Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham-Ek tha Raja Ek tha Rani, YHM SS Part1


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Sometimes there’s Happiness, Sometimes there’s Sorrow…Part 1
Based on the malayalam movie Nakshatratharattu.

Raja tries to enter the bus.Suddenly he heard a voice from behind:Move..let me get in.
He turns back.He sees a beautiful girl with sweet face.She is none other than Rani.He gets lost in her.His face becomes cheerful seeing her.
She:Hey…why are you looking at me like this?Move..I want to get inside.
Raja:Why are you desperate to get inside first?Can’t you see me standing before the bus?I am also about to get inside the bus.
She:But you are so slow to get inside.That’s why I said i will get inside the bus first.You get inside first or I will get inside first.

Raja:Oh really?You think i am slow?I am not slow,but you are in a hurry.
Rani:Whatever!Let me get inside.
Raja:You mean you want to get inside first?Let me see how you will get inside the bus when I am standing before you.
Suddenly the driver:Stop arguing you stupid and both of you come inside.
Raja is embarrassed.
Raja stares at Rani:The driver bhaiyya called you stupid.
Rani:No.He called you only stupid.
Driver:I called both of you stupid.
Raja Rani are embarrassed.
Driver:Get inside.Otherwise I will start driving the bus now.
Suddenly Rani pushes him inside and gets inside.The shocked Raja is about to fall,but he manages to hold a seat for balance.
In anger he looks at Rani:How dare you push me?
Rani:I did’nt mean to push you done.I just pushed you inside as you were blocking my way.
Raja grins his teeth:You..
Rani sits on the seat.
Raja:Get up.I caught this seat first.It is my seat.
Rani:Hey..you just touched it.You did’nt sir.I only sat first.So it is my seat.
Raja:No way.Get up.I want to sit here.
Rani:I will not get up.
Raja:I will make you get up.
Driver:Hey you silly guy..can’t you see the seat next to it vacant?Sit there.Otherwise when I start the bus you will fall down and get hurt.
Without no option left he sits on the seat next to her’s.While sitting by mistake her hand touched her’s.
Rani:Why are you touching me?
Raja:I did’nt touch you.
Rani:I know that you touched me as I am very beautiful.
Raja:What did you say?You are very beautiful?You think you are Aishwarya Rai?Look at the mirror once in a while.
Rani gets irritated:Enough.Everybody says that I am the queen of beauty.
Raja:What queen of beauty?Guess you stay with blind people.
Raja laughs.
Rani gets irritated:You know..my name is also Rani.I am a queen.
Raja:Oh really?If you are Rani,I am Raja.My name is Raja.
She is stunned.
She puts attitude:I don’t want to talk to you.
Raja:Even I am not desperate to talk to you.
They turn of their face.
As time passes both feel sleepy as sleep off leaning on to each other.

When the sun rays fall on them Raja opens his eyes and sees Rani on his shoulder and smiles.He looks at her cutely.
Raja:You are beautiful…not like I told you yesterday.
The bus reaches it’s stand.
Raja touches her shoulder:Hey…
Rani opens her eyes and gets embarrassed to see herself on Raja’s shoulder.She moves away from him.
Raja:The bus stop has been reached,

when Rani walks out of the bus Raja follows her:where r u going?we’ll go 2gether.
she stares at him:i don’t need a
company like u. she goes alone.
Raja goes 2 stay with his friend Abhishek.Abhishek has got a wife Mihika & a small kid nakul.
Mihika scolds Abhishek:How many times I told you to keep your shoes in the shoe rack?You are never listening to me.
Abhishek:Sorry yaar.I did a small mistake once.

Mihika:Once?Really?Everyday you are keeping your shoes wherever you feel like.Because of you our son Nakul is also copying you.You are spoiling him too.

Abhishek:Sorry Mihika.
M:I don’t want to hear your sorry always.
They keep arguing.
Raja:What is this?
Nakul smiles:Don’t worry uncle.Such fights happen daily.You will also get used to it.

Raja smiles and giggles watching their silly fight.

Raja joins an advertising company as the photographer.there unexpectedly he sees Rani coming…in a tight top & a short skirt.
He is surprised.
he:wow…amazing…beautiful…he takes her photos without her knowledge.
she also joins as their model.

Rani gets ready for still photographs.She looks at the photographer.
Rani was surprised 2 know that its Raja who is going 2 take her photos. But she pretends to be normal.
While clicking photos Raja:u hav a good camera face.
Rani smiles.
he:but in real life not so pretty.
she becomes angry:hold ur tongue.
he laughs:i was joking..u look really beautiful.
she smiles.
he:see,all the girls fall in front of complements.
she:stop it & take my stills.
he continues take photos:Rani,keep ur head like this .
he goes & touches her face.
she becomes angry:how dare u touch me?
he:u did’nt understand how 2 keep ur head when i said.that’s why…

she:what du u think of me?do u think i’m coming here 4 modelling 2 make money to live?but u r mistaken.i’m from a rich family.modelling is just a passion 4 me.

R:du u think only u r from a well-known family?i’m also from a rich family.

RANI:i’m not interested 2 hear ur family history. do ur work.

she does good poses.he takes photos.
Suddenly she slips and he holds her.They share a romantic eye lock.

He leans towards her face.She gets lost in him.

Suddenly he realizes that it is only a dream.He is still holding Rani and having eye lock with her.Both of them come back to senses and move away from each other.

the main officer was fed up by the ugly models’ photos. Raja shows his photos of Rani.
officer:u r gud photographer.well done.
R:the credit goes 2 Rani too.she is very sincere & professional.
officer:ya..even i think so.she is the only sincere model here.i’m satisfied with her work.
R:i’m also satisfied of her. officer:what?
Raja:nothing sir..nice model she is.
Abhishek; another photographer who was sitting near 2 him notices Raja’s expressions.
later Abhishek asks Raja:u luv Rani?
A:Love at first sight?
Raja smiles:A kind of.
he:ya,very serious.i want 2 marry her.
A:gud.but b4 that will u tell her about ur truth?
Raja did’nt expect this question.
he:no…i can’t.if she rejects me 4 that…
A:ok,i can understand that.but if she comes 2 know that?
R:no,she won’t.Abhishek,u’ve 2 support my luv.
A:sure,bcoz u helped me a lot when i was in luv with Mihika.

Raja smiles.

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  1. Nice start no ishra scence

    1. Jasminerahul

      Sorry.there are no ishra in this ss.only adi aliya and abhishek mihika are there

  2. Mansi

    Wonderful start looking for more raja rani scenes?bt by d way wht raja is hiding tht only Abhishek knws?update soon?

    1. Jasminerahul

      thx a lot.Surprised to see ur comment on RaJNi SS.I thought u read only Dheera ff.I am very happy.thx a lot 4 supporting me

      1. Mansi

        Nope I also lve Raja Rani because I also lke ek that raja ek this rani serial n m fan of Thiers ?

      2. Jasminerahul

        happy that i got atleast one fan of raja rani on TU

    2. Jasminerahul

      u can check IF update.I’ve updated this SS with pics

      1. Mansi

        Yup vll definitely check thnkzz☺

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