Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Ek tha Raja Ek tha Rani, YHM SS Part3


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Sometimes there’s Happiness, Sometimes there’s Sorrow…Part 3
Part-3….a grand ad shoot.Raja is the
videographer.Rani is the main heroine.a supermodel
named CJ is her hero.it was the ad of the sari
textiles.Rani was beautiful in the yellow decorated
sari.CJ keeps looking at her.Rani does’nt like the way he looks at her.they
shoot her romantic sequence with him.he was touching her
in a weird manner.Raja notices it.due 2 CJ’s
behaviour Rani cud’nt act well.She moved away from him.the director scolded
her 4 that:How can you be so unprofessional Rani?You are spoiling our shoot and Ad.
Rani becomes upset:I am sorry.
Director:What is the use of telling sorry when you have made it messy?Super model CJ’s precious time is also wasted.
Raja supports her:1st of all this super model has
2 hear not only scoldings.but also nice beatings.
CJ:mind ur words.
R:u can do anything,i can’t
question it?
Director:What do you mean Raja?
R:Sir..did’nt you see that CJ was touching Rani in a dirty way?
Director:Raja..we were shooting a romantic sequence.So he touched her.
Raja:No Sir.CJ was crossing his limits.Am I not telling right Rani?Tell rani.Don’t be scared.
Rani becomes happy that Raja is supporting her and giving her confidence to speak up.

Rani:Raja is right.I find CJ is making me uncomfortable.
Raja:Did you all hear what Rani said?

CJ gets angry:How dare you guys accuse me of such a dirty thing?I will not stay here even for a second.

Director:But CJ…
Cj leaves refusing 2 do the ad.
Raja:Sir…do you think after what he did to Rani she should tolerate him silently just for the Ad?
The director is silent.
R:if he
is having that much headweight let him go.this is an
sari ad,only Rani is needed.the ad will become a hit.

finally they shoot the ad only with Rani.but every1
has nice opinion.

Raja goes 2 the temple 2 see Rani.
he:Rani,du u think i was wrong in my behaviour during
the ad shoot.
she did’nt tell anything.
r the only woman i care 4.thats why i became irritated when CJ misbehaved with you.
it touched her mind.
she:i did’nt feel bad.but i felt
Raja smiles.
she:Raja,i’ve sum problems.i
don’t want you 2 involve in it.thats why i avoided u.
Raja:Rani..every1 has got problems.Share ur
worries with me.

in this temple,b4 the god i’m asking u…will u
marry me?
Rani is in a dilemma.Slowly she smiles nodding her head.
Raja becomes very happy.
Raja:I love you a lot Rani.
Rani:I too love you Raja.
They share a romantic eye lock.

both of them become gr8
Rani’s textile shop Ad starts airing on TV and it becomes popular.

Raja Rani go 2 an icecream parlour.
Rani,my parents r not allowing me 2 marry u.
becomes upset.
he:but i decided 2 desert my family 4 u.
Rani was shocked:4 me,u r leaving ur family.
u don’t
know the value of a

papa,mumma…bhai,behan..dada ,dadi…its so nice.

Raja becomes dull:ya…but i want u Rani.thats
why.what did ur parents say?
she becomes dull:the same
R:what will u do?u’ll neglect me 4 ur

she thinks 4 a while.Raja gets tensed.
she:no,i also need u Raja.
he becomes relieved.
share the icecream from the same cup.

Raja Rani meet Abhishek Mihika.
Raja:We have decided to do register marriage.
Abhishek:What rubbish!Without your parents; permission you both are getting married.
Raja:My parents are not allowing and I can’t live without Rani.
Rani:Even my parents are stubborn.I too decided to do register marriage as I can’t forget Raja for my parents.
Raja:Abhishek..please help us.
Abhishek:Ok..only because you played cupid to our love story.
Raja is relieved.
Mihika:We will support you guys.So chill.

Raja Rani dress up grandly for their wedding.They get
married in the register officer with the help of

Raja-Rani take a house near to Abhishek Mihika to
Rani enters the room in red lehenga.Raja walks towards her losing himself in her beauty.

Suraj Hua Maddham, Chaand Jalne Laga
Aasmaan Yeh Haai Kyoon Pighalne Laga…

He pulls her closer and makes her his with his passionate love.

Main Thehra Raha, Zameen Chalne Lagi
Dhadka Yeh Dil, Saans Thamne Lagi
Oh, Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai
Sajna, Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai – kabhi-khushi-kabhi-gham

the happy married life crossed 6 months. The
colony’s anniversary party was going 2 get arranged. The
president of the colony tells:in every anniversary,each
of our parents come as guests.our parents hav already
come.this time,either Raja’s or Rani’s parents must
come.both of them got shocked.
R:but our parents hate
2 see us now.
president:thats not an excuse.this is a
chance 2 make the things well…by putting an end 2 the
quarrel with the parents.
Rani:it’ll not happen.our
parents hate us now.
presi:parents can’t hate their
children,they can only luv.their anger will soon go.i know
it bcoz i’m also a parent.if u ppl r tensed 2 go 2 ur
houses,we’ll go 2 invite them.
try our level best.
Rani was relieved hearing Raja’s
Raja goes to Abhishek-Mihika’s house without
A:what will u do Raja?will u tell Rani
the truth?
R:no,i can’t.she’ll hate me.she is from a
nice family.

R:then what r u planning to do?
R:Rani’s parents must come.

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