Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 11)


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RECAP : Swara’s Job & SwaSan In Dinner Party……….



Sanskaar Was About To Leave From There Just Then Swara Holded His Hand And Sit On The Bed

Swara : Where Are U Going Sanskaar.Please Don’t Go.

Sanskaar : Swara U Take Some Rest.We Talk Later About This

Saying This He Frees His Hand And Was About To Go But She Again Holdes His Hand And Make Her Sit On The Bed

Swara : No I Want To Talk Right Now.Today I Talk And U Listein UnderStand.So Where Was I Yah That I LOVE U. U Know Sanskaar When U R Not Near Me I Feel Like Something Preciose Is Lost.
Promise Me Sanskaar That U Never Leave Me.Promise Me That U Always Stay With Me.Promise

Sanskaar(Emotional) : I Promise Swara I Will Never Leave U I Stay Always With U

Saying This He Kiss On Her Forehead and She Close Her Eyes To Feel His Touch

Sanskaar : Now U Take Rest U R Looking Week U Need Rest.

Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai

He was about To Go When She Again Holds His Hand And Make Him Sit On The Bed and She Sat On His Lap.

Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai

She Starts To Caress His Cheecks And Sanskaar Was Shocked By Her Act

Swara : U Promise Me That U Will Never Leave Me.

Sanskaar Simply Nodes Her Head In YES

Swara(in Husky Tone) : Then Make MARK ME AS YOUR For Forever So That No One Can Separate Us

Sanskaaar (stunned) : Swara I Think U R Not In Ur Sences And……………..

Toote toh toote teri baahon mein aise
Jaise shaakhon se patte be-haya
Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hi mera sab le gaya
Na fiqar, na sharam, na lihaaj, ek baar aaya

He Was Cutt Off By Swara’s Act She Places Her Rosy Lips On His Rough Lips And Starts To Kiss Him.First He Becomes Shocks The He Also Respriocate That Kiss.Their Kiss Was Containg Thrie All Emotion Love Affection And Passion For Each Other.The Passion Which Was Making Them To Cross Their Limits

Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai
Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai

His One Hand Was On Her Hair And The Other On Her Waist.While Her Both Hands Were Around His Neck.

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai

After Sometime they Broke The Kiss And Swara Didn’t See Him Due To Shyness.And Hides Her Face In His Chest.Sanskaar Also Hugs Her Back.Now Sanskaar Is Cressing Her Back With His Hands.

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai

He Then Lifted Swara In His Arms And Make Her Lye On The Bed And Come On Top Of Her.He Dugged Her Face In Her Neck And Starts To Kissing Passionately.They Both Are Breathing Heavily And Both Of Their Hearts Are Becoming One.He Bitted Swara’s Neck Making Her Mourn With Pleasure Which Starts Bleeding He Sucks The Blood N Place A Soft Kiss Their To Reduce The Pain And Do The Same With Other Side.

Tu hi meri awaaragi
Tu hi duaa har shaam ki
Tu khamakha, tu laazmi
Tu hi razaa, tu hi kami
Aur tu hi wo, firaaq hai jisko
Hai silsilon ne mere pass laaya

He then Stares At Her Rosey Lips And Was About To Kiss Her But She Turned Around Due To Shyness Now Sanskaar Is Facing Swara’s Back He Kisses On Her Back And Release His Hot Breath On Her Soft Skin Which Maks Her Shy And She Clenced The Bed Sheet In Her Fits.He Then Open The Hook Of Her Blouse Which Make Her Shiver.He Slides The Top From Shoulders And Kiss Thir Smoothly And Relese Her Breath Making Her Shiver

Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai

He Turns Her Towards Him And Removes Her Pallo And Kisses On Her Stomach She Holds His Hair In HeR Hands.Slowly He Remove Her Clothes And Now They R Fully Naked.He Caress Every Part Of Her BodY With His Love And Affection.Both Covers Their Selves With Blanket And Made Love To Each Other.

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai

The Moon Stars Are The Witness Of Two Souls Become One…..




Both Love Birds Who R Sleeping In Each Other’s Embrace Having A Smile On Their Face Sunrays Falls On Sanskaar’s Face Which Disturb His Sleep He Wakes Up N The First Thing He Sees Is His Beautiful Wife Who Is Sleeping Peacefully In His Embrace He Kiss On Her Forehead N She Smiles In Her Sleep.Sanskaar Get Up From The Bed Without Disturbing His Wife’s Sleep And Goes Towards The Washroom.

After Taking Bath He Comes Out From The Washroom And Sees That Swara Is Still Sleeping.First He Thought To Wake Her Up But Then He Jerks His Thought And Goes Towards The Kitchen To Make Breakfast For Swara.

After Lefting Sanskaar From The Room Swara Slowly Wakes Up N Holds Her Head As It Was Paining Then She Sees Herself Fully Naked And Becomes Shocks She Remeber What Happened Last Night N How She Seduce Sanskaar.

Swara(in Mind) : How Can I Do That? I Can’t Belive I Do All That Things No No It Can’t Be True N My Head Why It Is Paining I Can’t Understand Anything.

She Then Remeber That Sanskaar Had Given A Juice To Her When She Was Feeling Dizzy.She Thought That Their Was Someting On That Juice That’s Why All This Happened.She Becomes Furiouse By Thinking That Sanskaar Done This All By Intentionally.She Got Up From The Bed And Wear Her Clothes And Again Sat On The Bed By Thinking Last Night.Just Then Sanskaar Enters The Room With A YTray Of Breakfast.He Smiles Seeing Swara And Put The Trey On Table And Goes Towards The Swara And Hugs Her.

Sanskaar : U Know Last Night WAs The Best Night Of My Life I M So Happy That Finally U Forgave Me I LOVE U

Saying This He Was About To Kiss On Her Forehead But She Pushed Him.Sanskaar Becomes Shock By Her Act

Sanskaar (shocked) : What Happened Shona?

Swara (angry & crying) : U U Take Advantage Of My Situation I I Never Forgive U

Sanskaar (shocked) : Advantage ??? What R U Talking About I Can’t Understand?

Swara(crying) : I Was Not In My Sences Last Night N U… U (couldn’t Complete Her Words)

Sanskaar First Shocks Then Understand What She Is Trying To Say N He Becomes Furious And Hold Her Arms Tightly Pining Her To The Cuboard

Sanskaar (Angry ) : U R Saying That I Took Advantage Of Ur Situation.Let Me Tell U Shona I Was The Not One Who Start All This I Try To Stop U But U Kissed Me And Seduce Me For All These Things n Yah When Did U Drink I Didn’t See U Anything Drinking I Thought U R In Ur Complete Sences When We Get Intimate And U R Blaming Me By Saying This That I Took Advantge Of Ur SituatIon.

Swara(crying) : Its U Who Made Me Drink

Sanskaar (shocked ) : What Me???

Swara : Yes U U R The One Who Give That Juice And After Drinking That Juice I Loose Control N Done All These Things I M Sure U Must Have Mix Someting In That Juice Thats Why I Loose My Sence And U Took The Advantage Of THis

Sanskaar(furious) : ENOUGH ENOUGH NOT A WORD

Swara Becomes Frightened By Listeing His Voice’s Range

Sanskaar(Furious) : If I Want To Take Advantage Then I can Take It Now(saying This He Slides His Hands From Her Arms To Her Waist And Pulls Her To His Hands) For This I don’t Need To Drug U I M Your Husband N From Coming Close To u No One Can Stop Me Not Even U.

Saying This He Left Her

Swara : Then Why Did U Do All This Last Night Tell Me

Sanskaar : Now I Don’t Give Any Explanations As I Know If i Give U Any Explanationm Then U Will Not Belive On It.

Saying This He Leaves From There While Swara Sat On The Floor Crying.




Sanskaar was thinking about Swara’s Words And Become Restless.

Sanskaar (in Mind) : How How Can She Think That I Want To Take Advantage That’s Why I Do This Why She Doesn’t Belive Me The More I Try To Go Near Her The More She Go Far Away From Me Its Just Like “Kabhi Pass..Kabi Door”.

While Sanskaar Was Lost In His Thinlkings Rahul Came In The Cabin And Notice Sanskaar Worried

Rahul : What Happened Sir? Is Everything Fine?

Sanskaar Comes To Sense By Listeing Rahul’s Voice

Sanskaar : Ahhh No…Nothing

Rahul : R U Sure Sir? If U Want U Can Share With Me Is It About Bhahbi G?

Sanskaar : Yah

And He Tells Rahul What All Happened At Morning

Sanskaar : How Can She Blame Me Like That Last Night We Spent Quality Time N She Is Saying All This….(couldn’t Complete His Words)

Rahul : Sir May Be Mam Is Right

Sanskaar (shocked) : Whaat R U Saying Rahul U Also Think That I….

Cutt Off By Rahul’s Words

Rahul : No Sir I M Not Saying Like That First Please Listein To Me

Sanskaar : Ok Tell

Rahul : Sir Did U Notice One Thing In Party Last Night The Waiter Who Brought Juice For U Has Only One Juice On His Trey And He Only Offers U That Juice Not Anybody Else.

Sanskaar : So What? Wait R u Trying To Say That….

Rahul : Yes Sir U Got It Right Sir That Juice Is For U Someone Spike That Drink Which Was Given To U N U Was About To Drink When U See Bhaabhi In THat Condition N U Make That Juice Drink To Bhaabhi.

Sanskaar : Is It Really True Which We R Thinking Then Find Out Who Has Done This i want Each N Every Detail Of That Person Who Did All This Mess N Due To Whom Missunderstanding Is Creat Between Us.

Rahul : Give Me Some Time Sir I Will Find Out The Culprit.

Saying This He Leaves From There.




Swara Is Still Crying N Sitting On The Floor With Bed’s Support Just Then Her Mobile Phone Rang. She Sees The Caller ID Which Was Showing RAJ SIR Number.She Make Her Self Ready TO Talk To Raj And Picks Up The Call.

Swara : Hello

Raj : Hello Miss Where R U Its 11:00AM N U R NoT ComE Yet

Swara : Actually Sir I Can’t Come Today As I M Not Feeling Well.

Raj(worried) : Is Everything Fine If U Need Any Help So I Come To U.

Swara : No No Sir I M Fine Its Just Headach. Doctor Said Me Take Some Rest

Raj : Ok Swara U Take Rest We Talk Later.

Saying This He Cuts The Call The Whole Day Passes N But Sanskaar Still Didn’t Reach Home This Make Swara Worried N Scared As She Was Alone At Home.She Goes To Longe N Waits For Him



AT 1:00AM IN SH:

Swara Heard The Voice Of Car N She Goes Towards The Door N Opens It.She Sees Sanskaar N Becomes Shock N Speechless.Sanskaar Ignores Her N Goes Towards His Room She Also Follows Him N Enters In His Room.

Sanskaar ; What??

Swara(Scared & Worried) : I I …..

Sanskaar : What I I Dammit Just Say It.


PERCAP : Swara’s Strict Order To Sanskaar……!!!


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Credit to: Rosey

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