irritate Her N Provoke Her NB In That Way She Will Talk With Me

Sanskaar : Swara Pass The Jam.

She Silently Keep The Jam INfront Of Him.

Sanskaar : Swara Plase Pass Me The Juice.

Like This He Irritates Her N Sees Hr Irritated Expression But Swara Didn’t Utter A Word N Goes From There Aftr Completing The BF.

Sanskaar Feels Sad Not Hearing Her Voice.Just Then H Also Follows Her To The Tv Louge N Ses Her Sitting On Sofa N Watching TV.Swara Was Watching TV N Sanskaar Was Busy In Staring Her.She Feels More Irritated By His Satring.Just Then His Phone Rang N He Sees Cals ID Its Rahul He Picks Up The Call

Sanskaar : Yah Rahul

Rahul : Sir There Is A Important Meeting When R U Coming To Office.

Sanskaar While Talking Stares Swara N Said

Sanskaar : Cancel That Meeting Rahul I Can’t Come Today

Rahul : But Why Sir Its Really Important Meting

Sanskaar : How Much Important It May Be Not Important Than My Wife Actually Rahul Ur Bhabhi Is Angry With Me N I M Trying To Convince Her For Forgiving M.

Swar’s Expressions Changed And She Looks Towards Sanskaar With Suprised Expressions.Sanskaar Ses Her Expressions N Enjoy.

Swara(in Mind) : Oh God How Big Lair He Is When Did He Apologize From Me Infact From Mornin g He Is Irritating Me N Yahan Ye Keh Raha H K Ye Mujhy Manane Ki Koshish Kar Ra Raha H Disgusting.I Hate Him.

Sanskkar Aftr Cutting The Call

Sanskaar : Don’t Say That Words Which U Don’t Mean

Swara Looks Towards Her With Questiong Expressions

Sanskaar : I M Saying This Because U Said That U Hate Me But The Fact Is This That IU Love Me

Swara Becomes Shockes By Her Act

Swara(In Mind) : How He Cam To Know What I Said In My Mind

Sanskaar Sees Her Expressions N Said

Sanskaar : Now U Must Be Thinking How I Came To Know About Ur Thinking So Let Me Tell U Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheswari That I M Ur Husband N I Know U Better Than Urself.

Sanskaar Stands Up From Her Seat N Goes Towards Swara N Sat Beside Her N Toiok Her Hands In His Hands N Said

Sanskaar : I M Sorry Swara I Know I Did Wrong By Behaving Rudly With U Please Forgive Me.But What Should I Do I Saw Something Special For U In That Raj’s Eyes Si I Couldn’t Control Myself.U R MINE SWARA ONLY MINE N I Couldn’t Bear Someone sees U With Love Without Me If I Sees Somethoing Special For U In Someone Else’s yes I Swar I Will Kill Him Please Forgive Me N Talk To M Ur Silence Is Killing Me Please.

Swara Becomes Shockd By His Statment N Ran From There To Her Room While Crying Leaving Sanskaar Sad N Guilty.





Sanskaar Decorates The Whole Garden With White Roses N Set A Tabel For Dinner N Many Other Arrangements.He Than Goes Towards Swara’s Room N Gives Her A Box N Leaves From There Without Uttring A Word

Swara Sees That Box N Open It.There Was A White Shiphon Saree With Silver Balose N Silver Boder He Sees A Letter In That Box N Reads It


Dear Wiffy

Plase Wear This Saree N Come To Garden I M Waiting For U Please Come N Give Me A Chance To Rectify My Mistake



She Has Tears In Her yes After Reading The Letter She Gets Ready N Goes Towards The Garden…………..




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Credit to: Rosey

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