Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 14)


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RECAP : Swara Knows The Truth………….



After Putting Swara On The Bed Sanskaar Immidiately Calls The Doctor N Again Comes N Sits Besides Her

Sanskar(teary Eyes) : Please Swara Open Ur Eyes I Can’t Live Without U Please.I Always Scolds U I Promise I Will Never Scold U Infact I Listein To Ur Every Single Word N Fullfill It Please Uth Jao Na Please

Just Then Door Bell Rings N Sanskaar Goes Towards The Door N Comes In The Room Again With Doctor

Sanskaar(worried) : Doctor Please Check Her At Morning She Was Absolutely Fine But When I Came Home She Was Fainted.

Doctor : Mr Maheswari Relax I’;ll Check Her U Plz Wait Outside.

Sanskaar Nodes N Leaves From There He Was Standing At The Outside N Walking Here N There In Tension Just Then The Door Open N Doctor Comes Out

Sanskaar (Worried) : Doctot Is Everything Fine ? Please Tell Me

Doctor : Relax Mr Maheswari She Is Fine Now

Sanskaar (worried) : But What Happened To Her How She Fainted Suddebly?

Doctor : Mr Maheswari I Think She Got The Biggest Shock Of Her Life To Whom She Cannot Beared Thats Why She Fainted.I Have Given Injection To Her Please Take Good Care Of Her N She Is Weak So Let Her Rest Atliast One Week.

Sanskaar : Yah Doctor I Will Take Care Of Her

Doctor : Ok Mr Maheswari I Will Leave Now.

Sanskaar : Yah Sur Doctor

Sanskaar Drops Doctor At The Door N Then Go Back To Swara’s Room N Sits Beside Her.

He Cares Her Hair

Sanskaar : Plz Swara Get Well Soon Then I Will Never Let Anything Happens To U I PromiseJis Ki Waja Se Ye Sab Hua H Na Me Ussy Zinda Nhi Choron Ga Plz Come back

He Took Care Of Swara The Whole Night And At Morning He Gets Sleep He Was Still Sitting On The Edge Of The Bed.

*******NEXT MORNING*******

Swara Wakes Up N Sees Sanskaar Sitting Beside Her In a Very Awkward Position.She Recalls What Happened Last Night

How She Reached Home While Crying N was Waiting For Sanskaar N Just Then She Feels Dizzy N Then What Happened After That She Didn’t Know Anything

But One Thing Was Cleas That Sanslkaar Has Taken God Care Of Her At Hole Night.She Looks Towards Him With Loving Eyes

Swara(in Mind & Teary Ayes) : Sanskaar How Much Good U R I Have Done So bad With U But U Still LOVE ME More Than Anything I AM SORRY SANSKAAR I M REALLY SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE I Didn’t Trust U

Tears Starts To Roll Down From Her Eyes N One Drop Fell On His Hand N Sanskaar Feels Something Wet On His Hand N Opens His Eyes And Sees Swara Cring N Becomes Worried And Cups Her Face

Sanskaar(worried) : Swara What Happened Why R U Crying ? N When Did U Wake Up Why U Not Tell ME Please Tell Me What Happened?

Swara Who Was Seeing Sanskaar’s Care For Her Becomes More Emotional N Hugs Sanskaar TIghtly N Starts Crying More bitterly

Sanskaar Also Hugged Her Tightly N Becomes More Worried By swara’S Crying

First He Thought To Make Her Stop From Crying Just Then He Recalls Doctor’S Words About “SOME SHOCK” N Didn’t Stop Her From Crying N Let Her Out Her Furastatin.

After Sometime Swara Stops Sobbing Sanskaar Broke The Hug And Cups Her Face

Sanskaar (Calmly) : Tell Me Swara What Happened Last Night How U Fainted N Why R U Crying Like This

Due To Continously Crying Swara’s Thoart Get Dried

Swara : W…Waterrrrrr

Sanskaar Immediately Pour Some Water In The Glass N Makes Her Drink With His Hand As Due To Crying Swara’S Hole Body Was Shivering.After Drinking One Glass Watr

Sanskaar : Do U Want More?

Swara Nodes In No.Sanskaar RemrBers About Medicines N Stands Up From The Bed.

Sanskaar : Swara U Take Rest I’ll Be Back

Swara Holds Sanskaar’S Hand Tightly As He Is Going Away Fro Her N She Wants To Stop Him

Swara(Worried) : Where R U Going?

Sanskaar : Relax Swara I’m Going In Kitchen To Make Breakfast For U.U Stay Here I’ll Be Back

Saying This He Frees Her Hand From Her Grip And Leaves To Kitchen.

Swara(in Mind) : How Much U Love Me Sanskaar I M so Lucky That U R My Husband I’ve Got A Diamond In Ur Shape But How Fool I Was That I Didn’t Relaise It Befor But Now I Never Let U Go Away From Me I Will Make U Again MINE

After Sometime Sanskaar Comes Back And Places The Breakfast Trey On Bed In Front Of Swara

Sanskaar : Swara Fininsh Ur Breakfast N Then take Medicines.Come Eat.

She Didn’t Move From Her Place N Stares Sanskaar Blankly As She Was Still Lost.Sanskaar Shakes Her From Shoulder

Sanskaar : What Happend Swara Do U Need Something Else?

Swara Canme Into Sences

Swara : No No I M Fine.First I want To Go Washroom

Saying This She Stands Up From The Bed She Tries To Walk But Due To weakness She Feels Dizzy N Was About To Fall But Sanskaar Holds Her

Sanskaar (worried) b: R U Fine.

Swara Nodes YES

Sanskaar : Come I’ll Take U To The Washroom.

He Supports Swara To The Washroom N Stands Outside N Said

Sanskaar : U Go N take Bath I M Waiting Here.

Swara Goes Inside N Opens The Tab But Suddenly Its handle Broke N Water Starts To Flow Like A Stream Swara Screams

Swara : Ahhhh Ahhh Sanskaar

Sanskaar Who Heard Swara’s Scream Goes Inside N Sees Swara Struggling With The Tab’s Handle.

Sanskaar : swara What Happened U Get Aside I’ll Fix It

He Also Gets Drenched N Both Try To Fix N At Last The Tab Closed But The Both Were Fully Drenched N The Whole Floor Gets Slippery.

Swara Tries To Walk But She Slipped N Sanskaar Tries To Catch Her But They Both Fell On The Floor Sanskaar On Top Of Swara

Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera
Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara

Both R Breathing Heavily N They Hace A Eyelook Sanskaar Sees Water Drops On Swara’S Face.A Desire Comes Into His Heart To Drink All Those Drops On His Face He Kisses ON Her Forehead n Drink All The Drop Making Her Shiver N Blushed She Clenched His Shirt Tightly In Her Fits

Teri bahon mein
mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

He Sensously Touches Her Cheecks Making Her More Blushed.He Careses Them N Kissed Them N Wipe All The Water Drops With His Toungh.He Did The Sae Thing With Her Both Cheeks While Looking Into Her Eyes

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

He Then Moves Towards His Neck N Kissed On left Side N Pleces Wet Kisses On It She Moves Her Face To Give Him More Acess He Also Dugges His Face While Kisseing His hands Were On Her Back

Dekha karon
Sari umar
Sari umar

After Kissing On Her Neck He Stares At Her Rosey Lips He Was About To Kiss Her But Then He Reminds The Last Incident Of Party Night N Stands Up From Her N Feels Embaressed.

Swara Understands His Condition N Moves Towards Him N Places Her Both Hands Around His Neck.She Looks Into His Eyes Lovingly.

Tere nishaan
Be intehaan
Koi kasar na rahe
Meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe iss kadar
Be intehaan

She Captured His Lips And Starts To Kiss Him At First He Becomes Shocks But Then He Also Respriocate The Kiss N His One Hand Careses Her Hair While The Other One Was Around Her Waist.
They Kiss Passionately N Then Broke The Kiss Due To Lack Of Oxygen. Swara Feels Shy N Hugged Him Tightly Sanskaar Also Hugged Her Back.


Sanskaar Broke The Hug N Cups Her Face With One Hand N Place The Thumb Of Other Hand On Her Lips

Sanskaar : Shhhhhhhh U Don’i Need To Say Sorry I M Gald That u R With Me I Don’t Need Anything Expect U.Promise Me Shona That U Will Never Leave Me.

Swara(Emotinally) : I Promise Even Death Cannot Seperate Me From U B/c My Soul Always Be With U…

By Listeing Swara’s Words He Again Kisses Her N She To Resprirocate It…………….

Be intehaan
Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan
Dekha karon
Saari umar

Tere nishaan
Koi kasar na rahe
Meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe iss kadar
be intehaan


PERCAP : SANSKAAR”S Jealousy…………!!!


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