Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Ek tha Raja Ek tha Rani,YHM SS Part7(Last chapter)


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Sometimes there’s Happiness, Sometimes there’s Sorrow…Part 8
Thanku all 4 liking this SS.plz write a detailed review on last part.plz write ur fav character,fav scene n y u liked them.

Part-8…mihir tells:i’m willing 2 giv all my wealth 2 ansh.i guess that’s what he wants now.
he disconnects the phone.
tulsi:why can’t he giv us peace atleast now?
overhearing this,Raja-Rani get inside the room. they had tears on their eyes.
Rani:if ur son comes,will u both go back?we’ll become orphans again.
tulsi cries:no we won’t go..
mihir:sure.We got love only from you both.How can we leave you all and go to our heartless son?
Raja-Rani become happy. Raja Rani hug Mihir Rani with relief.

Raja:Rani and I have decided to conduct the wedding anniversary party of papa and mumma.
Tulsi:In this age wedding anniversary party?No need.
Mihir:I think Tulsi is right.
Raja:No.You both are not right.For celebration age is not a barrier.
Rani:we’ve to.once we were not invited 4 a party just because our parents were not on our side.
Raja:But in our party,both orphans & the people who did luv marriage can cum.

Mihir Tulsi smile:Ok we are ready.
Raja Rani are so happy that they hug them.

. The party day…
All the colony people were there.
Adi Aliya wish Mihir Tulsi:Wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary.
Mihir Tulsi:Thank you.
Aliya:Tulsi aunty..you are very lucky to get a husband like Mihir uncle.
Adi:Yes.Right.Because of Mihir uncle we both are together now.

Tulsi smiles:Yes…I am lucky to get a husband like Mihir.
Tulsi looks at Mihir smiling.Mihir smiles.
They share a sweet eye lock.
Mihir:My wife is so romantic today.
Tulsi is shy:Mihir..stop it.
Aliya-Adi smile.
Adi:Well..even you are not bad Mihir uncle.Now only we realized that you are romantic in this age too.
Mihir holds Tulsi closer:When I have a wife like Tulsi how can I not be romantic?
Tulsi is shy.Adi Aliya smile.
Mihir:How is your life?
Adi-Aliya:We both are happy uncle.
Mihir Tulsi bless them:Be happy like this always.
Adi Aliya smile:Thank you.

Raja Rani:We come you all to celebrate our dear Mumma papa’s wedding anniversary..

mihir -Tulsi sing and dance.

Meri Makhna, Meri Soniye, Chand Bliye…(2)
Soni Teri Chaal Sonive, Lagdi Kamaal Sonive…(2)
Meri Makhna, Meri Soniye, Marjava Hai Tere Bin Ve
Soni Teri Chaal Sonive, Lagdi Kamaal Sonive.
Hai, Sona Mera Yaar Sona Ve, Nachda Kamaal Sonave
Meri Makhna, Meri Soniye, Chand Bliye… Hai-(Bagbhan).

suddenly a car cumes.it is shocking that ansh gets out of the car.he was seen dull.He did’ve a leg.had a walking stick.vinayak-bhumi also were there.they come running 2 mihir-tulsi happily:dadaji…dadima…

people were shocked.
paayal:who r they?
mihir-tulsi kept silent.
ansh:i’m their only son.but only these orphans gave them luv.
all were shocked.
mihir loses his control:why did u come here?now u insulted our poor children by revealing that they r not our own children.u r a trouble maker.
ansh weeps:curse me dad.now i’m suffering 4 what i did 2wrds my parents.i lost my leg in an accident.my wife left me and went with my own friend.i’m physically weak.i had 2 do some operations.but it did’nt bring any gud result.again i’ve 2 do an operation.i might lose my life.my children will become orphans.i want my parents 2 cum with me 2 luk after them.Mom..dad..please..it’s my request.

mihir:so we shud leave Raja-Rani 4 that?they only gave us luv when we were alone.
vinayak-bhumi:plz cum with us…now papa has become very nice..he does’nt scold us,does’nt beat us.
tulsi cries in this confused state.
ansh:Raja..Rani…i beg u 2 return my parents 4 my innocent kids.
Rani cries…she runs 2 her house.Raja follows her.both of them return with mihir-tulsi’s bags.
Rani:u both hav 2 go back…

Aa aa aa aa aa… Kabhee khushee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Aa aa aa aa aa…

mihir Tulsi are shocked.
Rani:now these kids need u both more than us.

Meree saanso me too hai samaya, meraa jivan toh hai teraa saya… (2)

tulsi:how can u bear this pain?

Teree puja karu mai toh har dam

Raja:we’ll take it as a sweet dream we had.

Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham..

tulsi -mihir hug them with tears.

Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham..

ansh thanks them:i dunno how 2 thank u people.u’ll go 2 heaven for sure.
their car goes.Mihir Tulsi wave hands at them tearfully.

Raja-Rani cry.

kabhee khushee kabhee gham..

suddenly Rani faints. Raja is shocked:Rani!
she was taken 2 the hospital. Raja was feeling difficult 2 face others.but others did’nt feel bad.
paayal:u r sitting as if u people have done sumthing wrong.we’ve a heart.we don’t blame u…

Adi:Raja…you and Rani are lucky as you both got parents’ love from such wonderful people like Mihir uncle and Tulsi aunty.
Aliya:Yes.You both got more love than the people who have real parents.Raja smiles tearfully as instead of making fun of them as orphans they are supporting them.
Raja smiles tearfully:Yes,we got so much of love that we can cherish it for life time.
Mihika,the Doctor and Rani cum out of the room.
Mihika:there is a sweet news.Raja..u r going 2 be a dad.

Raja was so happy…
Rani was shy.
Abhishek:now don’t think that u people r orphans.u both r going 2 get a child 2 shower love.

Raja hugs Rani.

Time passes…
Rani gives birth to a baby.that day unexpectedly mihir-tulsi come there.

Subaho shyam charno me diye ham jalaye
Dekhe jahan bhee dekhe, tujhko hee paye…

.they were surprised.

Inn labon pe teraa bas teraa nam ho…

mihir:why are you both shocked?u guys never expected us?

Inn labon pe teraa bas teraa nam ho…

Raja:we dreamt of this beautiful scene.

but did’nt have any hope.

Pyar dil se kabhee bhee naa ho kam

Tulsi takes the baby in her arms.
Tulsi:How can we not come in this situation to see our grand child?
Raja Rani smile emotionally.

Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham

Mihir:So we were away from you all we kept enquiring about you both.When we came to know of Rani’s delivery we could’nt stop ourselves from coming here.
Raja Rani are very happy.
Mihir- Tulsi pamper the baby.
Raja:where is Ansh?.
they become sad.
mihir:he left 2 another world. Operation could’nt save his life.
Mihir Tulsi wept.
Rani:Bhumi and vinayak…?
Tulsi:they went 2 school.
Rani:papa…mamma…plz stay with us.our child needs grandparents.also a lovely brother and a cute sister.

Raja:yes.don’t say ‘no’.plzzz.

Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham

tulsi and mihir smile with tears on their eyes as a sign of willingness.

Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham

Tulsi Mihir hug Raja Rani.

kabhee khushee kabhee gham(K3G).

Raja Rani start a new life with their baby,Mihir Tulsi and Vinayak,Bhoomi. they all live together happily.


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