Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 12)


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RECAP : Swasan Romance & Sanskaar And Rahul’s Discussion




Sanskaar comes On The Dinning Table Wearing Formal Suit Ready For His Office At That Time Swara Also Comes There And Shocks To See Sanskaar There Ready

Swara : Where R U Going?

Sanskaar(rudly) : Can’t U See I’M Going To Office I Have Important Meeting

Swara : But U Need Rest

Sanskaar : Why This Sudden Concern Haa U Should Be Happy To See Me In This State

Swara (angry) : I Not Cruel Like U N U R Not Going To Office N This Is Final N Its My Oder

Sanskaar (Angry) : And Who The Hell R U To Ordering Me

Swara : I M Ur Wife I Have Full Right To Order U

Sanskaar : Ohhh Wow Wife Did U Fullfill The Duty Of A Wife That U R Asking Me For Ur Rights

Swara : What Duty I Didn’t Fullfilled I Always Care About U What Else U R Expecting?

Sanskaar(Naughtyly) : Oh That Is But I M Talking About Some Other Duties

Saying This He Starts To Move Towards Her And She Moves backward Untill Her Back Touch The Wall.Sanskaar Blocks Her Way

Swaara : W.What R U Doing?

Sanskaar : I M Taking My Rights

Saying This He Kissed On Her Nape He Was About To Kiss Her But She Pushed Him

Swara : Stay Away From Me

Sanskaar : Look U Didn’t Even Come Close To Me N U R Asking For Ur Rights

Swara : Sanskaar I M saying This For Ur Betterment U R Hurt N U Need Rest Atleast For 3-4 Days Please Don’t Go(pleading)

Sanskaar Looks Towards Her N Sigh

Sanskaar : I can’t Stay At Home Alone who will Accompany Me I Get Bored

Swara : Who Said That U R Alone I Will Accompany U

Sanskaar(suprised) : What??

Swara : Yes I Have Taken Leave Of 4 Days

Sanskaar(happy) : Ok

Swara : U Go To Ur Room n Take Rest I’ll Bring Ur Breakfast

Sanskaar : Ok

Saying This He Leaves From There While Swara Goes Towards The Kitchen




Sanskaar Is Sitting on the Bed With Support N Thinking About Swara

Sanskaar (in Mind) : What Happened To Swara Why He IS Behaving Like Typical Wife At One Side She Said That She Hates Me But On The Other Hand She Shows Care For Me Which Site Of Her Is Real N Which One Is Fake I Have To Do Something To Know About All This.

While He Was Lost In His Thoughts Just Then Swara Comes Inside The Room With Tray N She Kept It On The Bed

Swara : Sanskaar Take Breakfast N Yah I Have Callesd To The Doctor He Must Be Here After Sometime.

Sanskaar : What Doctor Whats The Need To Call Doctor I Told U Na That I’m Fine But U Never Listein To Me.

Swara : Dikh Raha H K Kita Theek Ho Tum Look At Ur Self I Asked U To Go Hospital but U Didnt Listein To Me That’s Why I Call The Doctor At Home

Sanskaar Folds His Hand In Front Of Swara

Sanskaar : Ok Maata G Jesi Apki Marzi

Says in A Funny Tune And Thy Bioth Brust Out Laughing

After Sometime Doctor Arrives N Swara Take Him In Sanskaar’s Room And Doctor Becomes Shock To See Sanskaar

Doctor (suprised) : Sanskaar U???

Sanskaar (suprised) : Abhi

Saying This They Hug Each Other While Swara Was Seeing Them With Confused Expressions

Abhi : How R U Man Long TIme???

Sanskaar : Yah Actually Little Busy In Life

Abhi Looks Towards Swara With Questioning Eyes Sanskaar Understands His Expressions And Said

Sanskaar : Oh Yah Abhi Meet MRS Swara Sanskaar Meheswari My Wife

Swara : Hello

Abhi : Hello Abbhy Dude U Get Married N U Didnt Even Tell Me This Is Not Fair.

While They Were Talking Swara Get Irritated And Said

Swara : Doctor Abhi Will U Please Check Sanskaar Whether He Is Alright Or Not?

Both Sanskaar And Abhi Sees Towards Swara

Abhi : Oh Yah Sorry I Forgot

He Examines Sanskaar And Give Some Medicines To Swara And Told Her To Tke Care Of Him And Leaves From There.



After Leaving Abhi Swara Also Leaves From Sanskaar’s Room Advice Him To Take Rest And Goes Towards His Room And Thinks About The Night Incident.

*******FLASHBACK STARTS*******

While Swara Was Waiting For Sanskaar In Louge Suddenly She Hears The Horn Of Car And Ran Towards The Door And Opens it And After Seeing The Sence Infront Of Her Eyes Becomes Shocked.

Blood Was Rolling Down From Sanskaar’s Head And He Was Injuried Badly N The Car’s Front Glass Was Also Broken

Whilw Swara Was Seeing sanskaar With Shockes Expressions He Ignores Her N Walks Towards His Room.Swara Came Into Sence And Also Goes Behind Her.

She Opens The Door And Saw Sanskaar Trying To Dressing His Wounds Sanskaar Also Saw Her But Didn’t pay Ant Attention And Remain Busy In His Work.

Tears R Rolling Down From Swara’s Eyes On Seeing Sanskaar In Such State

Swara (crying) : H…How i…is This happened?

Sanskaar Didn’t Give Any Answers.She Sees Him Stugling With Dressing N Moves Forwad

Swara : Can I Help?

Sanskaar Sees Towards Her With Full Anger Eyes N Again Gets Busy In Dressing.This Tie Swara Gather Some Courage N Moves Towards Sanskaar Ans Snaches The Cotton From His Hands.Sanskaar Glares At Her But She Remain Sturbbon N Made Him Sit On The Bed.

She Starts Dressing Of His Wounds N Also Weeping Silently.

After Dressing She Leaves From There N Goes Towards The Kitchen.She Boils Egg And Took A Glss Of Warmth Milk N Again Goes Towards His Room N Places The Trey On The Tables.

Sanskaar Looks Questiongly Towards Her

Swara : Actually U Have Temperature N I Know U Didn’t Eat From Outside Thats Why.

Sanskaar(angry) : I Don’t Need This take This From Here.

Swara : Please Sanskaar U Already Met with An Accident N U Need Energu Please Drink This.

Sanskaar Looks Towards Her Pleading Gesture N Eat The Eggs N Finish The Milk.Swara Also Leaves From There Silently After that

*******FLASHBACK ENDS*******

The Whole Day Passes Peacefully




Swara Goes In Sanskaar’s Room With Dinner And Sees Him Working On Labtop

Swara(angry) : i Told U Na That U Should Take Rest N Whats All This?

Sanskaar : swara I M Resting Already Its Just I Was Feeling Bore So I Thought To Work.

Swara Goes Towards Him And Shuts The laptop

Swara : Eat Dinner N take Ur Medicines N Sleep N Yah Next Time I Don’t See U Working Otherwise No One Will Save U From Me

Sanskaar (obidently ) ok Madam

Swara : What Madam???

SansKaar : Yah Madam U R Ordring Me Like Madam

Swara Leaves From there angrily




Swara Sees A Nightmare N Get Scared She Thought To Go To sanskaar’s Room.She Goes Towards Sanskaar’s Room N Opens The Door Silently.

She Sees That Sanskaar Is Sleeping Peacfully.She Gets Hipnotised By His Charm N Kisses On Her Forehead N Sits Beside Her N Caresses His Hair.

He Smiles In His Sleep.She Sees There Was No Couch So She Goes Towards The Other Side Of Bed And Layed There.She Changes Her Posture And Now Swara Is Facing Sanskaar.

As The Bed Was Small So Swara And Sanskaar has Only Few Inhes Distance Between Them.She Sees His Innocent Face N Smiles

Suddely Sanskaar Comes Forwards In Sleep N Hugs Swara She Becomes Shocked By His Act She Tries To Free Herself But His Grip Was So Stong.

Swara(in Ming) : Swara Hilna Band Kar Otherwise Sanskaar’s Sleepn Gets Disturb.

She Puts Her Head On His Cheast N Sleeps Peacefully In His Price Charming’s Arms….!!!


PERCAP : Swara Knows The Truth…..!!!


So Guys Tell Me How Was That???

Credit to: Rosey

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