Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Promo)


Hi everyone this is my first time that i am writing a ff on my favourite couple i hope u like it


DP: Sanskaar u have to marrt Taniya it is very imp for our bussiness
Sanskaar: I am sorry Dad i can’t because i love Swara n she is My WIFE.I can’t live without her.
DP: So give divorce to her.My decision is final if u don’t marry Taniya then i will Remove u from my will
Sanskaar: Do what u want i am not giving divorce to Swara


DP: Shekar ji PLease forgive me.My son is not capable of ur daughter.He is cheating ur daughter Swara.If u want u can apply for Divorce i have no objection
Shekar: What are u saying DP ji.I will not let Sanskaar to ruin my daughter’s life.we will apply for Divore
DP in mind:
Now i will see how u will refuse to marry Taniyaa Sanskaar.If u r my son then i am ur dad


Shekar: What r u doing here? Get lost from my house n don’t even come here again
Sanskaar: Baba please listen to me once
Shekar: Don”t Call me Baba n now we will meet in court for ur n swara”s Divorce


Swara: Why u do this to me Sanskar? Why?
Sanskaar: Please Stop Crying Swara i can’t see tears in ur eyes please
Swara: Why u r punishing me?Just because of u my Parents hate me.They don’t want to see my face.I hate u i will never forgive what u have done to me
Sanskaar: Please Swara don’t say that I LOVE U
Swara: No u don’t love me.u r a charatless…………..
Sanskaar: ENOUGH


So guys please tell me whether i continue or not please give ur valueable comments………..


Credit to: Rosey

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