Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Ek tha Raja Ek tha Rani,YHM SS Part6

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Sometimes there’s Happiness, Sometimes there’s Sorrow…Part 6,7
part-6…Raja-Rani come back home very late.tulsi was praying in the pooja room.
mihir shouts:where were u?
Rani:papa,we went 4 a movie.
mihir:ok,but u cud’ve called up & informed us.we got scared when u did’nt reach home at the usual time. Raja:sorry papa.we won’t repeat this again.
mihir:don’t giv urself a chance 2 tell sorry again.
Rani:yes papa.

the next day,Rani & Raja were busy cooking in the kitchen 4 their parents.
Rani:if it was a special curry we cud’ve bought it from the hotel telling them that we’v made it at home. Raja:so yesterday’s curry was from the hotel?
Rani:ya…u thought i made it?very funny…
their cooking was very funny & awkward.so tulsi comes & helps them.they were embarrassed.
Rani:Mumma…it’s ok.We will do it by ourselves.You take rest.
Tulsi:No problem beta.It’s a pleasure helping you all.
Raja Rani smile.

Raja Rani serve lunch.
tulsi :2day’s prepration is by our children.
mihir:ya..i understood.not at all tasty.
Raja rani got embarrassed.

Rani:papa,i only made this veg curry.

he:very bad.
Raja laughs.Rani gets angery.
Raja:papa,chapathi is made by me.

Mihir:It seems 2 be stale and about the taste..it is better not 2 tell about that.

Rani laughs.

mihir tells them 2 make certain curries 4 them.
Rani:we’ll make anything for you papa..
mihir teases:don’t make anything…make only food.
Raja Rani are embarrassed.
Tulsi:Mihir..stop teasing my children.Otherwise I will give you nice punishment.
They all laugh,

the next day ,mihir goes 2 Raja’s company.he sees the manager scolding sum models 4 not doing their job properly.they start crying.mihir felt sympathy .he fights 4 the girls scolding the manager.
Mihir:How can you scold and make these small girls cry?Don’t be so rude to them.
the manager feels bad.Raja sees it and ; pulls his dad back.he:i’m sorry sir.this is my dad.
manager:u plz take ur dad out.
Raja :whats this papa?

mihir:i felt sad 4 he girls.that’s why.sorry…

Raja pretends 2 be angry:papa,don’t giv urself a chance 2 tell sorry again.
Raja laughs.mihir also laughs.

Part-7…payal’s daughter Alia always roams around with the neighbor Adi.mihir sees it.
He catches them red handed.
Mihir:Are you guys not ashamed of spoiling the family reputation?
Adi:Will the family reputation gets ruined if we love someone?
Mihir:I know that the new generation has value for love.Love is only time pass for you all.
Alia:Uncle..your daughter Rani too loved Raja.Was their love just time pass?
Mihir is silent.
Alia:Then why do you think that our generation loves someone for time pass?
Adi:I don’t know about others.I love Alia and I can’t live without her.
Alia:I too love Adi a lot.We are very serious about each other.

Mihir smiles:I am happy to see a young couple who loves sincerely.Since I am sure that your love is pure I will support you guys.

Adi Alia smile:Thank you so much uncle.

payal fixes Alia’s wedding with another guy.
Adi Alia meet each other.
Alia cries:Adi…mom does’nt listen to me.I lost all hopes.But I have no courage to go against her.
Adi cries:Alia…what will we do if we can’t unite?
Alia:We will die together.
Mihir who overhears it gets shocked and confronts them:Are you guys not ashamed to think of suicide?
Adi:Then what should we do uncle?I can’t bear Alia getting married to someone else.
Alia:I can’t marry anyone else.

Mihir:But suicide is not an option.You both should overcome the problems..don’t run away from problems.

Alia:What else can we do uncle?
Alia cries.
Mihir:There is a better option than suicide since you guys are really depressed.
since there was no option,he helps them 2 get married in the register office.
Adi Alia seek Mihir’s blessings.
Mihir blesses them:God bless you.
Adi:Only you were there to support us.Thank you so much,
Alia:You are our God uncle.We are very much grateful to you.
Mihir:But I did is not correct.Going against parents and marrying is wrong.But in order to save your lives only I did this.So don’t make this mistake worse by not loving each other after marriage.
Adi:That will never happen.I will never leave Alia’s hand.
Alia:We will always be with each other loving each other.
Mihir smiles:Good.

he comes back as if he does’nt know anything.payal becomes angry seeing Alia as a bride.she scolds and neglects them.
Mihir:Payalji…don’t try to separate lovers.Accept them.
Payal:No,I can’t.I will never forgive them.

Raja grabs Mihir’s hand and takes him home.
Raja:Why are you interfering in their matter?Whether Payal aunty accepts them or not why should you bother?Why are you advising her to accept them and getting insulted?
Mihir:I have to.Because I am the one who is behind this wedding.
Raja loses his control:u saw payal aunty’s sorrow?how cud u giv them pain like this?u r so cruel.The 1st day onwards u’ve been creating problems.u r becoming a burden.

mihir becomes upset.
Rani weeps:Raja!
tulsi cud’nt tolerate this.she gets heart attack.
Raja Rani she gets admitted in the hospital.
Raja Rani cry and pray.
Raja:Please don’t punish mumma for my mistake.
Rani:God..please save our mumma.

Mihir weeps silently.
The doctor comes:Now her condition is stable.She is out of danger.
All of them become happy.
Raja Rani:Thank God.
They go near Tulsi.

Raja:sorry mamma.i lost my control.i shud’nt hav behaved like this.
tulsi:its ok beta…u plz don’t giv papa pain.u don’t know the problems we have faced. Tulsi starts telling their story.
they had only 1 son-Ansh.he was spoilt.he used to drink a lot.he marries a rich spoilt girl Mohini without their knowledge.when they came 2 know about it they accepted her.mohini gives b’th 2 2 kids.Vinayak and Bhumi.they were very close 2 their grandparents. mihir finds out that mohini has got an extra marital relationship with ansh’s friend Vinod.he tells this 2 ansh.
Mihir:Ansh…don’t trust your friend Vinod.Vinod and your wife Mohini are betraying you.
Vinod:Ansh…don’t believe your dad?Do you think I can cheat you?

Ansh:Shut up.
Vinod-Mohini sweat.
Ansh:Mohini..is it true?Tell me damn it.

Mohini turns ansh against Mihir when Ansh questioned Mohini:I took care of your parents.Still i don’t know why they are cooking up dirty stories about me.I love you Ansh.I can never think of cheating you.
She sheds crocodile tears.

Ansh:how cud u talk like this about my innocent wife?what kind of a dad u r?

he insults him b4 Vinod & mohini.both of them enjoy it.
Tulsi:Ansh…are you saying that papa is lying?How can you even think like that?

Ansh:How can you both even think that my wife is cheating me?
Mihir Tulsi are silent.
Ansh:Never try to create misunderstandings between me and Mohini.
Mohini smirks.

unexpectedly hearing mohini’s words,ansh dumps them in the old age home.they left india 4 america.they did’nt even enquire whether they r alive there.

Raja-Rani shed tears hearing their story.
Tulsi:When we did’nt get love from our son we thought we will get it atleast from you both.
Raja Rani weep:Sorry mumma.But trust us.We both love you both a lot.
Tulsi weeps smiling.
mihir enters the room:get ready tulsi.we’ll go back 2 the old age home.why shud we give burden 2 them?
tulsi weeps.

Rani:plz papa,don’t go.plz don’t leave us alone.
Raja:papa,its my fault.i ‘m really sorry.I did’nt mean it.In anger I just talked like that.plz 4give me…i beg u.plz don’t go.
he holds mihir’s hands. mihir hugs Raja.every1 becomes happy.they start a new enjoyable life.

Payal accepts Adi-Alia and conduct a reception party.
Mihir to Adi Alia:Now did you guys understand marriage was a better option than suicide?
Adi -Alia smile.
Adi:It’s all because of you uncle.Thanks a lot.
Alia:Really uncle.You guided us well.

Raja grabs Mihir’s hand and moves from there.
Adi:Papa…don’t talk to them about it.If Payal aunty hears it there will be lots of problems.I don’t want her to insult you.You know..she has no control over her tongue.
Mihir smiles:So much of concern for me…ok beta.I will keep a distance with them.
Raja smiles.

Days pass…
Unexpectedly Mihika’s uncle calls up Mihir:Ansh had called up.
Mihir is shocked.


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