Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 1)


Hi i am back with 1st episode of my fictin so lets start

AT PARK……………….

A boy and a girl is walking in han in hand looks like a perfect married couple.
Then thy sat down on a bench.
Girl: I Love U Sanskaar and thank u for coming in my life.You made my life beautiful
Sanskaar: I Love U Too Swara and why are u saying Thanks to me?Its my Right to say u thanks n making me a good person.I still remember the first day when we met

************************FLASH BACK**********************

A girl is running in the college looks like its her first Day at college n she is finding her class.At last she reaches the Notice board n check for her class.
She again starts running because there’s only 10 mintues left in starting the class.During running she collapsed with a guy and falls down.Without looking at the person she says Sorry n again ran away

******Boy’s Point of View********

Oh Man she is Beaytiful n innocent.Her hairs are floating at her face n her rosey lips.I feel like kissing her but before i say somerhing she ran away

******Point of View End**********

************************Fb ENDS************************
Swara: I know And Sorry for that incident.

Sanskaar: Don’t SAy Sorry.that was the most beautiful experince of my life.I never forget that.

Suddenly Swara’s Phone Start Ringing.She Checks Mom Calling.She pick up the Phone

Swara: Hello Mom

Mom: Where Are u Swara.Its getting Dark Please come back home soon i Am waiting for u

Swara: Mom i am with Sanskaar n i am coming u don’t worry.

Mom: Oh Sanskaar ok then Come Soon

she cuts the call

Swara: Lets go Sanskaar mom is waiting for me

saying this she stands up from the bench

Sanskaar also Stands up: Ok Come i’ll drop u

Swara : Ok

They reached the car n sat down in the car ang drove off towards Swara’s House.After sometime the car stops in front of baddi
Swara was going to open the door but Sanskaar stops him

Sanskaar: Swara don’t u think so u r forgetting something

Swara; What Sanskaar?

Sanskaar leans towards Swara n said in a husky voice : Give me my Good night Kiss

Swara Blushes: Sanskaar What r u doing.Stop this any one might be see us

Sanskaar: I don”t Care.I want kiss from my wife
saying this he kept his rough lips on Swara’s soft lips n starts kissing her.she also resprocate soon they out of breath and broke the kiss.
abefore Sanskaar Say Something Swara open the car door and run towards her house

Sanskaar(Smiles) : Pagal………..But i love this Pagal.I love u Swara
Saying this he alsodrove towards MM

Precap : Sankaar You Have To Marry Taniyaa

Credit to: Rosey

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