Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 10)


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Sence – 1


Sanskaar is driving the car and Swara is Looking Outside The Window.Suddenely She Gets An Idea And Lokks Towards Sanskaar.

Swara (in mind) : How Cute He Is Wait Focuse Swara Focuse U Have To Irritate Him Do Something.I Thought By Listeing That I Want To Do Job He Becomes Irritate And I Will Enjoy His Situtation But He Is Behaving Like That He Has No Issue With It What Should I Do Now.

She Was Losts In Her Thoughts Just Then There Car Stop With A Jerk And She Came Out From Her Thoughts.And See That Its Traffic Jam

Just Than A Boy Come With Jasmeen Flowers And Said To Sanskaar

Boy : Bahiya Plz Buy These Flowers And Give To Didd She Will Become Happy

On Hearing This Both Looks At Each Other And A Small Eyelook Which Was Broke By Boy’s Voice

Boy : Plz Bahiyaa Take It Na

Sanskaar : Ok Give Me 2 “Lariyaan”(Sorry Guys I Don’t Know Its English U Can Consider It As Gajra)

Sanskaar Give Money To Boy And Take That Flowers And Kept Them On Dashboard

Swara (Shocked & in Mind) : What The Hell I Thought He Give The Flowers To Me But He Didn’t Say A Word Ahhhhh I Will See U Mr. Maheswari

The Fragrance Of Jasmine Starts To Distract Swara’s Mind And Her Starts To Attract Towards The Sanskaar.She Sees Sanskaar From The Corner Of Her Eyes.Now She Was Loosing Her Control And She Throw That Flowers From Window.

Sanskaar Becomes Shocked By Her Act

Sanskaar (shocked) : What Have U Done ? R They Bitting U What Problem Have U From Them Why U Throw Them Out?

Swara : Because From There Fragrance I Was Feeling Headach.

Sanskaar Understood Her Situatiomn And Thoudht To Tease Her

Sanskaar : People Buy These Flowers For Fragrance And Also Perfume Of That Flower And Ur Head Is paining Due To This I Think U R Lieing Is This True Or Not?

Swara (in mind) : Oh No If He Caught Me Then He Will Tease Me By Saying That I Feel His Effect On Myself.Do Something Swara Do

Swara (try to act) : Sanskaar U R To Slow See That Cars They Crossed Us And I M Getting Late For My Job Interview Please Hurry Up Try To Drive Fast.

Sanskaar Understood That She Is Distracting Her So He Didn’t Further Drag The Topic

Sanskaar : Ok

Saying This He Increse The Speed.After Sometime He Drop Swara At Her Place And Also Leaves From There.

Swara Sees The Building At Where It Is Written “MOON & STARS COMPANY”. She Walks Inside The Office.While She was Walking She Sees A Guy Who Was Wearing Mehroon Coat Blue Jeans And Black T-Shirt And He Was Talking With A Girl.Swara Unintentionally Heard There Conversatin And Becomes Scared.

Man : If U Try To Tell Anybody About This Than I Will Kill U.

Girl : No Please Don’t Do That I Will Not Tell This To Anybody.

Swara Heard This And Becomes Scared She Ran From There While Running From There She Drop Her Anklet There And That Boy And Girl Heard This noise And Get A Doubt That Might B Someone Has Heard There Conversation.THey Search Here N There And Boy Finds That Anklet.

Boy : Ok Sonia Talk To U :Later And Ya I Have Practiced U Ur Dialouges Remeber Them Ok

Sonia : Ok Bro I Will Remember Them.




Swara Is Scared And Waiting For Her Number The Recent Talks Of That Girl And Boy Are Revolving Aroung In Her Head Making Her More Scared And Nervouse.

Swara (in Mind) : Nio I Can’t Do Job Here What If That Man Again Comes infront Of Me I Think Sanskaar Was Right These Jobs Are Not Of My Type I Should Better Go From Here

She Stands Up She Was About To Leave when Receptionist Callesd Her Name For Interview.Being Nervouse And Scared She Go Towards The Cabin.She Knock The Cabin

Swara : May I Come In Sir

Person : Yes

She Comes Inside The Cabin And SeeS That The Person Sitting On The Chair Is Facing The Wall And His Back Is Only Visible To Swara

Person : Plz Sit Miss Maheswari

(Note Guys Swara Didn’t Wear Mangasutar N Sindoor That’s Why People Don’it Know That She Is Married)

Swara Sit On The Chair Just Then The Boss’s Chair Turned And He Sees The Same Person Whom She Has Seen With Girl.She Becomes Scared And Her Fear was Visible Through Her Face.

Person : R U Fine Miss U Look Scared Is Anything Happen

Swara (in Mind) : Swara What R U Doing He Doesn’t Know That U Have Heard His Talks With That Girl Don’t Show U R Scared Just Stay Calm Take Deep Breathes.

As She Was Losts In Thoughts

Person : Miss Where R U Lost Is Everything Fine?

Swara : Yah Yah Everything Is Fine.

Person Was Taking Swara’s Interview Just Then A Girl Come Inside Calling

Sonia : Bro Bro I Have Lost My Lucky Watch Plz Help Me Na

Swara Who Saw The Girl Becomes Shocked By Listing Bro From Her Mouth And Looks Towards Person.

Sonia : Bro Who Is She?

Person Sonia She Is Miss Swara And Came Here For Interview.

Swara : Hello Mam (try To Hide Her Shokindg Expressions)

Sonia : Oh Hello N Plz Don’t Call Me Mam Call Me Sonia Only And Coming To My Bro U Have Already Met Him Raj Malhotra A Younger Business Man.

Swara : Yah Sir I Think I Should Go Now

Saying This She Was About To Leave

Raj : Wait Miss Swara From Tomorrow U Can Join The Office And Yah Call Me Raj Name To Suna HI Hoga Ok

Swara (smiles) : Ok Sirs oops Raj

She Leaves From There




Swara Is Walking On The Road And Thinking About Raj & Sonia’s Conversatin

Swara (in Mind) : I Think I Miss Understood That Raj May B Its Not That Way Which I M Thinking Khair Leave It Swara And Focuse On Ur Plan “IRRITATE TO MR MAHESWARI”




After Leaving Swara

Sonia : Bhai Do U Like Her?

Raj : What Whart R U Saying ? Nothing Like That

Sonia : Don’t Lie To Me Bhai I Have Seen Something Special For Her In Ur Eyes.Tell Me

Raj : Ok Fine I Like Her When I Saw At First I Just Lost But Then I Control Myself To Know More about Her

Sonia : So That’s Why u Have Given Her Job Am I Right?

Raj : Yah


Days R Passing Like This And In These Days Swara And Raj Become Friends And Swara’s Behaviour With Sanskaar Is Also Come Better They Talk Freely Now But There Is Someting which Is Missing That Was There LOVE They Want To Come Close To Each Other But The Thing Which Is Stopping Then Was Their “IGO”.

Day By Day Raj Is More Falling For Swara And From The Unware Fact She Thinks That Raj Only Cares For Her Just As A Friend.On The Other Hand Sanskaar Is Also Becomes Hsappy As Swara Is Accepting The Things.Everything Was Going Perfect Just Then……..




Swara Was Sitting In Her Room When She Got A Call From Sanskaar She Picks Up The Call

Swara : Hello

Sanskaar : Hello Swara Be Ready At 8:00PM We Have To Attened A Dinner Part Ok

Swara : Ok Sanskaar


Sanskaar Came Home Starts Calling Swara

Sanskaar : Swara Swara Plz Come Fast We R Getting Late

Swara (From Room ) : Coming!!!

Just Then She Comes Out Wearing Goldein Saree With Silver Slevless Blouse And Silver Earing.She Was Wearin A Golden Watch In Hand And On The Hand She Was Wearing A Beautiful And Elegent Bracelet Contain “S&S” Latters.She Kept Her Hair On One Shoulder.Sanskaar Gets Mesmerised By Swara’s Beauty.She Came Near Her

Swara : Lets go

He Came Back To Sences

Sanskaar : Yah Lets Go

They Sat In Car N Drove Towards The Venue While Driving Sanskaar was Looking Towards Swara From The Corner Of His Eyes.




They Reched The Venue And Go Inside Where The Pary Was Going on Sanskaar Held Swara’s Hand And Said

Sanskaar : Don’t Go Away From Sight In Prty Ok

Swara Simply Nodes Her Head In YES.

As They Enter In The Party Hall Sanskaa’s Collegue Welcome Him And Sanskaar Introduce Swara To Their Collegues And Frindz.Just Then Mrs Verma(host of The Party) comes Towards Them

Mrs Verma : Hello Sanskaar

Sanskaar : Hello Mrs Verma

Mrs Verma : I Must Say Sanskaar Ur Choice Is Fabolouse Ur Wife Is Very Pretty If U Don’t Mind Can I Take Her With Me For Few Seconds

Sanskaar Looks Towards Swara’s Tensed Face

Sanskaar : Ok Mrs Verma But Please Take Care Of Her

Mrs Verma : Yah Sure

Saying This They Leave From There.Just Then Sanskaar Saw Towards Swara She Was Talking With Some Ladies And He Notice That Some Men R Staring Her Back With Bad Eyes He Becomes Angry And Goes Towards Swara And Keep Her Hair At Her Back.Swara Becomes Shock N Embaressed At Her Act Infront Of Ladies

One Lady : Oh Ho I Think Mr Maheswari Really Loves His Wife

Sanskaar : Yes Mam I Really Love Her Now If U Can Excuse Us For Some Time

Ladies : Yah Sure

Sanskaar Drags Swara To The Corner Angrily

Sanskaar : What’s This All Swara Why U Wear Sleavless And Backless Blouse And Then U Kept Ur Hair On Ur Shoulder Instead Of Ur Back

Swara Who Was Angry On His Act Said

Swara : Why R U Worrying S Much Its My Life And I Will Wear What I Want To Wear Ok

Sanskaar Angrily Holds Her From Shoulder

Sanskaar : do U know Some Men Are Staring U with Bad Eyes

Swara Becomes Shocked And Overwhelmed By Her Care

Swara : I M Sorry I Didn’t Know That

Sanskaar Sees Her Expressions And Leaves Her

Sanskaar : Even I M Sorry I Shouln’t Behave Like That

Swara : Its Ok.

They Return Into The Party And Swara Goes Towards The Ladies.

After Sometime A Waiter Comes Towards Sanskaar And Offer Him a Juice He Took That Glass When He Was About To Drink It He Sees Swara Looking Week And Tired Sitting With Support Of Chair He Immidiately Goes Towards Her.

Sanskaar (Worried) : What Happened Swara? R U Fine?

Swara : Yah I M Fine I Just Feeling Little Dizzy

Sanskaar (worrieD) : Dizzy ??? Ok U Drink This U aLso Didn’t Eat properly Now Have It

Sanskaar Makes Swara Drink That Juice

Sanskaar : Now R U Feeling Better

Swara : Sanskaar I Want To Go Home i M Tired Please Can We Go Back Home

Sanskaar : Ok Swara U Just Sit Here I’ll Be Back In Just A Mintue.

She Nodes And Sanskaar Leaves From There After Sometime He Came Back

Sanskaar : Ok Swara Lets Go.

They Go Towards The Car And Sit In The Car & Drove Towards The SH While Sanskaar Was Driving Swara Falls Sleep.




They Reched The Home And Sanskaar Sees Swara Sleeping So He Opens The Door Of Car Get Down & Goes Towards Swara’s Door And After Opening He First Thought To Wake Her Up But Later He Thought Not To Disturb Her.

So He Picks Her Up In HIs Arms And Stars To Walk Towards Swara’s Room.After Entering ThrE Room He Make Her Ly Down On The Bed.He Was About To Leave Just Than She Holds Her Hand And Said

Swara : Please Don’t Go Sanskaar…….!!!


PERCAP : Swara Blames Sanskaar……….!!!


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