Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Ek tha Raja Ek tha Rani,YHM SS Part5

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Sometimes there’s Happiness, Sometimes there’s Sorrow…Part 5
Part-5…..Raja sees Rani upset.
Raja:Why do you look upset Rani?
Rani:Raja…only we were not invited from this colony 4 our neighbour payal aunty’s daughter’s b’day party bcoz we got married neglecting their parents.
Rani is very upset.

Raja comforts her:when our parents come,all the problems will be solved.
Rani:we’ll hope 4 the best.

colony function day comes.the old couple did’nt reach.Raja-Rani get tensed.
Rani:Raja,will they not come?
Raja:Don’t think negatively Rani.Let’s be positive.
they go out.then comes a car.a middle aged couple come out of the car.
Raja:r u.. ?
the lady:Raja-Rani?
Mihir:Are you guys Raja Rani?

that lady goes 2 Rani with lots of affection.

Aa aa aa aa aa… Kabhee khushee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Aa aa aa aa aa…

Raja-Rani become really happy.

the man:i’m Mihir.this is my wife tulsi.We came to be your parents.
Raja Rani become so happy that they look at Mihir Tulsi emotionally.

Meree saanso me too hai samaya, meraa jivan toh hai teraa saya… (2)
Teree puja karu mai toh har dam
Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham… (2)

Mihir:whose parents we r supposed 2 be?
an argument takes place.
the president comes:hi,Raja’s parents came?Raja’s dad looks like him only.
Rani:they r my parents.
the president got embarrassed:ya,even they look like Rani.
Raja Rani Mihir Tulsi smile.

Mihir Tulsi attend the function as chief guests.
mihir-tulsi become the attraction of the function.
The president drinks a lot.mihir scolds the president 4 taking liquor too much:Are you not ashamed to drink like this?Being the president you are supposed to be role model for others.
The President said innocently:Sorry Rani’s father.
Raja-Rani get embarrassed.
Raja whispers 2 Rani:1st day itself dad is like this.oh god!
after the function they all go 2 the house.
mihir was tough:where is our room?
Raja shows them the room.Then they give them the clothes they bought for them.
Raja:These are some clothes we bought for papa and Maa.
Mihir Tulsi are surprised.
Tulsi:Before seeing us itself you bought clothes for us?
Rani:Ya…try and see.We don’t know if it will suit you both or not.
Mihir:Even if it does’nt suit us it’s not a problem.We both gifted them with so much of love.That matters the most.
Raja Rani become happy.

Subaho shyam charno me diye ham jalaye
Dekhe jahan bhee dekhe, tujhko hee paye… (2)

the next day Raja-Rani make tea in the kitchen.
Raja:i doubt whether papa is a diabetic patient.bcoz i’ve read that diabetic patients become angry fast like our dad.
Rani:but,we put sugar in the tea no.
he:no problem,we’ll give them both the kinds of tea.Let them choose what they want.
she:that’s a gud idea.
they make tea without sugar.they go 2 their room.but they were not seen.
Raja:did they go back?
Rani:no way..
they go search of them.
mihir was doing exercise in the verandah.
Raja:we had gone 2 ur room.
he:ok,we get up early,not like u ppl who sleep till noon..u shud get up early and make tea 4 us.in the old age home,we get tea early morning.
Rani:2morrow onwards we’ll give u tea early.
tulsi also comes. mihir tastes the tea and spits it.
Mihir :u thought i’ve sugar problem?
Rani:sorry,the tea with sugar is also there.
mihir tastes it & spits it. :who made this horrible tea?
Rani:we both made it 2gether.
mihir:very bad tea.can’t even make a proper tea.then also u were in a hurry 2 get married.
Rani starts crying.

tulsi scolds mihir:why did u make her cry?
mihir becomes upset:i’m sorry,beti don’t cry.i was simply joking.

tulsi comforts her:u plz go Rani.i’ll manage him.
Raja-Rani go inside.
Raja:u shud not have cried.
Rani laughs:i was pretending 2 be sad .it was written in the book about how 2 please ur parents that we should cry when they scold,so that they will stop scolding us.
Raja laughs.

mihir tells tulsi:u know,i’m sure that Rani was pretending 2 be crying.she was looking so naughty & cute. tulsi smiles:ya…exactly.

Raja Rani see Mihir Tulsi in the clothes they gifted them and become happy.
Rani:Thankfully it fits both of you.
Mihir:To be frank the size was’nt correct.But Tulsi who is a good tailor altered them very well.
Tulsi:But both of us loved your selection.
Raja Rani become happy.

Inn labon pe teraa bas teraa nam ho… (2)
Pyar dil se kabhee bhee naa ho kam

Raja:We feel very happy to see you both in the clothes we gifted .
Mihir Tulsi smile.

Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham

Rani:We will prepare breakfast for both of you.
Tulsi:No need.I have already made it.
Raja-Rani was surprised 2 know that Tulsi had prepared break fast early in the morning.
Tulsi:Come and have it.
They smile.

Raja was searching 4 his shirt:Rani,where did u throw my shirt?

she:i did’nt do anything.u careless fellow,u might’ve thrown it out.
tulsi comes.they were embarrassed that tulsi saw their fight.
tulsi had his shirt in her hand:i’m sorry,seeing the shirt lying down,i ironed it.
Raja:thanku mamma,but u plz don’t take effort 2 do it.i’ll be a burden.
tulsi:in the morning u ppl r busy. so i’ll do everything 4 u.Raja,its not a burden 4 parents 2 do things 4 their children.

Yeh ghar nahee hai, mandir hai teraa
Iss me sada rahe teraa basera… (2)

Raja becomes emotional:Maa,u r great.

Khushbuo se teree yeh mehakta rahe… (2)

Tulsi caresses his head.Rani smiles.

Aaye jaye bhale koyee mausam
Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham

tulsi calls them to the pooja room.
Tulsi:A married women should apply sindoor on her maang.that’s a blessing.
Rani:i did’nt know that mamma.nobody was there 2 teach me all this.

Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham

. tulsi:its ok.now as parents we r there to teach you everything.
Rani Raja smile.

Meree saanso me too hai samaya, meraa jivan toh hai teraa saya… (2)
Teree puja karu mai toh har dam

Tulsi:Raja,put sindoor on her 4head.

Raja puts sindoor on the parting of Rani’s hair. they had a very gud pleasure doing that.

Yeh hai tere karam, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
Naa juda honge ham, kabhee khushee kabhee gham
– kabhi-khushi-kabhi-gham/kabhi-khushi-kabhi-gham

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