Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Ek tha Raja Ek tha Rani, YHM SS Part4

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Sometimes there’s Happiness, Sometimes there’s Sorrow…Part 4

Dedicated to Heatsha8176 who predicted the secret correctly.

Part-4….Rani refuses 2 bring her parents.
she:Raja,u’ve 2 bring ur parents….
an argument takes place.
Raja shouts:no…i
can’t bring my parents.thats the final decision.
Rani:Raja,u r shouting at me.even i’m having my own
decisions.why r u like this?
Raja screams at her:bcoz i
don’t hav parents.
Rani:what did u tell?r u
neglecting ur parents bcoz of ur anger 4 them.this is
too much.u don’t know the value of parents.
R:i know
their value more than u.bcoz i don’t hav parents.i was
always longing 4 parents…yes Rani.i’m an orphan.i
dunno who my parents r.i’vent seen them till now.i
am brought up in an orphanage.
Rani was shocked.
R:i’m sorry Rani.i hid this from u fearing that
i’ll lose u.i know that now u hate me now.bcoz i cheated a
girl like u who is from a big family.
cries:no,Raja.i don’t hate u.how can i hate u?bcoz i’m
also a cheater.

Raja,like u i’m also an orphan who was
brought up in an orphanage.

Raja was shocked. both of
them shed tears & share their worries.

They embrace each other and cry.
they tell this 2
Abhishek:What have you both decided?

Raja:we dunno what 2 do.
Mihika:there is an
R:my uncle runs an old age
home.u can try 4 an old couple 4 1 day.

Raja Rani look at each other and then look at Abhishek Mihika:Ok..we will go there.
Raja Rani Abhishek Mihika
go there.
uncle: For how long do u want them?
Mihika:only 4 1
day.its just 4 a function.
Rani:not just 4 1 day
alone.through out our life we want them.its our request.
Abhishek-Mihika were shocked.
uncle:ok…but any guarentee
that u won’t feel them as a burden?
treat them as gods.
uncle:ok…so like childless couple
adopt kids,u ppl r adopting parents.Great.

let me ask if any of
the old couples is willing to stay with you guys as your real parents.i can’t be sure.
Uncle:I will try my best.
Raja Rani are relieved:Thank you uncle.

.Rani was seen reading a book
Raja:do u hav exam 2 tomorrow 2 read like

Rani:this is a book about how 2 treat our
parents.orphans like us don’t know anything about that.Right?

Raja smiles and he also joins Rani 2 read it. they get a
Phone call from Mihika’s uncle: 1 couple is willing 2
come.they’ll reach 4 the function straight 2 the place where
the party will take place.Raja-Rani become
Rani:Raja..we will do shopping for our parents.
Raja:Yes Rani.We will buy clothes for them.

They go to the best textile shop and buy many dresses 4 the parents since they
don’t know how they look like.

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