Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Ek tha Raja Ek tha Rani, YHM SS Part2


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Sometimes there’s Happiness, Sometimes there’s Sorrow…Part 2
Part-2…Raja gives Rani her photos taken by
him.Rani refuses 2 take it:I don’t want them.

Raja keeps it on the
table & goes.he was sad.but when Rani is made sure
that he has gone,she goes & takes it.Abhishek sees it &
tells this 2 Raja.he becomes happy.
Raja rings up
Rani:u took those photos in my absense?
Rani was
she:which photos?stop bluffing ok.
laughsOk ok..:don’t 4get 2 see 2day’s Phone in programme on zee.
Rani:that i’ll decide.u shut up.
Raja laughs:Rani will
see it.
Rani keeps the channel. the glamorous
anchor asks:welcome 2 the zee music phone in show.who is
Rani was anxious:so this is why he
told me 2 watch it.whats he going 2 tell?
anchor :Raja,its a nice name.what r u doing?
R:i’m a
photographer .
anchor:wow,so u may be taking beautiful
ladies’s photographs…can u take mine too?
since u r beautiful and s*xy.
Rani becomes angry:go 2
her.i’ll slap u.
The anchor giggled:Thank you so much.
Rani is irritated:Look at her blushing.
anchor:du u luv any1?
anchor :who is that lucky girl?
Rani was anxious and
R:she is a model in our advertising company.
anchor :wow,whats her name?
R:Sorry,it’s not the right time reveal her name.
anchor:Oh!is it a 1 way affair?
R:no…but she is shy 2 tell that she luves me.
the anchor laughs:u want 2
dedicate any song 4 her?
R:sure.hum ko sirf tumse
pyar hai..from bARSAAT.
Rani blushes.

both Raja and Rani dream
singing and ; romancing this song while this was played on
the channel.

after the programme,Rani phones and fires
Raja:what nonsense did u say in that programme?
R:did i tell anything wrong?
Rani:what wud’ve
my parents’and brothers’ thought when they saw the
programme?what wud’ve our colleagues thought?they might
hav misunderstood us.
Raja laughs:impossible.i told
that i luv a model in our company.i did’nt tell the name
.u r not the only model in our company Rani.it can
be another model.why r u so sure that it’s u?

face becomes dull hearing this which she never
expected from Raja.

Raja understands that.
get upset Rani.i know that u luv me.then why can’t u
agree that?
Rani becomes active:so,that girl is me
myself?ok,but Raja,i don’t luv u.
she keeps the phone
R:i know that u luv me Rani.
Rani tells in
her mind:i luv u Raja.but i don’t want 2 cheat u.that’s
why i’m avoiding u.

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  1. Mansi

    Amazing update??bt yy rani feels she doent want to is cheat on raja whn she lovs hm is she lvng some1 else?rani n raja dreaming about each other ws vry cool??

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