Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum (kanchi) ss (sdch) Part 2

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Let’s start

Kabir went to sleep on study room. Sanchi and prasha r in Kabirs room. Sanchi was sleeping when she woke up with a jerk. She recalled how veer didn’t help her. She remembere Kabir and his words. She feels thirsty. She saw jug empty. She went to kitchen .she drinks water. She was leaving when she saw Kabir sleeping. She goes near to him. Looks at him lovingly.

She saw Kabir was hugging some thing. She somehow managed to take out. Her tears flows as she saw Kabir hugging her pic . She puts pic aside when she was leaving she gets shocked to see kabir holding her hands in sleep.

Kabir – pliz dnt leave me .

Sanchi tried to take out her hand but in vain. So she sat beside him and slept. In the morning Kabir woke up and saw sanchi beside. He looks at her lovingly. He recalled sanveer love. He was leaving when he stopped and saw him holding sanchi hands. He leaves her hand and carried her and took to his room and puts sanchi on bed and went.

After sometime they all woke up freshen up and went to dining table for breakfast. Sanchi saw kabir looking at the door as he is waiting for someone.

Just then door gets knocked Kabir rushes to door and saw courier person. He signed and took a envelope.

Kusum -Kabir wats in this

Kabir looks at sanchi and gave to her. Sanchi opens it and gets happy. She looks at Kabir and he gave million dollar smile.

Jaya -sanchi wat is that

Sanchi -maa this is my internship letter from hospital

Isha -sdch

Kabir -no from my friends hospital. Sanchi will complete her internship there.

Kusum -that’s gud Kabir

Kabir -maa I’m cuming

Kusum -where r u going

Kabir – Sdch

Kusum -ok

Kabir went to sdch. Malhotra waits for him. He gets happy to see him. Kabir gave him some letter .Malhotra gets shocked to see resignation letter. He asked Kabir wat nonsenses u can’t leave this hospital needs u.Kabir didn’t say a word and left.

Sanchi went to hostel to pick her lugguage.She was leaving when she saw veer standing infront of him. Veer clapps and sanchi looks on.

Veer -wow sanchi mishra u played a good game. One man left so u found another lover. U took dr Kabir from this hospital. U knw that this hospital needs him.

Sanchi -wat Dr Kabir left

Veer -yes he resigned it. I hate u. No I hate myself to love u. Y not u marry Dr Kabir. U r leaving in his house. So marry him he already became majnu . He is best choice. Thank God I left u.

Sanchi slaps veer

Sanchi -u knw wat Veer kabir is better than u. How can I forget u have Malhotra dirty blood. I think it’s better idea to marry Kabir. Because kabir deserve it not u. Before leaving u have lost ur right on me. Next time when u point finger to me think twice .

She went angrily. Jaya asked kusum really Kabir loves sanchi. Kusum nodded. Kabir cums home. Kusum asked y he came early. Kabir told her that he resigned. Jaya asked him not to spoil his future. U must go to sdch. Kabir told her that he hates lies. He cannot work.He asked her not to worry for sanchi. He is also going with sanchi. Jaya gets happy. Sanchi was listening to them.

Kabir went to study room when sanchi cums to him. Sanchi asked him dnt be nice.she doesnt deserve this. How will she repay him. Kabir gets angry and holds her tightly.

To be continued. …….

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  4. So so beautiful and amazing story yaar………. kanchi’s scene is superb……I love it so much yaar

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    too good Ashu……..kaash sdch plot aisa hota, tab toh dekhne mein mazaa aa jaata……& sanchi ka thappad…….wow……..loved it……..luv u sweetieeeee……bye…….tc……

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    Ashu so relieved that u r discharged now …..and take care ….no over excitement….. Coming to episode ….it was brilliant !!!! Superrr se uparrr…….khidkitod …jhakkasss…….I loved it!!!! Sorry for not commebti commenting on previous stories but due to reasons i wasnt able to read all…….but this is one of my favt.!!!!

  7. Its not boring….. Its amazing

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    Awesome Ashu ??? I read all your posts today back to back and decided to comment on this. Reason – I’m too lazy ??? and this became my favourite from all ???. Get better soon dear ???

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