Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 18)


Hi Guys I M Writing This Episode Again As My Episode Deleted Due To Some Problem So Plz Manange If There Is Any Mistake

So Lets Start…!!!


RECAP : Sanskaar’s Suprise…………….




Sanskaar Becomes Shock After Listeing The Calll N Swara Becomes Worried By Seeing Sanskaar’s Shock Expressions N Said

Swara (Worried) : Sanskaar What Happened Is Everything Ok?

Sanskaar Difdn’t Answer To Swara N Remains Silent Swara Shooks His Shoulder N Said

Swara(Tensed) : Sanskaar I M Getting Worried Plz Tell Me Who Was At Call?

Sanskaar(Fumbles) : Swara Wo…wo Da….

Sawara (Tensed) : Wo What Sanskaar Tell Me?

Sanskaar(Worrird ) : Swara Dad Met With An Accident N He Is In Hospital We Have To Go There u Get Ready I M Coming In 5 Mintues

saying This He Leaves Towards The Washroom After 5 Mints He Comes Out From Washroom N said

Sanskaar : Come Lets go Swara

Swara : Yah

Sawra Holds His Hand N Said

Swara : Sanskaar Don’t Worry He Will Be Fine

Sanskaar Simply Nodes N They Goes Towards The Car N Sat There N Drove Towards The Hospital




Swasan Reaches Hospital N Goes Towards The Reception

Sanskaar : Can U Plz Tell Me Where Is Mr DP Maheswari Is Admitted

Receptionist : Yah Wait A Mintue

Sanskaar ; Plz fast

Recep : Yah He Is In 205 Room No In OT

Sanskaar : Thanx

Saying This They Leave From There N Reches OUtside The OT.Sanskaar Was Really Worried N His Eyes R Filled With Tears

Swara Keeps His Hand On His Shoulder N Consol Him

Swara : sanskaar Re;ax He Will Be Fine Nothing Will Happened To Him

Sanskar Didn’t Say Anything N Hugs Her Aftersometime Doctor Come Out From OT Both SwaSan Goes Towards Him

Sanskaar(Tensed) : Doctor How Is He Now?

Doctor(Questionally) : YOU?

Sanskaar (Worried ) : I M His Som Tell Me Doctor How Is My Dad Now

Doctor : Relax Mr Maheswari He Is Fine Now

Sanskaar : Can We Meet Him

Doctor : Not Now Mr Maheswari As He Is Still Unconsiouss N After One Hour When He Gains Coniuoss Then U Can Meet Him

Sanskaar : Ok Thank U Doctor

Doctor : {Pleasure Is Mine

Saying THis Doctor Leaves From There N Sanskaar Hugs Swara Happily.Sanskaar Notice That Swara Is Tensed N Asks Her

Sanskaar : Swara What HAppened Why R U Looking Tensed U Listein Na Dad Is Fine Now So Relax

Swara : Yah Sanskaar I …

Sanskaar : Swara Is There Something U Want To Tell Me

Swara : Sanskaar I Think I Should Go To Home If Dada Sees Me Here He Will Not Like It

Sanskaar : What R U Saying Swara

Swara : Sanskaar U Know Na He Doesn’t Like Me So I Was Thinking

Sanskaar : Swara Relax Ok U Stay Here For Me Plz U Don’t Go Infront Of Him Is That OK?

Swara Simply Nodes Her Head




Sanskaar Enters In The Room N Sees DP With Teary Eyes DP also Sees Him N Raises His Hand But Sanskaar Holdes It With His Both Hands

DP : Sanskaar…

Sanskaar : Yes Papa

DP : I Want To Meet Swara

Sanskaar : Ok Ppaa I Call Her

Sanskaar Comesout From Wards N Sees Swara Sitting On Bench Lost In Her Thoughts He Kept His Hand On Her Shoulder N She Sees Him

Swara : What Happened Sanskaar Why U Came Out Is Everything Fine?

Sanskaar Holdes Her Hand N Said

Sanskaar : Come

Saying This He Walks Towards The Ward Where Dp Was Already Waiting For Them Dp Sees Swara N said

DP : Plz Forgive Swara I Know I Have wrong With U Plz Forgive Me

Saying This HJe Folds His Hands Infront Of Swara N She Immidiately Holdes Them

Swara(Crying) : No Dad Plz Don’t Sayu Like That U R Like My Father U Don’t Need To Apologize

DP : I Know Swara Just B/C Of Me Ur Parents Didn’t Talk To U But Now I Will Make My Mistakes Correct Sanskaar I Want To Talk With Shekar Plz Dail His Number N Give It To Me

Sanskaar : ok

He Dails The Number N Gives The Phone To DP




Shomi N Shekar Were Sitting In The Tv Lawn Just Then Shekar’s Phone Rings N He Picks It Up

Shekar : Hello

DP : Hello Shekar G Its Me DP

Shekar Geyts Angry By Listeing DP name

Shekar : How Darev U Call Me Now What U Want MR DP Ur Son Already Separate My Daughter From Me Now What U Want To Snactch From Me

By Listeing DP Name Shomi Also Gets Tensed N Sees Towards Shekar Who Was Burning With Anger

DP : Plz Shekar G At Least Listein To Me Once

Shekar : Ok Tell Fast I Don’t Have Time To Waste

DP : Thanx Shekar G For Givivng Me A Chance To Explain Myself

And DP Explain All His Misdeeds To Shekar After Listeing This Shekar Becomes Guilty For Not Beliving Sanskaar n Hurting His Daughter

Shekar : What U Did All This I Want To Meeet Swara

DP ; Shekar G Swara Is Here In Hospital With Me U Come Here

Shekar : Yah We R Coming

After Cutting The Call Shekar Sees Towards Shomi Who Was Seeing Shekar With Confused Expressions n Shekar Told Him All N They Headed Towards The Hospital




After Sometime Shomi N Shekar Enter In WARD N Sees Towards Swara With Teary Eyed N Swara Also Sees Them With Teary Eyed N Ran Towards Them To Hug Them She Hugged Shomi N Shekar Both At A Time N Shekar Said

Shekar : Swara Plz Forgive Us Beta We Didn’t Belive U When U Need Us Plz Beta Forgive Us We Didn’t Understand Ur N Sanskaar ?

Swara : No Baba Plz Don’t Say Like That I Don’t Have Any Issue with U In fact I M The One Who Hurted U

Shomi : Beta It Papa Is Write we Did A Big Mistake To not Trust U

Swara : No maa Plz Don’t Say Like That

Saying This She Hugged Shomi N Fell Unconscious Sanskaar Who was Seeing All This With Teary Eyed Becomes Shoked N Went Towards Swara N Holds Her In His Arms

Sanskaar : Sawara what Happened Plz Open Ur Eyes

Shomi: Shona Open Ur Eyes

Sanskaar Lifts Swara in His Arms N Goes Out By Shouting Doctor Followed By Simi N Shekar




I Know Iyts A Bit Shocking But Guys I Have Told U Earlier That I have Exams So Thats Why I End My FF But U Don’t Worry As I Will Be Back With Another One…!!!

Gys I Have Written In Hurry So If There Is Any Mistake So Plz Ignore It N Yah I Will Upload Next Part At Monday….

Plz Give Me Ur Valueable Comments…!!!

Credit to: Rosey

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