Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 15)


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RECAP : Sanskaar’s Care For Swara N Some Romantic Moments……..




Aftrer Kissing Both Swara N Sanskaar Came Out From The Washroom While Swara Was Shievering With Cold N Sneezing Sanskaar Sees Theis N Said

Sanskaar : U Change Ur Clothes I Will Be Back

Saying This He Leaves From There N She Open The Cupboard N Took Her Clothes Out.

After Sometime Sanskaar Came Back In Thr Room After Changing His Clothes N Sees Swara Sitting On The Bed.Swara Sees Sanskaar N Feels Shy About Recent Moments Sanskaar Also Feels Awkward At Last He Broke The Silence N Said

Sanskaar : U Eat Ur Breakfast N Then U Have To Take Medicences.

Swara Simply Nodes Her Head N was About To Eat

Swara : U Also Eat With Me I Feel Awkward Eating Alone

Sanskaar Feels Happy By Listeing Swra Words

Sanskaar : Ok

They Done Ther Breakfast N then Sanskaar Gave Medicines To Swara N Said

sanskaar : Here Swara Tke These Medicines n Then Take Rest N If U Need Anything Just Call Me Ok

Swara(wonder) : What Do U Mean Call u Where R U Going? R U Going Office?

Sanskaar ; No swara How Can I Go To Office Leaving U In This Condition Untill U Not Get Well I’m Not Going To Office

Swara : But Sanskaar U Already Have Taken Many Leaves Due To Ur Accident N Now Again U R Taking Leaves Due To Me Its Not Good For Ur Business U Go To Office I’ll B Fine

Sanskaar(aNGRY) : i tOLD u nA i’M nOT gOING mEANS i’M nOT gOING n I Think U Don’t Like Ur Husband’s Company Thats Why U r Making These Lame Excuses.

Swara Listein Sanskaar’s Words N Becomes Red Due To Shyness

Swara(Shy) : No Sanskaar Its Not Like That……….

Sanskaar Sees Swara Red Thought To Tease Her More

Sanskaar(Fake Anger) : Than What Is ???? Tell Me

Swara : How Can U Say Like That Konsi Biwi Hogi Jisko Apne Husband Ki Company Pasand Ni Hogi

Says Frequently N then Relaise Whhat She Had Said N Sees Towards Sanskaar Who Is Already Seeing Her With Naughty Smile

Swara(in Mind) : What Have I Done Now What Sanskaar Will Think Doi Something Swara Before U Get Caught

Swara : Sanskaar U Said Na That I Should Take Rest Than What R U Doing Here Go I Want To Sleep

Saying This She Hides Her Self Under The Blanket Sanskaar Whoi Was Seeing All This Laugh At Her Childish Behaviour N Leaves From There.

After Leaving Sanskaar Swara Peeps Out From Blanket N Sees That He Is Not There N Becomes Relax

Swara(To Herself) : Thank God He Leaves Other Wise Whhat Shoul Happened I can’t Imagine Swara Next Time Be Careful Yar.

Sansaar Who was Coming In Swara’s Room As He Forgot His Mobile Listein To Her Talks N Smiles





Swara After Taking Medicines is Sitting On The Bed N Feels Bored She Calls Sanskaar

Swara (Shouted) : Sanskaar Sanskaar

Sanskaar Who Was Working On His lappy Listein Swara’s Shouting N Becomes Worried N ran Towards Her Room

Sanskaar (Breathing Heavily) : What Happened Swara ? Why R U Shouting R U Finr? Do U Need Anything?

Swara(Cutely) : Yes I Need Something

Sanskaar(Questionally) : What Do U Need Teell Me I’ll Bring It

Swara : I Need My Husband’s Company

Sanskaar : Ok I’ll Bring…

N Thren Relaise What She Said

Sanskaar : What???

Swara : What What? U Told Me At Morning That I Should Enjoy My Husband’s Company But U U Didn’t Give Me Company(Crying)

Sanskaar Becomes Worried At Her Crying

Sanskaar : Please Swara Don’t Cry I’ll Be Here

Swara(Crying) : No U Will Again Leave Me U Didn’t Give Me Attention U Always Do Ur Work From Morning I M In This Room N U Didnn’t Come To See Me Expect Medicines N Food

Sanskaar : Ok NoW I’ll Be Here Tell Me What Should I Do To Mke U Feel Good

Swara(Cutely) : Sachiiii???

Sanskaar : yah Sacchi

Swara ; Ok i Wanna Eat Ice Cream

Sanskaar : What? Ice Crream R U Mad U Have High Fever N U Wanna Eayt Ice Cream No Its Not Possible.

Swara : Please………

Sanskaar : No Means No

Swara becomes angry

Swara(Angry) : Fine Then I’ll Not Talk To U

Sanskaar : Swara What Kind Of Behaviour Is Thois U R Behaving Like A 3 Years Old Kid

Swara(Pout Face) : So Who Said That I M Old I M a 3 Years Old Kid N I’ll Do What I Want To Do I M Not Boring Like U

Sanskaar : What U Said I’m Boring

Swara : yah U R Boring Boring Bo……………

She Was Cutt Off By Sanskaar’s Act As He Places His Rough Lips On Her Juicy N Soft Lips N Starts To Bit Her Lower Lip In Anger She Was Shocked By His Act N Didn’t Participate In Kiss.After Sometime He Broke The Kiss

Sanskaar : Now Said I M Boring ….. Said na

Swara (Shocked) : I…..I

Sanskaar Starts To Careses His Hair With One Hand N Goes Towards Her Ear N Bit Her Earblow Softely

Sanskaar(Husky Voice) : What I…I Swara Tell That I M Boring N U Will See How Much Boring I M N Yah U Want To Enjoy Ur Husband’s Company Na So….

Swara :(fumles) : I Didn’t Mean That I Was…

Sanskaar Places His Index Finger On Her Lips

Sanskaar : Shhhhhhhhh Swara Not Now u Know I Have Waited This Moment For Very Long Now I Can’t Control Myself Please Allow Me To Make U………..

He Didn’t Complete His Words N Sees In Her Eyes.She Looks In His Eyes Higs Him

Swara : U Don’t Need Any Permission Sanskaar I M All Urs……

Swara’s Words Make Him Uncontrol N He Starts To Rub His Back With His Palm N Opens The Zi[p Of Her Dress n She Clenched His Shirt Tightly In Her Fits.He Make Her Lie On The Bed n Comes On Top Of Her.

Forever, forever
Forever, forever

Every time we’re close

Every time we’re close
(Every time we’re close)
There’s a kind of magic
(A magical energy)
That fills my heart with love
(Like a blowing breeze)
And everything around me
(Is beautiful)
You are my everything
The reason I feel blessed to be alive

He Dugged Her Face In Her Neck And Starts To Kissing Passionately.They Both Are Breathing Heavily And Both Of Their Hearts Are Becoming One.He Bitted Swara’s Neck Making Her Mourn With Pleasure Which Starts Bleeding He Sucks The Blood N Place A Soft Kiss Their To Reduce The Pain And Do The Same With Other Side.

He then Stares At Her Rosey Lips And Was About To Kiss Her But She Turned Around Due To Shyness Now Sanskaar Is Facing Swara’s Back He Kisses On Her Back And Release His Hot Breath On Her Soft Skin Which Maks Her Shy And She Clenced The Bed Sheet In Her Fits.He Slides The Top From Shoulders And Kiss Thir Smoothly And Relese Her Breath Making Her Shiver

I’ll be loving you
With everything that’s new
Let’s fly up there and lose ourselves
In the big arms of the universe

There’s a melody
(Open up your heart)
In everything around us
(And you will hear it)
The blooming of a rose
(Is a miracle)
And hearts that beat as one
(It’s harmony)
Love is a mystery
And I feel so blessed to be alive

And Slowly He Remove Her Clothes And Now They R Fully Naked.He Caress Every Part Of Her BodY With His Love And Affection.Both Covers Their Selves With Blanket And Made Love To Each Other.

And Soon They Both Lost In Thir Lovely Words AndThe Moon Stars Are The Witness Of Two Souls Become One…..

I’ll be loving you
With everything that’s new
Let’s fly up there and lose ourselves
In the big arms of the universe


The Days Are Passing Like This N SwaSan Become More N More Close To Each Other..





Swara And Sanskaar Are Eating Their Breakfast.

Sanskaar : Hurry Up Swara I M Getting Late After Dropping U I Have An Impotant Meeting Come fast

Swara : Coming

She Finished Her BF N Ran Towards The garadge N Sit In The Car N They Drove Towards The Swara’s Office



At Swara’s Office:

Sanskaar Drop Swar At Her Office N said

Sanskaar : swara I’ll Pick U At 5:00PM Ok

Swara : Ok

Saying This She Goes Inside THe Cabin Of Her Boss Raj

Swara : May I Come In Sir

Raj : Oh Swara Come In

Swara : Sir I M Sorry I Cann’t Attened The Office Last Week b/c I Was Not Well

Raj : Its Ok Swara I Know That Now How R U Feeling ?

Swara : Better Sir.

Raj : Ok Swara U Go To Ur Cabin N Do Ur Work

Swara : Ok Sir

Sayinbg This She Leaves From There




Swara Has Done Her Work And Now She Was Packing Her Stuff She Goes Towards The Raj’s Cabin

Swara : Sir Here R The Files Please Sign Them

Raj : Ok Keep Them On The Table i’ll Check Then

Swara : Ok Sir I Have To Go

Sh Was About To Leave But He Stops Her

Raj : Swara U Didn’t Have Ur Lunch Right Come Join Me

Swara : No Sir U Carry on I Have To Go

Raj : Please Swara Please

Swara Looks At Raj N Then At Her Watsh Which Was Showing 4:55PM She Thought

Swara (in Mind) : Its Just 5 Mintues

She Sat On The Chair

Raj : Good Now Have Some Snacks

Swara(nervous) : Yah Sir She Hold Some Pieces Of Snacks

*******OUTSIDE THE OFFICE*******

Sanskaar Arrives At Swara’s Office N Parks His Car After That He Hoes Inside The Office N Asks To Reception

Sanskaar : Can U Please Tell Me Where Is Swara’s Cabin

Recp : Yes Sir Its Over There

She Shows Him Directions He Was About To Go But She Again Said

Recp : Sir But <Mam Is Not In Her Cabin

Sanskaar : What Then Where Is She?

Recp : Mam Is In Sir's Cabin

Sanskaar Becomes Furiouse And Starts To Walk Towards The Boss's Cabin

Recp(tries To Stop) : Sir Wait U Can't Enter At This Please

But Sanskaar Didn't Listein To Her N Enters In The Raj's Cabin N Swara Becoms Scared By Sing Him In Angr.Sanskaar Ses Towards Raj N Then Towards Swara He Holds Her Hand

Sanskaar : Lets Go Swara We have To Go

Swara : Yah Sanskaar………..

She Cutts Off By Sanskaar's Act As He Didn't Give Him A Chanc To Talk N Movs Towards the Parking Area……


PERCAP : Not Decided yet…….!!!


I Know Guys Today's Episode is not so good please tell me how was that…..!!!!

Credit to: Rosey

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